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  • I

    Yes. Really............................! IF 1- SIngle (verbally ya upper, upper Say Single, also acceptable ) 2- 100% pure and God made Female ( sorry No test-tube Khawateen) 3- Noa-Jawan 4-Haseen O Jameel 5-Tall 6-Long Hair 7-Fair smooth soft hands 8-No moving violation on driving license. 9-No Relationship with Gullu butt ( Ferhan ). Call my hotline. (201) IPH- FREE.

    3 hours ago
    Tera to shikal mai bhi fat hai... mera aik mukka par gaya tho larkiyon ki tarah roway gaa , dalli kay bachay...
    3 hours ago
    Oye , taxi driver, sowar ki shikal walay gandoo, Teri bhund mai koi takleefa hai ? F8ckin cabbbie...
    5 hours ago
    oyee ganjay 3 footiyee u dont have a life ?
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Thursday at 2:37:pm
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September 14 at 11:21am
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  • Pathan k nam

    . Agar ache family mai paida howa to: Shah Rukh Khan: jungle me howa to: Shair Khan: Jang me howa to: Kartoos Khan: Garmio me howa to: Sharbat Khan: Choro k ghar howa to Wardat Khan: Sahil kinare howa to Samandar Khan: garden me howa to Gul Khan: abnormal paida howa to: Ajab Khan: Gusy wala howa to: Ghazab Khan: Khofnak howa to: Haybat Khan: Or khane k time paida howa to: Dastar Khan: Agr dharny me payda hoa to imran khan..

    DL, no wonder you are Jelous of me. :)
    ma holy rate on your pic = -1
    Wednesday at 1:34:pm
    How do you feel about my name? It's a Gorgeous name isn't it? I'd rate 11 outta 10 on a scale of 10.
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September 14 at 7:41am
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  • What is the Most Precious thing?

    What is the most precious thing to you?

    September 13 at 6:31pm
    Raza , You are the most sweetest and intelligent girl on naseeb.

    You need to be healthy first before we can take care of our loved ones, if we are dead, then loved ones will be left on their own. I am orphan and i take care of myself.
    September 13 at 2:27pm
    yeah thats true too, if one is not healthy, its not possible to take care of your loved ones..
    September 13 at 6:26am
    Raza and Wasim, You both are correct. For me it's Health. There is nothing more precious than that.
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September 12 at 12:02pm
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  • A sentence shared

    I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but the one thing people will never forget is how you made them feel. Every one of us have a role to play in this life, and are linked to somebody special, so think about the consequences of your actions

    August 30 at 10:36am
    what you v learned is not necessary true :p
    August 27 at 4:22am
    The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget. So your actions will always have a consequence. We tend not to think ahead, and take decisions at spur of the moment... and find excuses to get out of the unfavorable consequences arising out our our hasty actions !!!
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August 27 at 3:07am
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  • saaz-e-dil

    saaz-e-dil ab kiya chheriye saaz-e-dil mein dard bhi tha dard ka darmaan bhi tha saaz-e-dil woh suntey! itna zarf kahaan tha bus huq-e-ziyaan hi tha kohi unkahi naa kahi bus puraani hi koi dastaan thi woh naa to husn-e-mukammal thi naa hi nafs-e-jaan thi saaz-e-dil main to kia bayaan hota saaz-e-dil mein sir bhi tha, sir-e-asraar bhi tha saaz-e-dil waheen jaa ke toota jahaan jaan ka pehla sawaal tha!

    August 30 at 10:38am
    August 26 at 9:40pm
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August 26 at 9:01pm

    The majority of the naseeb community is pleagued by a distorted sense of religion ,deeply embedded in their being's fostered by a false sense of puritanism.We are torn between reality and a fake sense of religion which stems from hypocracy that our mullah's have inculcated in our society.The most mind boggling phenomena i have seen here on naseeb is the consistant denial of the reality,junts can't have its cake and eat it too. Most of us left the benighted land by choice or because of the choice's our parents m... Read More

    September 3 at 7:29am
    Hello Dear,
    Am Precious, am glad to meet you on this site, hope we can be friends, reply me at
    (Precious4andrew@hotmail.com) so we can get to know more better.
    August 30 at 10:41am
    MeHoney you new?
    August 26 at 8:53pm
    I am not sure what is it that you did not like about Mullahs. In my humble opinion, the religion islam is very much alive in the world because of the mullahs. I think they are respectable people. Some may be bad, as in every group of people some are bad, but we know it is not good to paint the whole group of mullahs as bad. Do you agree?
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August 26 at 11:01am
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  • following deen and doing hospitality

    Following your deen and doing hospitality There are many similarities between following your deen or doing hospitality, imagine if you had to two relatives, one of them were poor, and the other was wealthy, and you had to visit the homes of both the relatives. Since your duty was to visit the homes of both, you somehow prioritize visiting the wealthier relative's home, and once you attend the wealthy relative, you notice that despite being present in their home for around four hours, the relative served nothi... Read More

    August 30 at 10:41am
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August 26 at 9:46am
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August 25 at 6:50pm
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August 24 at 1:47pm
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  • Hot girls in Dharna

    I see some really hot girls in Ik's Dharna.... when will i get one of those?

    August 24 at 12:11am
    Twix, i don't live in Pak, but if i did, i would have gone to IK "Dharna" ( i never knew this word until recently) cus i beleive in him and love him. Well, i don't see any harm in liking someone :D if i happen to come across there. I was discussing with my friend an hour ago as to how pakistani girls in pakistan are a lot hotter than paki girls here... But i am sure lot of em are snotty there... They think every guy is " cheap" or third class... I have slef respect if a girl gives me any attitude, she wont get a second look from me.

    Xcsluve, I agree with you :) infact i saw a post on FB as to " naya pakistan banay ya na banay liken joray ( couple) zaroor bun jaygay " i laughed out cus that's true... Well, not a bad idea atleast you are not hooking up with someone who supports PMLN, the chor party... lol
    August 23 at 7:28pm
    LOL that is the sole reason as to why so many people are constantly sitting there...in hopes of getting lucky :P loll and obv. attending a free abrar-ul haq concert lol
    August 23 at 4:34pm
    dream on :P
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August 22 at 1:28pm
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August 19 at 3:58pm
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  • Absolutely love this guy!!

    Imran khan is gifted, no doubt. He gives people hope, he strategise everything like a chess player, I love his confidence. A man can disrupt gov't peacefully is quality of a great leader. I am pretty sure he has thought of each and every move that he is going to be taking in the future. I know he is fond of reading about all the great leaders as he once said in an interview. It's like cherry picking all the good qualities of great leaders and then give IK's touch. He is Gandhi, Martin luther king and Nelson ... Read More

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August 19 at 10:02am
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  • Ladies what characteristics are you looking for. In a man

    Just curious

    August 31 at 12:25pm
    i hope you dint pay for this site..
    August 31 at 12:13pm
    He seems sober to me. I totally see the picture. BOL. There is a saying for folks like WYD, "Me thinks he doth protest too much." It means ya' not coming clean with your real desires. After all you could do this on Facebook. This is for people like me hoping to meet Mr. Right. I'll be gone soon, I signed up for one month and see no need to return. Brown skin here is taboo. Take care all. Good bye.
    August 31 at 10:50am
    Alpha, you seem to be drunk cus u aint makin no sense..
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August 18 at 5:57pm
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