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  • Tanhai

    tanhaiyon mein jo di kissi ne awaz to ussey khojety hum chaley aaye yeh bhi naa socha tanhaiyon mein kitney lambey the azeeyaton ke saye! Yeh ajab dastoor hai dunya ka khud apni hi zindagi ki nakaamiyon ke hum jawab deh hain dunya ko ke jaisey jahaan bhar ke hon mujrim ke jaisey dunya ne to deeye hon bohat jeet ke mokey aur hum hi ne gunwai? apni tanhaiyon pe na main afsurda hun, na sharminda hun, haan main bohat zinda hoon ke is tanhai mein hai posheeda woh sakoot, woh aafeeyat ke jis pe meri zaat ka nishaa... Read More

    Tuesday at 3:25:pm
    Monday at 10:05:pm
    correction shouldn't it be :)
    ...jeet gai monkey air harry ham insaan*
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Monday at 9:05:pm
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Monday at 8:27:pm
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  • Hum unhen Woh hume bhalaa baithe

    Ham unheN, voh hameN bhulaa baiThe Do gunahgaar, zeher khaa baiThe aandhiyo! jaao ab karo aaraam! hum Khud apnaa diyaa bujhaa baiThe jabse bichhDe voh muskuraye na ham sab ne chheDaa to lab hilaa baiThe uTh ke ek bewafaa ne de dee jaan rah gaye saare baa-wafaa baiThe hashr ka din abhii hai duur Khumaar aap kyuuN zaahidoN meN jaa baiThe

    Tuesday at 10:18:pm
    I thought i wasn't worth a response lolzz :D

    If i was coming here to score with girls, do you think i'd be violating you the way i do? only losers come on sites to get girls...

    Fawad , the truth is you are obsessed with me, even if i were to block you, you'd come with a different ID just to see what i have written .. lolzzz

    whoz yo daddy?
    Tuesday at 8:45:pm
    Farhan I am just going to ignore you because you are like a mosquito and you are an orphan and I feel sorry for you ....you have no real friends and family ....and you need to prove your badass on a website where no girl has given you a chance in all years here.....sad really have a nice day
    Tuesday at 7:24:pm
    Fawad cus you are a Homo and can't respond cus if you do, then you will be violated beyond Repair.
    PS , How is Russian Jewish GF? LOL... did she discover that you are a shemale? lolzzzzzz
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Monday at 7:43:pm
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October 14 at 9:47pm
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  • SIR0701 , You are a FILTHY DISGUSTING MAN!!!!!

    OK, I got this random email and e flowers from this loser " Imran" SIR0701 , I ignored the email until i saw him and this another crazy guy Whoz Daddy was having altercation with each other . I usually stay out of fights and arguments, but when i read the whole conversation, i came to conclusion this Imran is a nasty low life cab driver. Although, Whoz daddy is foul mouth too, but he is no where near as nasty, cheap, trashy as Imran . Imran How dare you called me this name? Kind of language you use, even my s... Read More

    October 16 at 11:05am
    Alpha, don't you have a life? You should be ashamed of yourself... So the Jewish Russian girl friend has dumped you? LOL :P.. lemme guess she found a real man..
    October 11 at 5:51pm
    Also feel free to wrote paragraphs about me ...since you are a predictable one dimensional comedy character I can't say much about you...same ole tired jocks with same ole tired fantasy...
    October 11 at 3:20pm
    Get a life Farhan seriously...how many comments on here do you see ? Barely any..but as she mentioned you were there get a hobby or a mail order bride anything .....
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October 10 at 5:03pm
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October 6 at 6:22pm
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September 28 at 1:42am
  • Ye Jo Halka Halka Saroor Hai, Teri ...Bahki Bahki Nigaah Ne, Ye Teri Nazar Ka Kasoor Hai,

    Ye jo halka halka suroor hai..... Yeh teri nazar ka kusoor hai....... Ke sharaab peena sikha diya..........! www.youtube.com Ye jo halka halka suroor hai Ye teri nazar ka kusoor hai Ke sharaab peena sikha diya Tere pyaar ne teri chaah ne Teri behki behki nigaah ne Mujhe ek sharaabi bana diya k sharab peena sikha diya Sharaab kaisi, Khumaar kaisa Yeh sab tumhari nawazishen hain Pilayi hai kiss nazar se tu ne Keh mujh ko apni khabar nahin hai Tere pyaar ne teri chah ne... Read More

    September 27 at 10:55am
    One of my fav's songs. As usual you have a good taste in music ;) ... i am sure all these drunk bastards lisen to this song while gettin drunk.. lol
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September 26 at 11:45pm
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September 22 at 10:33am
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  • I

    Yes. Really............................! IF 1- SIngle (verbally ya upper, upper Say Single, also acceptable ) 2- 100% pure and God made Female ( sorry No test-tube Khawateen) 3- Noa-Jawan 4-Haseen O Jameel 5-Tall 6-Long Hair 7-Fair smooth soft hands 8-No moving violation on driving license. 9-No Relationship with Gullu butt ( Ferhan ). Call my hotline. (201) IPH- FREE.

    October 15 at 9:31pm
    you baboons need your own tv show.
    September 24 at 6:15am
    like bunch of pussies on this site, keep giving me warning while i F8ckin you from all angles. " Yer" You forgot one more trait about me, I am also a f8cker of your heera mandi ghasti mother , so you are my illegetimate bastard :) fuckin Jello ass FRAUD>.. who else are you sending flowers to these days.. hahahaha FUCKIN DESPERATE PIECE OF SHYT
    September 24 at 6:13am
    You are repeating same shyt Pillsburry dough boy, even a woman exposed you as to how desperate you are by sending her flower .. hahaha.. a cab driver claiming to be a business man... sure:)
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September 20 at 1:22am
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September 18 at 2:37pm
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September 14 at 11:21am
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  • Pathan k nam

    . Agar ache family mai paida howa to: Shah Rukh Khan: jungle me howa to: Shair Khan: Jang me howa to: Kartoos Khan: Garmio me howa to: Sharbat Khan: Choro k ghar howa to Wardat Khan: Sahil kinare howa to Samandar Khan: garden me howa to Gul Khan: abnormal paida howa to: Ajab Khan: Gusy wala howa to: Ghazab Khan: Khofnak howa to: Haybat Khan: Or khane k time paida howa to: Dastar Khan: Agr dharny me payda hoa to imran khan..

    September 20 at 5:01am
    DL, no wonder you are Jelous of me. :)
    September 20 at 12:53am
    ma holy rate on your pic = -1
    September 17 at 1:34pm
    How do you feel about my name? It's a Gorgeous name isn't it? I'd rate 11 outta 10 on a scale of 10.
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September 14 at 7:41am
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  • What is the Most Precious thing?

    What is the most precious thing to you?

    September 13 at 6:31pm
    Raza , You are the most sweetest and intelligent girl on naseeb.

    You need to be healthy first before we can take care of our loved ones, if we are dead, then loved ones will be left on their own. I am orphan and i take care of myself.
    September 13 at 2:27pm
    yeah thats true too, if one is not healthy, its not possible to take care of your loved ones..
    September 13 at 6:26am
    Raza and Wasim, You both are correct. For me it's Health. There is nothing more precious than that.
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September 12 at 12:02pm
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  • A sentence shared

    I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but the one thing people will never forget is how you made them feel. Every one of us have a role to play in this life, and are linked to somebody special, so think about the consequences of your actions

    August 30 at 10:36am
    what you v learned is not necessary true :p
    August 27 at 4:22am
    The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget. So your actions will always have a consequence. We tend not to think ahead, and take decisions at spur of the moment... and find excuses to get out of the unfavorable consequences arising out our our hasty actions !!!
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August 27 at 3:07am
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