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  • Samuraii the DRUNKEN BASTARD

    Samuraii, the faggot sissy asshole, STOP turning women against me... You did this shit in the past too and i let it slide... SON OF A BYCH, since you are a FUGLY drunken DIVORCED Bastard who makes stupid comments on your canvas, don't think i will let you slide this time. I will F*ckin make you famous here.. .Again, I don't come here to score with women like you UGLY MOFO.... REAL MEN DON'T write emails behind others back and bad mouth, but they make comments in the open. Like a shemale you are, like sendin... Read More

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16 hours ago
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  • Naseeb Chat

    Nauroz : Hi Girl : hi Nauroz: How are you? Girl Fine Nauroz: Do you know I am Punjabi? Girl: ya, so? Nauroz: Do you know i have the Biggest tool? ;) Girl: Perverted old man!!!! Nauroz: I am sorry :( Girl : ***participant left the chat*** Nauroz: Hello? Nauroz : Hellllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo Nauroz: I am sorry, i didn't mean to offend you.. I thought you'd like it. Nauroz: Please don't goooooooooooooooooooo :( ... I will commit suicide... Nauroz: Look, i am serious, i will commit suicide unless... Read More

    9 hours ago
    Oye uncle that comment STFU was left for you before she deleted it... Don't go after her, she will sell you out... pay attention to my journal and all the honest responses about her would give us a clearer picture.... so grandpa, don't get your BP up over her... aint worth it ;) , no naseeb bych worth anything, all of em are hoes , yes i said ALL , and will play with you. YOu got to be as smart as i am... i don't fall for any bych and no bych can play wth me :D i am one step ahead
    17 hours ago
    Thanks "chanda" for your support...yes stfu...mr WYD..
    19 hours ago
    hi .......hi.......hi
    ha......................ha......... ................ha
    You really,really are mentally depraved,you think its funy??
    You are definitely at a much more advanced stage of madness than i thought,may allah have mercy on your sodden soul...
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  • Get Freelancer Jobs Earn Money

    I am working as freelancer at home for many years. By joining a good site I am not worry about my work. You can also join and earn money while sitting at home and win prize. Get jobs free, Local jobs available! Join: www.freelancer.com Freelancer have provided over 7 million projects online, now it is starting working in all local area throughout the world. Tell freelancer about yourself and it give you local jobs. It has following features: Free to Bid It's free to pro... Read More

    10 hours ago
    apny rista karna ha to muja bato ma kar lyta ho ap ka sath mari age 20 ha ma lahore pakistan sy ho mari facebook id ha waleed_don33@yahoo.com
    hi this is Adnan
    i m a AutoCAD Architect
    have u any project regarding my skills
    plz help me
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Friday at 8:42:am
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  • ...

    People who BLOCK you on Social networks/Naseeb are the same kids in school who said : " Meri mummy nay tum say Baat karnay say mana kiya hai" . Nauroz the Grandpa has Blocked me yet he loves commenting about me and reading my journals. LOL

    21 hours ago
    that's all you got "height" and "muhajir" ? f*ckin turd. I can bych slap you with my d*ck and you wont wake up...No wonder why your ex wives left you... F8ckin annoying maggot
    LOL... now bow down and lick my azz
    This stupid joke carrie's more venom for women kind than a million black mamba's,dont get fooled by his height which is no more than a nine year old,this guy is a certified pagal.
    Is virtual
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Wednesday at 7:56:pm
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  • Muhajirville NA 246 Elections and it

    NA 246 is an interesting constituency where mujhajirs and what muhajirs think(pathans, although majority is a mixed-ethnic crowd) are coming face to face Why is MQM so insecure about non-mohajirs? When MQM runs for elections in AJK and Punjab or address massive crowds there, no one objects When ANYONE from any part of Pakistan tries to run for elections in Karachi, muhajirs' insecurities manifest in the form of violence and mobbing. Karachi should be freed from the clutches of mohajirs who have taken Karachi... Read More

    Its funy while MQM is getting its ass kicked in karachi ,their counterpart here in US wyd is getting the same on naseeb.

    This demon faced "Kala kaloota jin" was called doc horsefart quite recently is literally in doldrums,doesn't know what to do,being used to ride on other people's coat tiles he is making desperate bids,but all in vain.

    He is the most hated guy on naseeb,people spit on him almost daily,being the proverbial choot columbus he tries his luck with almost everyone and anyone who has thye misfortune to visit naseeb.
    Thursday at 6:44:am
    Because they are little insecure scheming asshole's like WYD,just look at his manhoos budfitraat face,look at his size and just imagine the size of his ego..
    These mofos stink worse than pig's and always talk about crap.....
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Wednesday at 10:55:am
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  • Relationships

    Relationships have gotten so complicated, Whatever happened to two good hearted people fall in love where there is no cheating, lying, hurting and manipulation involved. Sad to see "muslims" engaging in Haram sexual lifestyles that would only cause destruction and losing self respect in the end. Even drinking alcohol and drugs have become acceptable with "liberal " minded people.. What type of morals and values we are passing on to our future generations? Are we gonna be Hypocrites by not approving the very life... Read More

    Friday at 1:10:am
    oh no, phir yeh bhi pata chal gaye hai kay meray grandfather went to see your granny at the Khota of Lahore where she was singing " chitti hai kalaiyaan" .... oh no.... what am i gonna do now... my family secret is out.... Nauroz granny was a sex slave to my awara grand dad.. sorry dada ji i couldn't protect that secret and the secret is out cus our very own Curry face Sherlock holmes busy in digging my family history.
    Thursday at 12:43:pm
    Abay mughay teree puree history pata chal chuiki hai
    Thursday at 8:28:am
    nauroz , what if i show you my degree , wud ya believe it? atleast i didn't go to nai roshni shcool ( govt school) back in your pind ? nauroz, you may not realize, but exhibiting such an act you will be damaging your fake persona of a shareef guys very soon... whatever hope you have left will be gone... It will be only you, your johnny walker, bottle of amla oil , and computer. whoz yo daddy? :P
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April 19 at 6:42pm
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April 18 at 10:44am
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  • Scammers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNt8nPA9khc

    Funny but i hate heartless scammers who rob people.

    Thursday at 7:18:am
    Chandaah ,please find another gastroenterologist ,cause doc horsefart doesn't look good in a clinic,he would look better on the jacket of laxative's...astagfaaaar....haram.. ...
    April 19 at 7:03am
    well i said breakfast, breakfast doesn't mean one should be eating burritos and bagels and then pass gas all day long.... I personally drink veggies juice, two boiled eggs and hot oatmeal.
    April 19 at 6:58am
    Burritos and bagels first thing in the morning is very unsettling scenario to me personally. I prefer coffee only. To each his own.
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April 18 at 9:19am
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  • Good to be back on Naseeb

    Naseebers and "Bud Naseebers (Unlucky Naseebers)" "Druggies", "sex fiends", losers, doctors, ex-muslims, converts, teasers, shwarna lovers, Gyro lovers, ex-marines....HI to everybody... HOWZZZZ IT GOIN???? : )

    Thursday at 7:19:am
    Wednesday at 10:09:am
    lol nauroz....I know ppl must be praying not to get my attention...for some people it might not turn out to be a good experience.....this time around things might not be the same as last time......also the "choots" seem to be more active than dlck heads...cuz dlck heads never left this place......
    There isn't much fun here anyways...place is totally dead..
    Wednesday at 6:14:am
    Hi doc
    Seems like some Dick heads here need your attention.
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April 18 at 9:06am
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  • My Naive friend !! (Joke : WARNING 18+)

    For your laughs, sharing a joke I recently heard..... Two desi women were having a chat over relationships and shifted towards the topic of naivety of some people. Here's how the conversation went.. One woman to the other: "Some people are so naive, one such person is my friend who recently got married and her husband died the night of the marriage. Discussing the incident she told me that the night of the marriage her husband took off his clothes and came in front of her. Upon looking at him she asked him poi... Read More

    April 19 at 9:40pm
    April 19 at 1:18pm
    To be very honest i find the story to be frightening not amusing.I guess the moral is be be aware of nadaan women.
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April 18 at 2:00am
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  • Singles Cruise Dinner

    Hi all, Its beautiful time of the year when the weather is nice and you'all may be looking for fun activitites but then wondering where to go alone. I am getting a gruop of singles together for a dinner cruise event solely for singles to mingle , make connections, have fun. I've been to some single matrimonial events hosted through APPNA (physicians conference) but seems like its more of a boring, tightly controlled envornment that can only give you panic attacks. So lets get together on our own and take things ... Read More

    10 hours ago
    mara nama waleed ha ma lahore pakistn sy ho muja ek larki sy shadi karni ha ap muja sy karo gi mari age 20 ha mara num ha +9203244629314 or mari facebook id ha waleed_don33@yahoo.com
    Thursday at 10:35:pm
    Dhoop mei niklo hawaoon may naha kai dekho
    stop counting the bengamin's,get back into life
    Thursday at 10:33:pm
    American heart,baby what's wrong with you?
    I hate doc's but like you for being a punjabun.
    If you are a recluse then why do you put these teasers?
    Now this whole cruise thing has got me turned on,please give further details immediately cause i am itching to ass kick that muhajjir fiend.
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April 15 at 1:47am
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  • Man smokes weed, sucks horse

    In Wausau, Wisconsin, a 30-year-old has been charged with possession of marijuana and blowing a horse. Court documents obtained by thenorthwestern.com claim that Jared Kreft was found inside a barn with a marijuana pipe and a jar of petroleum jelly. He was also wearing a face mask and blue wind pants with holes cut around the crotch and ass areas. Kreft admitted to police that, before he was found inside the barn with said animal, which he blew and jacked off, he was viewing horse porn. Police searched Kreftâ... Read More

    Thursday at 8:56:am
    Indeed. I had been impatiently waiting. : )
    Thursday at 7:26:am
    welcome bro....same here....i think its time for some retribution...
    Wednesday at 9:49:am
    hello nauroz brother.....good to see you here after a long time...
    very comment ..lol
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April 14 at 8:51am
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