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Tuesday at 3:58:pm
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  • Absolutely love this guy!!

    Imran khan is gifted, no doubt. He gives people hope, he strategise everything like a chess player, I love his confidence. A man can disrupt gov't peacefully is quality of a great leader. I am pretty sure he has thought of each and every move that he is going to be taking in the future. I know he is fond of reading about all the great leaders as he once said in an interview. It's like cherry picking all the good qualities of great leaders and then give IK's touch. He is Gandhi, Martin luther king and Nelson ... Read More

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Tuesday at 10:02:am
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Monday at 5:57:pm
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  • Maulana fazlur rahman is the BIGGEST munafiq

    I never understood this filth, he hides behind religion , make tons of false accusations towards others, especially Imran Khan by slandering his association with jews and what not, However, this man has no shame, He is worse of the worst. "RELIGIOUS" People like him are a lot worse than a average Joe. No wonder i dislike those religious people.. I rather take a PM who may have shady past or had character flaws but as long as heis honest, sincere and working for the prosperity of the country, my vote is for him. ... Read More

    4 hours ago
    Same old threats different day. You are not an "average joe" , you are FAR BELOW.. Oh you do get pissed, it is common to get grouchy in old age, i guess old age and losing testosterone creating havoc on you.
    You will move heaven and earth? Really? with your skinny legs, boney behind, empty alcoholic body, it would be a miracle if you can move brick from one block to next.

    Oh i do wanna try you.. don't worry about it , i wont be disappointed.

    my game is over? you have been saying this for atleast 6 months and i don't see in any foreseeable future that my game is over....

    Billu Butt, atleast say something good, everything comes from your mouth is either racist cr*p or empty threats.
    You used to be 220 pounds? LOL.... was all that weight on your belly? maybe you should post your full picture so we can see how handsome you are .. Lmfao

    nauroz, aka billu butt, who you are kidding? U are just a weak loser.. I think even a 15 year old boy can take you down.. lolzzzz
    let me ask you , why such a handsome guy like yourself manage to chase two wmen whom u were married to away ? write something good about me , i will come and check tommorow... think all night long :P
    7 hours ago
    Just stay at an arms length from me ,cause i have zero tolerence for characters like you,i tried to give you a wide berth did my best at stopping you from bringing in your ugliness ,but you took me for an average joe? Dont you have any sense,just keep in mind ,iam not the kind of a person to get pissed,i will move heaven and earth to find you and subject you to a kind of humiliation that even you have not known,please dont try me,cause you will be disappointed tothe maximum
    7 hours ago
    YOU Friggin DALLAH FACE MUHAJJIR.you are a pathetic liar,nobobdy is having any problems with naseeb and no one has complained,its only your sorry bund which talks about a glitch,being ,an info tech you should know better than this.IF you are ashamed of having a face like a dogs behind thats your problem,dont come with your funny explanations.I have seen you decimate poor fawad on countless times,what do you think ,i am an idiot like you.The answer is no with a capital n.

    I know your kind and its excuses,you know bloody well that you are an ugly diminutive midget which is hopeless to look at,dont come up with your rotten excuses ,cause i am a wise man.

    You game is over on naseeb,god shemale doesn't want to spit on your ugly face cause, she has my pujabi lund up her stupid ass,she will never listen to your entreaties ,no matter how hard you try.You think iam a boy scout like you?.You are mistaken bozo,i am like your grand dadd as you have rightfully agreed.I am gonna shag you up like there is no tomorrow,you have taken people for a ride for ever,now its your doomsday twerp,i am gonne shag you up with sand paper and i mean it..Keep your choot like mouth shut for now,because you are in uncharted territory.I used to weigh 220 twenty pounds bhosra face and now i am 185,its intentional jughead,women today want to have a man with endurence and a big tool like mine ,not a ugly lookin man with a two inch pecker,for whom she cant even find the condoms/

    You chotia used god because she had more intelligence and better language skills,who the fuc are you.a diminutive muhajjir midget with out a decent tool,do you think you have a future with all your money saved.Zilch,you are nothing and nothing will come out of nothing.

    Guys like you used to bath our dogs ,nothing more.Come to your senses and stop getting shagged on naseeb,i will eat you alive
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Sunday at 10:59:am
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  • Proof... Sir Nauroz is obsessed with me

    Nauroz jee, aap ky pass koi aur kaam nahi hai jo saray waqt aap meri profile mai ghussay rahtay hain? aap mashallah grandfather ki umar kai hain, please app mujay gandi nazro say na dekha karain What do you care about my profile info, anyways? LOL! why are you requesting me to update pics, and stats on my profile?.kahi apni beti kaa rishta to nahi karana hai? mai ready hooo shadi kay liyay , beti piyari hai? bus allah karay apni ammi per gaye ho .. Sir jii, ab aap ki umar nikal gaye hai... muj per nazr na lag... Read More

    I performed Umrah cus i wanted to experience spirituality. However, i am who i am. Whatever i do on naseeb has nothing to do in terms of who i am in real life. I must say I didn't like staying saudia, i am totally against their gov't and their system. REgular person on the street is fraudster in saudia, they consider paki as trash. I feel bad for pakistanis who live and work there. I suppose to write a blog about my experience. I will when someone shows interest.
    Sunday at 12:00:am
    phattu, Chup kar kay baith... machar hai or muj say pangalaita hain..waisay tujay dekh kar mujay waisay hi taras ajata hai,.... look at that face, bhooka , nanga , miskeen homeless bum .. lmfao :)P let me guess in that you have a big bag full of empty beer cans that you collected from the streets , and will redeem them for whole $1 Buhahahaha,
    and then you will buy a can of Budweiser,,,, sala beowra...

    Waisay its kinda cool that you think you can do anything to me lolzz.... i rule you , you are my bych and will always be... you hang out at my profile , make all kinda requests as it evidenced by the photo i posted here...

    naurz, you are KHASSI , hahaha.. keep pretending that you ahve a game and you can bring me down...
    Saturday at 11:06:pm
    WYD,please have a grip on yourself,hold your horses,you are making a fool out of yourself by attacking everyone here irrespective of their gender.Why do you consider yourself superior,if you have any qualities people would know it by itself.Your language with the new arrivals is abhorrent and uncouth,and it tells a lot about your class and the place you have come from{machar colony

    You have just come back from umrah recently,you had made some commitments with yourself to become a better man.Why have your brains short circuited again?
    For the sake of GOD stop using profane language with everyone,whenever you see that you can not win an argument you start hurling abuses,but even in this there should be some limits.OK ,you have your issues with me ,cut me to sized ,write whatever bakwaas your dirty mind comes to.But recently i witnessed you attacking a 19 year old girl,come on man,have you totally fucked up your brains with crack?

    I know you are pissed off with me for exposing your mellow drama on naseeb,i know alienation is getting to your sick head,because without the help of your shemale accomplice you are nothing.Bro you have serious psychological issues that need immediate treatment.I have started feeling sorry for you,i know you are otherwise a harmless insignificant half of a man,who would give a damn about a 4 foot 9 midget in real life?

    You were lucky that you were able to pull off a nautanki for such a long time with the able help of your accomplice known as god.But dear,she has come back to senses,please dont try to bring her back to your stupid mentality

    You think a man who attacks a 19n year old girl will be taken to be a strong man,you must be crazy if you think like that and then attacking a 27 old from pakistan was again a very ghatia thing to do.You think you have the licence to abuse people?

    WYD,god is very worried about you and has recently put quite a lot of request's for your poor soul,i can fix you within a heart beat but still i am giving you a lot of rope.Make no mistake ,i can set you right whenever i want to.I am trying to do someone a favour and i am a punjabi ,a man of my word.

    Stop carrying out suicidal cavalry attacks on innocent young women,if you are man enough fight with a man but please try to pick someone of your own size.
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August 15 at 12:38pm
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August 15 at 7:25am
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August 14 at 12:15pm
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  • I wonder if any girl loves me?

    Is any girl on naseeb in love with me? i am curious. I appreciate all the feedback.. Thank you !

    August 14 at 5:36am
    btw, i am plan on gettin earrings.... can u tell me the guy's address who put that ring on your azz cheeks to bind it together since you had a disease of discharging shyt randomly
    August 14 at 5:33am
    Thank you fake profile of pax :D
    August 13 at 11:41pm
    Yo since you look virtually black can you put a do rag get toe earrings baggy jeans and timz that would be hilarious
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August 10 at 9:13pm
Not Rated

    Well, uncle jee , first of all you BLOCK ME from your profile so i can't see any of the statuses and journals that you dedicate to me, Secondly, if you don't get a daily dose of azz whopping from your DADDY " whoz yo daddy" , you can't sleep properly. Friend of mine just called me and told me that nauroz uncle got a itch in his back side **again** and missing me ... Well, here i am ! BTW nauroz, you look a lot uglier in this new picture than the old one... lolzzzz You look atleast 55 in this picture ( your r... Read More

    August 10 at 1:24am
    Bozo i know her real name,her pseudonym.i know where she lives along with her place of work,even the exact gym that she goes to,if you have any doubts call me on my cell or otherwise.Stop this stupid game of cover ups.
    You know that i know,heavens will not fall if you stop contesting with me about it.The fact remains that you were hiding behind her butt and that is something i find distasteful. A man doesn't use women for such cheap pursuits.
    August 10 at 12:50am
    OK, you call yourself a muslim and have recently performed umra,a great thing for any muslim mashallah,may the Almighty bless you for this.Can you swear upon the snctity of your umra that god is a man not a woman.This is the ultimate teat of your murdangee and your islamic faith.If you really are man enough can you swear upon the honour of ALmighty god that your accomplice god was not a woman but a man.Where do we go from here
    August 10 at 12:36am
    IF god is a man and your best friend ,where is he now ,while your behind is close to be violated by me,is he also a muhajjir bherwa too scared to face one lone punjabi .Have some shame ,she is a woman and she had to get out of this shit that you had created.It would be immodest and stupid on her part to jump in here.She is not shameless like you and has a conscience and i am convinced of this.Stop making anymore of this cock and bull story's.I myself feel guilty by mentioning her but unfortunately she played a very stupid role in this story.
    You dont know it but may be i know her a lot better than you,cause you being a dudd cant understand a lot of things which don't even need to be said.I am just trying to prove here that you are a spineless opportunist like your zaat,you people use your women for the slightest of gains.Don't try to prove a right thing to be wrong,a truth to be a falsehood and she stays out of it.Have some sharam she is like a sister to you.
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August 9 at 12:41pm
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  • WYD,my damned bro"where art thou"

    The so-called tough of naseeb is in hiding thesedays,the poor chap is badly hurt with his pride down the gutters and no hope in sight for deliverence.He doesn't even login with his real id and literally keeps his mouth shut,not a bad start !! Calling him a man is an insult to the mankind .This creature hides behind bubble butts and challenges you like a genghis khan but only behind the cushy expanse of gods bootilicious peripherals.During my last encounter with him he tried to enlist the support of another wom... Read More

    August 10 at 5:51pm
    yeh yu right . he is gone :) well done
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August 9 at 11:42am
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  • WYD and

    Pale shadows from the past today ,were nothing short of a modern day Charles Manson family on naseeb.One thing is sure of, having had terrible childhood's both of them were suffering from mental inadequacy and low self esteem,god who otherwise has shown intelligence at times was hijacked by wyd ,in some ways ,wyd had a control on god like that of a modern day Charles MANSON on his bitches,the only difference would be that Manson was a man of acceptable looks,whereas wyd is one ugly mofo of the kind that you ca... Read More

    August 10 at 5:52pm
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August 8 at 3:50pm
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  • Riviera Maya Hochzeitsfilm von Inkspot Crow Films_brautkleider

    Sie wissen.wie zum Auftakt der Woche in einigen schweren Stil?Mit ein wenig Magie Hochzeit von den ach-so- tolle Inkspot Crow Films.ist.wie.Eine kleine Hochzeits Magie.die die atemberaubende Kulisse .die der Riviera Maya.zwei unglaublich liebenswert Liebsten (hallo schön Gelübde ) und eine ganze Menge Freudentränen ist beinhaltet .Es ist mehr recht als Sie sich jemals vorstellen können.bis alle in 4 Minuten von erstaunlichen gewickelt.Klicken Sie auf Play .um alles zu genießen in. Ihre Montag gerade genial.... Read More

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August 4 at 10:24pm
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  • Soz-e-Ishq -- Abda Parveen Ji

    Murshid bujaai saadi aag.. www.youtube.com Title: Soz-i Ishq – سوزِ عشق – Burning Ardour of Love Language: Punjabi, Urdu, Braj Poetry: Sultan Bahu (c.1628-1691), Bulleh Shah (1680-c.1758), Kabir (1440-1518) and others ہو مولا ho maula O Master انحد توں احد ہویا anhadd taun ahad hoya becoming Ahad (One) from Anhadd (the boundless infinite) احمد نام دھرایا ahmad naam dharaaya He gave the name of Ahmad (a name of Mohammad) دو جگ ن... Read More

    August 4 at 3:22pm
    yaar if you've really never heard any songs from the past Coke Studio sessions, you've missed some awesome works of Pakistani music.
    u deprived child :)
    August 4 at 1:18pm
    Oh iska Tanka kisi studio se jura huwa hai... phir kher hai kei mei kisi studio ko follow nahi kerta.
    August 4 at 1:06pm
    jinko samajh k sunna hai woh parh laingay :)

    Im certain folks who follow coke studio have heard this before :)
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August 4 at 11:50am
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  • Please - Do not Ignore

    Fellow Muslims... please, i know you are all here for relaxing and dating etc BUT for goodness sake, spare a few minutes ..most of you are on FB , so please join/sign to #RedOut Facebook in support of Palestine. A difference is being made, for those who are cynics. We have people from all over the world, all faiths , all people joining hands and uniting , making a statement and taking various other constructive actions...please sign, it really will only take a few minutes of ur precious time ... Genocide is ha... Read More

    August 6 at 10:19am
    ok it isnt about just liking that page but marking that you are going to the event, which only means that you are supporting the event ie supporting palestine.
    as for this site....i am afraid it is not the kind of site quite a few hoped it would be or maybe used to be. I suggest that u look at quranexplorer.com who have set up a good site called nikaah i think...but it is basically more along the lines of what you are thinking about ...worth a look anyway.
    anyways, i wish you luck...AH
    August 5 at 5:46pm
    i am rarely here or frequent here so nope i am not maintaining or anything much here. As for larger issue etc Yesss....and trust me that is one of the peripheral key matters/aspects too...yes most countries etc are pawns and a means to and end etc. You dont need to engage if you dont wish ...but no harm in having access, being there , and ofc adding to the numbers too :) Not everyone engages ...but it still helps and makes a difference. regardless of pawns and bigger picture etc ...still doesnt detract from the genocide underway and continual effort from u know who or what to suppress the truth and keep presenting smokescreens etc .. Anyways, it is up to each person to live with themselves, their conscience etc and help or not.
    August 5 at 10:10am
    Chiragh-e-Rahh - long time i see that you are still here keeping this place maintained.

    i really dont want to engage in any remedial over 50yr old discussion on FB about GAZA or palestinians. The entire issue there is larger than the "jews" and arabs.. as some people out there mayyy know, both parties are just pawns. They are both just MEANS to an END.
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August 4 at 11:15am
  • Vintage inspirierte Hochzeit von Newport Studio Atticus + Hallo Super- Studios_brautjungfernkleider

    Auf den Punkt gebracht .ist dies Newport Hochzeit von Studio Atticus und Hallo Super- Studios ein Traum für einen Blogger wie mich.Es ist die perfekte Menge von Vintage- Stil mit einigen schweren bestreut .und das alles macht für einen fabelhaften f锚te heute abendkleider kurz ohnmächtig gegenüber .Mit einem Team von Anbietern so talentiert wie diese Gruppe .es ist wirklich keine Überraschung.Denn wenn Sie eine Sperry Zelt mit herrlichen Blüte von Stoneblossom von Gracie Lou Events man einfach wissen.dass... Read More

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August 4 at 1:04am
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