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  • Aab-e-zam zam

    Kisi ne kaha yeh aab e hayat hai ya phir qadi-e-hajaat hai shaafi-e-amraaz hai aaj phir soghat ke tarha ek sheeshi mein mecca se aaya hai aab-e-zam zam Ammi kehti hain wazu kar ke sar pe dupatta orh ke Kibla ru ho ke issy peeyo to har dua qabool hoti hai har marz se shifa hoti hai bohat daant ti hain kehti hain aaisa hi karo to main phir aab-e zam zam usi aqeedat se ussi chahat se teen ghoont main peeti hoon par aaj bhi sab beemariyan waisi ki waasi hain sab dua-ein adhoori hain na to rooh ki koi mojza kh... Read More

    Sunday at 10:20:pm
    Hi americanheart. please sent to me e mail. my mail address is isomakarac@hotmail.com
    Sunday at 8:19:am
    Why are you shareing this its make no scene
    Saturday at 9:45:pm
    Hi ms american ,They say faith is everything,faith can move mountains.Try to develop the kind of faith that your dear Mother has and you will prevail....and alway's remember God Almighty will only grant what's best for you,cause he has a different plan for everyone.
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Saturday at 8:56:pm
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February 25 at 10:51am
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  • A

    so sensitive ,i care other feelings ,and always ready to help others,and i also respect others03145123043

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February 19 at 2:18am
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February 11 at 1:30pm
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  • Casual

    Recent pics

    February 3 at 8:02pm
    Look Fawad, i told you before, i don't tolerate racism. It's wrong to have this mindset where you are lookin down on other pakistanis where they don't come from your ethnicity. Honestly, Punjabi are the most despicable, beghairat people but i also have found very decent too. So for me to insult every punjabi would be grave injustice. I am saddened and surprise to hear some filth from a guy who claims to be in US forever , but honestly you are more paindoo and backward then people who who jsut came here. You consider " light skin" as beauitful, this is a mindset of a FOB, beauty comes in all colors, i personally like a bit tanned girl... if a girl/guy is beautiful , it doesn't matter what skin color they have.... Also, i don't wanna call names to ethnicity cus i don't wanna hurt anyone... If you have little brain, you would stop using ethnicity in a fight... Nauroz does that, and thats why i have beef with him.... ALso, i personally dont care what you call me but it's not fair to others who may feel offended... Just to let you know, i am superior than you... You will always be beneath me despite of yoru girly name calling ways.
    February 1 at 11:10pm
    I Harass you? let's see you have blocked me from your profile, you make journals about me ( behind my back ) knowing i can't reply there, you constantly coming to my journal and other's and I HARASS YOu??? I am most hatred? really? when did you conduct a poll? even if i was most hatred, what difference does it make? I am the BEST, everytime i look at myself , i thank GOD to make me so beautiful... I can't be more thankful.. I just LOVE myself!!! I just got outta the shower and damn i can't stop admiring myself :) .... Atleast i stand in line for methadone , a civilized way, you outright steal it from your work.

    Well, let's just say, I can do a lot with your pics , you can't even imagine.. But i tend to keep naseeb trash ( heera mandi fawad) within naseeb. You can put my pic whereever you want, it wouldn't do anything to me.. Don't forget i am immune to everything :)... oh yesh i am obsessed right? You actually took your time out to put my pic at a website? LMFAO....

    PS... let's see your pic shirtless .. lolzzzzzz..... a stinky hairy 12 year old boy's body with a beer belly, choopa face, 46 hairs total on top... lolzzz one hair going to south , other north, another one west... hair on east is on strike .. hahaha
    February 1 at 2:47pm
    so do u think she is there for your sexual pleasure ? I am not surprised, this is your "superior heera mandi genes" talking
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January 31 at 5:25pm
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  • Women are strange ??

    OK, I know this one girl for last six years, overtime i started liking her and had shown interest in her for marriage. She gave me run around , yet she would contact me every few months. She sent me facebook message ( but she never added me on fb) few months ago but they went to " other" folder, she sent me two messages 5 months apart, Two days ago i saw the message and i replied. I know she got screwed /played by some guy but she doesn't admit. She contacted me on facebook yesterday after two years out of n... Read More

    February 1 at 12:42pm
    Makes me laugh, FUGLY, weak Bastard with no picture commenting on other's pictures... Son of a Bych, i am stronger than you boney ass.. about the weight loss, i get cuts during the summer, during the winter i hybernate ;) ... lil fat protects me from the elements :) .... coming summer i will be taking a shirtless picture so you can burn more in jelousy... lolzz ... Bipolar , who did you F*ck ysterday? Sunny Leone? LMFAO.... what do you do close yoru eyes and fantacise that you are F8ckin? haha
    February 1 at 12:09am
    Fawad, the Fag, i took this picture just for you in front of the Pharmacy about half an hour ago. It shows my sentiments towards you.
    January 31 at 9:42pm
    Fawad, i gave it a thought and i came to conclusion that the reason behind your racist outburst is the fact you are Jelous. You can't bear the thought a girl from your nasal keeping me even " as an option" , atleast i have something in me that's why she doesnt wanna let me go. But , for you even with your supposedly " superior genes" not landing you any women, only women you get are imaginary russians, jews, girls from naseeb and Bisma . Ha ha!... Fawad, see the thing is i am very secure with myself , that's why i always keep my most recent pics up on my profile, wehereas you and other losers on this site , like to hide themselves from others.. I have said that many times, there is no reason for a guy to hide ( displaying no pic) , unless he is BUTT FUGLY , married, has girl friend and don' t wanna be found out by her. Some of the guys come here pretending to be docs, but they are not ! lolzzz.... well, i am content and never cared as to what anyone think of me.. :)
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January 30 at 1:49am
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  • ULTIMATE PROOF Fawad ( lowereastside) is a DESPERATE LOSER!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, Fawad Malik with his countless ID's is a Desperate Thing. I was given this proof by a woman who was verbally abused by this BIPOLAR maniac. She told me lot of things about him but i think i rather not disclose at this point. Fawad, Your lies are catching up to you. All your exaggerations about you " getting laid" with russian and girls from naseeb are coming crashing down. You will be eternally married to Cindy the rubber doll. I feel sorry for you :(

    January 31 at 4:11am
    Fawad, i F8cked you a lot yesterday and you came back again today... The moral of the story is your kanjari mother whose P*ssy is a size of texas takes D8cks from all over the world.. You kanjar ghaleez stinky SIKH turd are nothin but feces that is destroying Pakistan... If you want to know more about your heritage, feel free to read comments in my latest journal as i don't feel like typing again for a Loser Bipolar faggot. I guess that wanna be playboy has nothin better to do than rant on friday night on naseeb... What a fckin turd.
    January 27 at 3:10pm
    it's cute that you were thinkin about me in the middle of the night and i am friendless, eh :)
    January 27 at 3:09pm
    yayyy!! abay sala mai to famous ho gaya lol was i offering services or getting? Don't forget to post the link about my sex registered status.
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January 25 at 7:23pm
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  • PILL countin FAGGOT FAWAD ( lowereastside) has BLOCKED me AGAIN!!!!  LOL

    Fawad the Chimp, as usual you have blocked me so you can gossip behind my back , your girly ways didn't get you anywhere .... Fawad, you think about me way too much, when i am on naseeb iam constantly smiling and giggling but it appears to me Naseeb is causing you high blood pressure and you might get eithr stroke or heart attack.. Do yourself a favor and stop logging on Naseeb first thing after coming from work... It is not healthy for you... Whoz yo Daddy? PS... i will play with you tommorow... Don't forge... Read More

    January 25 at 6:14pm
    So what do you care if anyone hates me? what is it to you? fawad, chopa face, you should know me by now, it doesn't affect me if i am loved or hated ... It's amazing you get revelation that " othrs' are cursing me out especially a guy a broke azz with no paid account... lolzzz... Fawad, lets face it, i am intelligent than you, stonger than you, i am your daddy afterall.. you are my harami aulad.
    January 25 at 10:17am
    Also, choopa face you might wanna have someone proof read your written english, It's not exactly Shakespeare's standard. Besides, half of the time you are drunk and use (......) as if this is part of grammar. LOL... Fawad, remember one thing, you are my bych for life. More feisty you get, more i will be screwing you.
    January 25 at 10:08am
    lowereastside, You are just a pill countin moron. A Weak, short, BIPOLAR, piece of crap. Look at your eyes . red , high on drugs. No matter how hard you try , i will be on your tail. :)
    BTW< I have blocked your fake ID chanda... she is from pakistan:? really? her profile says Texas.... i wonder if she is Bipolar too..
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January 23 at 2:33am
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  • On January 18, 2015, I Evaded Arrest By The Boston Police Falsely, And Was Injured

    Posted this previously, and due to 3rd party illegal account interceptions it was not viewable today. That night I wrote; Just evaded custody by the Boston Police falsely. I have one shoe on, and serious bruising all over the back of my body. I escaped via rope, and my hands are all cut up via rope. All my fingernails are bleeding, and I'm sitting in Kenmore Square Boston cold, tired for home. But there is no more home, just a false investigation. When I couldn't speak, I didn't. After that incident and po... Read More

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January 22 at 7:01pm
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  • Reminder: Please Donate to Shaukat Khanum Hospital

    Just a reminder to donate to SKMH hospital. In case you don't know, this charity is IRS 501 c Registered, it means your donation is tax deductible when itemized. It is also good to know that the money is being put in good use without wasting on bureaucratic/administrative expenses. Here is the link, you can use Paypal to donate! www.shaukatkhanum.org.pk

    January 22 at 3:45am
    LOL, Fawad, you have been telling me that i have issues and i need help but not really providing me any Help? I am the one laugh at your miserable existence , catch your lies as soon as they come out of your anus , you give out your numbers to random women, even to women who are in pakistan lolzzzz ... .... I told ya many times, i don't get angry, i get even ..... Fawad, i will be up your azz , there is no place for you to hide.. You should know by now, i am immune to everything and everyone, so no matter what you say about me, it wont affect a bit.. but it will get you more in hot weather... .... the difference between me and DMV lady is I LOVE MY JOB and i love raping you untill you say " WYD YOU ARE MY DADDY" .... sometimes i imagine fawad, wouldn't it be so great if some big black guy in Harlem happens to run into you while you are walking on the streets and the guy rapes you so badly that you don't stop bleeding... what would you do? and and if that black guy happen to make a video of the act, i'd buy from him and put up on youtube and then link the video on naseeb for others to enjoy. lolzzz:P.....fawad , let's face it.. you are a PILL COUNTING MONKEY... a boring job , and with your bipolar personality even OLD women in their 30's and 40's dump your sisssy azz... ;)
    January 22 at 3:28am
    Fawad, you are a sissy sweet bych.. EVEN women fcked you over many times... EVery time Bisma f*cks you, you start calling her " haramzadi" LOL! Fawad, you are too weak and now even weaker... I'd say hang on to Cindy the rubber doll... SHe is your life long companion. :)
    January 22 at 3:04am
    Fawad, your dick is size of half of the peanut but your ego is as big as a state of texas. Everyday you brag as to how you are fckin russian girl and F8cked two girls from naseeb. What do you think, people are stupid? only losers like you announce to the world to make themselves feel important, only thng you have is a rubber doll name cindy whom you sleep with everynight... lolzzzz
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January 21 at 3:57pm
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January 21 at 12:33pm
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  • Do you know what a Choopa face looks like? Meet Fawad ( lowereastside) the pharmacist !

    Here is our Resident Bipolar Pharmacist who is so desirable that Naseeb women flocking at his door ready to be girl friends. Whoever that lucky Naseeb woman is, please don't forget to share your experience with us . On a side note, he has developed such a face by providing free choopa giving service over the years so now his face looks natural and ready to do the deed. Fawad, the fuzz you have up on top of the head, is it still there or it's a barren land now? if it's still up dere, i'd suggest you strategical... Read More

    January 20 at 3:46am
    I dunno why i look like a son of a burmese.. My dad was Pakistani ... i guess someone way up family tree, someone must be burmese? you wanna get my DNA tested?
    January 20 at 3:24am
    You are welcome!
    January 20 at 3:23am
    fawad did you read the jorunal? i asked ya if you still have fuzz on top of your head? why your eyes look as if you are high on something?
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January 20 at 3:02am
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  • Let me tell you about a game I play,  Where I close my eyes and fade away...........................!

    Let me tell you about a game I play Where I close my eyes and fade away I float away to a special place Beyond the stars and moon and space In this special place you see There are only two people - just you and me In this place, all is right Nothing but love, and we never fight In this place, there is no sadness No cells, no courts, none of that madness No rules to follow, no laws to break No bars to hold us or separate No one to tell us we can't kiss or touch I don't just tell you "I love you... Read More

    January 19 at 6:42am
    Sounds like Jannah. Some day I hope to be there
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January 18 at 11:04pm
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  • Tired For Home, Yet There Is No More Home. Just Evaded False Custody

    When I couldn't speak I didn't

    January 20 at 3:05am
    Fuck face, you are the one bring up as to how you don't come on naseeb much and other do... No one pays my bill nor i care what others think if i come here or not... also, asshole if i want, i can change my IP's, you are too dump to realize anything technical, you are just good at counting pills.. what an exciting job, well atleast you can pocket few oxycodone here and there ;) few perks of the job , eh
    January 20 at 2:54am
    LOL, i see little pussy crying lol.... yah, please send your people to harass me.. i just love it when ppl threaten me and yet they can't do do shyt to me. ... see choopa face i like to play on weekends, but since there was soo much fun tonight i stayed up .... suffice to say, you are on my radar, don't change the ID... oh also, i would suggest take pics with your " date" , since you like bragging about " dates" here anyways, why not post pics to convince people that infact you went out for a date..
    January 20 at 2:46am
    well i don't think any girl desperate enough to go out with you.. seriously.. i am willing to bet 2k that you are a friggin liar.. even ugly fat women wont go out with you.. well, you got nothin to offer ... if a woman needs a wuss or a person with mood swings, she would hang out with her girl friend... ...
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January 18 at 4:38am
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  • Lowereastside  and naurozkhayal... TWO CASANOVA WANNA BE LOSERS WITH TACO BEHIND

    lol.. I have just noticed two wuss jello azz have blocked me... Well, as you all aware of that, anyone who blocks me, i return the favor right away! However, since i am such a nice guy, if you don't block me within 24 hours, i will be blocking your jiggly azz , then don't complain or make another ID to see the action lolzzzz... Lowereastside, i read your journal where you are looking for an Iranian girls LMFAOOOO.. let me break it to you , althought, iranias and afghanis are FUGLY biatches but they consider ... Read More

    January 20 at 2:44am
    This is the comment this choopa face fawad made about black widow and bisma, if Black widow sees this comment, i am sure she will get the record straight...

    "Lowereastside I fucked black widow her own words and Bisma both of those cunts ran between with tails in their holland tunnel sized vaginaz....both wouldn't have made journal after journal about me the funny thing is with that slut bizma it was you talking shit about her and blaming it on me so you are the ultimate coward"
    January 20 at 1:32am
    Nauroz is just a show off wanna be. ... Nauroz even with all the hard work, no one gives you a F*ck.. I wonder if he calls " Princess" to every girl he meets on naseeb. Only way for nauroz to score is by licking, eating, kissing a woman's dirty tampons.... Nauroz is a creepy lookin Pervert. :)
    January 19 at 8:58pm
    Nauroz, you mention 'god' a lot, i bet you are jelous that god was such a good friend.. see god and I are good buds, He is my Jigar. I do miss him at times but at the same time i respect him not getting engaged in conflicts. But i can tell you one thing, he is a nice guy and he is the one asked me to go easy on you since you were suicidal. I do try to go easy on you but what can i do you are a fiesty one , and it's always a delight to slaughter a feisty one.. lol.... Well, get ready, you will be gang raped on friday night... Also i will answer to your same old racist comments that you hve been shytting from your mouth... ... Nauroz, the difference between me and you is i am Genuine and people like me for who i am... I made good friends god and "tarzan in chaddi" , i know tarzan in rea life, very nice guy and like a brother to me... you have a fake life , only way for you to score women is by pretending to be a defender of women... by the way , you make statments about me at 2AM night ? Still on disability ? don't worry your Social security will kick in 5 years. :)
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January 17 at 12:08am
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