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19 minutes ago
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  • The pakistani ideologue who never moved to Pakistan

    Smokers’ Corner: The mysterious ideologue on Jinnah’s left NADEEM F. PARACHA — PUBLISHED about 2 hours ago WHATSAPP 0 COMMENTS EMAIL PRINT Illustration by Abro Till the early 1940s, the All India Muslim League (AIML) was still far from being the sole political representative of India’s Muslims. The Muslims of the region — who constituted about 20 per cent of India’s population at the time — were being represented by various political parties and outfits. Till 1945 the AIML was just one ... Read More

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16 hours ago
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  • Losing my religion

    Do dual ever get answered? It never seems so . Do th vik and wicked get punished in this world ? Doubtful it pays to be a prixk Maybe Marx was right religion is the opium of the masses... So called religious people always seem to be th biggest sanctimonious hypocrites you'll ever meet devoid of all ethics

    18 hours ago
    But think about it, if there wasn't heaven or hell then why would anyone do good on this earth? I do believe there has to be some reward or punishment either on this earth or hereafter.... so i rather do good than worry bout religions...
    18 hours ago
    I lost my faith in religions. Religion is a single root cause of fights, division among people, wars , constantly people having a duty to defend something that they never seen or experienced. Can anyone tell for sure as to what's the true religion ? You are born into a religion and the minute you are on this earth, people bran wash you... People defend religion as if they were there in the time of Mohammad, Jesus , moses, Hindu gods and Sikh God.... I have stopped worrying about religions or get into debates with people wanting to prove if one religion is true and others are false... I am sure true God would forgive me, atleast i don't do anything that goes against nature.... I do beleive in higher power aka GOD, just don't know who that higher power is....

    Religious people are the worst.. I have seen mullahs and christians priest... i had lived with a priest who use to watch Porn and during the day do his preaching ... Mullahs are not much different.... I stay away from these people.
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21 hours ago
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  • Never lose hope in marriage

    I read this article and thought of uploading it. : I am praying for a righteous husband but nothing has happened I have read many articles on when duaa is accepted more (last third of nite, ramzan etc( I find it very difficult to be patient for my duaa to be supplicated, I have been praying for 7 years for marriage with a suitable muslim partner, but there are no prospects since we live in a place where there no muslims, how do i maintain patience for something for which i do not see any prospects, thank you ... Read More

    2 hours ago
    My post is for the person who wrote the journal, not for Idiots who think this is a matrimonial site.(Typical Desi thinking!)
    3 hours ago
    Why can't "GOD" give what is neccessary to human beings, i would understand if GOD doesn't give anything that is exccessive like too much money or unreasonable wishes, but why do humans have to beg for everything? why praying all night long is important? does he want us to see in such a low state , does it make himself feel batter about himself? why having good deeds are not enough for salvation? why do i have to constantly be in a state of fear about my "hereafter"? All religion especially islam is based on fear, " if you don't do this, you will go to HEll" even quran is contradictory, in one verse a person is going to hell and in another verse, he might get salvation as god is every forgiving. If he was ever forgiving, then why mention such horrendous punishment in quran?

    I am sick of all these fairy tales , i just want to be a good person and don't wanna have any religion label on myself.
    3 hours ago
    Dr shiningstar, if all that ws true, you wouldn't be sitting on your ass on naseeb and hoping to find a rishta.... You are just another hypocrite scum, oh by the way i have blocked your ass too....
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Wednesday at 7:08:pm
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  • The Company that Misery Brings

    Some transitions in life are smooth while others are rough, Some people you cut off like chopping wood, others are hard to let go of. It all goes back to the tussle that ensues between the heart and mind, If any matter sends these two into dispute, then its best to leave it behind. Or you could be a glutton for torment, torture, and pain, Enjoying the bliss of attachment, while in agony and disdain. In a woman I once thought that I’d found the epitome of perfection, So much in awe, I stood by her side as cl... Read More

    May 16 at 5:06am
    Well bro you are on the right path....If you get a chance go for Umra..Especially in West men can loose faith easily but again i would say keep it up...
    May 15 at 1:03pm
    Thanks Shinningstar... don't know how much longer I can honestly, but I'll try :)
    May 15 at 9:46am
    DrShinningstar you are not impressive at all. Please come with your real nick.
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May 14 at 5:33pm
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    Well, we have an UBER DRIVER PERVERT ALERT ! Ladies be careful of a pindoo Illegal alien who landed " amrika with a fake passport and now he is making his money by driving cab and defrauding women. He has a strong resemblance of Pillsbury the dough boy, so i nicked name him " dough boy " but he is a lot more sinister than the original dough. OK , this cabbie Cabbie sends women virtual naseeb flower and when they reject them, he calls them nasty names. So, women be careful.. You will get virtual naseeb flower... Read More

    May 10 at 5:42pm
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May 9 at 7:17pm
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May 7 at 8:59am
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  • Buddha NAUROZKHAYAL and Another FUGLY Doctor/Posterchild of funky smell  and ugliness

    Two Eternal jobless homeless BUMS with countless FAKE ID's sitting on naseeb and talking among themsleves, giving the illusion as if they are different people I don't know if others have noticed , since the arrival of FUGLY doc, the fake IDS followed too... ... Nauroz, i told you many times.. YOU ARE A BUDDHA AND YOU MUST GIVE UP , LET'S FACE IT, YOU ARE GOOD FOR NOTHIN... ALL THE ASS KISSIN YOU DO STILL didn't LAND YOU ANY half alive woman.. MY SUGGESTION? YOU ALONG WITH THAT OTHER LOSER, SHOULD START HAVING... Read More

    May 6 at 9:19am
    "Firewalker " is Jewish LMFAO... well mister firewalker you ae too fugly to be a jewish.... jewish pubic hair looks better than you... by the way your audio message didn't work, i guess the message is as impotent as you are LOL
    May 6 at 8:10am
    RR, hon, they are too stupid to give me "silence poison" , my best bet is both got arrested for molesting some 29 year old woman and spending time in jail... besides, they are chicken shyt... also, i haven't seen them online, they are afraid to face me alone, they always need a backup . lol
    May 6 at 8:01am
    They are giving you "silence poison" buddy.. Don't you see that..
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May 2 at 10:34pm
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  • Vertically Challenged Human McNugget of Naseeb

    I always thought leprechaun wasn't real but I saw one on Naseeb recently. Sources have confirmed that a guy here on Naseeb uses a stool to stand up on to take quote SELFIES ...(burst out laughing) If you have your kids' clothes that they dont use anymore please donate to him. He can easily fit into any 9-12 yo boy clothes. We are currently training him every morning to reach the cookie jar!

    April 29 at 6:00pm
    Rabz D is open to sex.
    April 29 at 5:57pm
    He is a frugal mate. Rejected by all byches of naseeb
    April 29 at 11:43am
    I think this guy has a strong likeness to one of our mate's here on naseeb

    And the funny thing is this guy also looks pretty bossy like him with the cigar,the only difference is that he has his feeder with him too.

    Does the feeder symbolize setting in of reality,coming to terms with pragmatism?
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April 29 at 11:28am
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April 27 at 7:15am
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  • Samuraii the DRUNKEN BASTARD

    Samuraii, the faggot sissy asshole, STOP turning women against me... You did this shit in the past too and i let it slide... SON OF A BYCH, since you are a FUGLY drunken DIVORCED Bastard who makes stupid comments on your canvas, don't think i will let you slide this time. I will F*ckin make you famous here.. .Again, I don't come here to score with women like you UGLY MOFO.... REAL MEN DON'T write emails behind others back and bad mouth, but they make comments in the open. Like a shemale you are, like sendin... Read More

    April 28 at 6:59am
    Hay kiddo have you lost your way? i thought naseeb was for 'Adults"
    April 27 at 3:59am
    yez u do unprimed "dholak"
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April 25 at 11:25pm
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  • Naseeb Chat

    Nauroz : Hi Girl : hi Nauroz: How are you? Girl Fine Nauroz: Do you know I am Punjabi? Girl: ya, so? Nauroz: Do you know i have the Biggest tool? ;) Girl: Perverted old man!!!! Nauroz: I am sorry :( Girl : ***participant left the chat*** Nauroz: Hello? Nauroz : Hellllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo Nauroz: I am sorry, i didn't mean to offend you.. I thought you'd like it. Nauroz: Please don't goooooooooooooooooooo :( ... I will commit suicide... Nauroz: Look, i am serious, i will commit suicide unless... Read More

    LOL, 5 girls lol... really? with a fake account, no paid membership, you manage to teleport women's thoughts about me being ugly" yaaaaa, rightttttt
    U r an illegal immigrant just like ur Bengali forebears in Pakistan u r also ugly as he'll as per 5 girls on naseeb
    April 27 at 5:49am
    You both are despicable ugly low lives... I know who is behind this "Youngmoney". and couple other Fake ID's. Both are Failure in Life.!

    Nauroz, you can *try* to score as many points as possible at my expense, but you will still not get Chandah or any other woman, you are too old and fugly for any woman to consider... Oh also, you have been "disapointed" by me many times in the past, as usual i don't give a F8ck.. So nothing new here :)
    Also Perverted THARKI BUDDHAY NAUROZ, you are calling chandah " my girl" are you out of your brainless mind? NOT only you are her Grandpa's age, but you look like one too... So please THARKI BUDDHAY , apni hud mai rah...

    Buddhay, Funny part is all this hard work of manipulation, twisting facts and fabrication will go to waste as usual. Cus women are not dumb and they can see through your ugly face cus being an Uber driver is not considered a proper job.

    Nauroz, you tried your best to turn 'god" against me but he was always loyal to me and i never had to say or convince him that you were lying... Chandah is the same way, she knows that you along with your hideous friend are low lives... Whatever is between Chandah and I is our business, and i will not spill the beans nor commit major sin by saying something that is not true...

    about loyalty, i am loyal to people and people loyal to me... About Chandah, Let the GOD judge her and me , that's all i am gonna say.. I am no one to defame anyone if you look around, i never shared any false stories or did anything that would hurt her.. It's both of you assholes sitting on your fugly fat azz like neighborhood gossiping aunties, constantly talkin about her and me. BUDDHAY, you are a BIG LIAR AS ALWAYS i NEVEr ask for any backup unlike you NAUROZ, who is going to someone's status and asking " hey WYD needs your attention" .... Nauroz, seriously, you are weak, you can NEVER stand on your own... You always needs a cheerleader in a form of monkey by your side who can clap at your stupidity...lolzz
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April 25 at 7:43am
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    April 26 at 5:34am
    apny rista karna ha to muja bato ma kar lyta ho ap ka sath mari age 20 ha ma lahore pakistan sy ho mari facebook id ha waleed_don33@yahoo.com
    April 25 at 10:49am
    hi this is Adnan
    i m a AutoCAD Architect
    have u any project regarding my skills
    plz help me
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April 25 at 1:24am
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