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13 hours ago
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  • Ek Baar Kaho Tum Meri Ho.................................

    Ek Baar Kaho Tum Meri Ho............ www.youtube.com Hum Ghoom Chuke Basti Ban Mein, Ek Aas Ki Phaans Liye Mann Mein, Koi Sajan Ho, Koi Pyaara Ho, Koi Deepak Ho, Koi Taara Ho, Jab Jeewan Raat Andheri Ho, Ek Baar Kaho Tum Meri Ho, Jab Saawan Baadal Chaaye Hoon, Jab Phagan Phool Khilaaye Hoon, Jab Chanda Roop Lutaata Ho, Jab Suraj Dhoop Nahaata Ho, Ya Shaam Ne Basti Gheri Ho, Ek Baar Kaho Tum Meri Ho, Haan Dil Ka Daman Phaila Hai, Kyun Gori Ka Dil Maila Hai, Hum Kab Tak ... Read More

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13 hours ago
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  • Blasphemy laws have no place in a Civilized Society.

    This subject has been bothering me for quiet sometime. Not long ago a Christian couple got burned alive in Pakistan because they allegedly insulted Prophet mohammad, prior to this incident some nut job killed Punjab minster Salman Taseer for supporting christian woman who was charged for blasphemy. Taseer's killer got praised from the public and made him feel as if he going to Heaven by taking another human's life because he insulted the prophet. WTF!!! Very recently, Junaid jamshed with good intentions said so... Read More

    December 16 at 7:10am
    Another senseless attack in a muslim country where innocent 126 kids died in Peshawar by so called muslims. There are a lot more problems with muslims and countries where muslims inhabits than rest of the world. You will get killed either by the blast or will hang for committing blasphemy...I am so glad that i live in a land of kuffars, atleast my life is protected a lot better than living in a muslim country.
    December 15 at 9:16pm
    Dr Zakir is a showman, He only talks if you gather an audience of 100,000 people. As i said, i am at peace with myself. I wake up and thank " GOD" ( whoever he is) for giving me good health, food to eat, shelter and common sense to do good in this world. My salvation is in doing charity work, compassion towards poor and sick. When i die, i will donate whatever money i have to the charity in Pakistan. I have no love for money unlike majority of people especially pakis. I thank you for your concern. You do what suits you, i would suggest to read my comments again in the journal, in case you didn't read em. It's easy to preach blindly, but it takes courage to get to the bottom of the truth. Peace.
    December 14 at 1:19pm
    well, its all your choice, time is short.
    i suggest you sit with nice scholars, i believe dr.Zakir is also a good option, for such issues.
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December 5 at 4:10pm
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December 4 at 11:00pm
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October 31 at 12:05am
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  • ..... ..... *Be Aware ............

    ... www.youtube.com ......... Ya ALLAH please lead me to straight path .. the path which is destined to attain Your's Mercy .. and not the path which take me to hell..... Ya ALLAH please help me from hell-fire . (Ameen) *(Please no comments : Just pray for yourself and everyone else ) JAZAKUM-ALLAH-KHAIRAN

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October 30 at 11:47pm
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October 30 at 7:28am
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  • A requiem for whose yo daddy Farhan khan elusive dream of finding a suitable woman

    For as long as I can remember Farhan khan aka whiz yo daddy has bee.n on naseeb. I would like to call all eligible women in the tri state area to contact him, he is actively looking to get married. You would be doing a great service to humanity just by talking to him. Thank you.

    October 31 at 1:27pm
    Alpha, where would be the best place to buy some Dabur Amla oil? I thought i'd ask you ....I am looking for a good deal, you know i am pretty frugal.. Would you mind giving me a bottle of that oil from your stash. I need to use on my tind so i can be as good lookin as you.
    October 27 at 7:54pm
    Alpha, you are lucky some guy is giving his Skype ID ... Your time on naseeb is finally paying off! I am happy for you.
    October 27 at 9:43am
    i am nadeem work greece my skype nadeem69401
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October 27 at 12:01am
  • Tanhai

    tanhaiyon mein jo di kissi ne awaz to ussey khojety hum chaley aaye yeh bhi naa socha tanhaiyon mein kitney lambey the azeeyaton ke saye! Yeh ajab dastoor hai dunya ka khud apni hi zindagi ki nakaamiyon ke hum jawab deh hain dunya ko ke jaisey jahaan bhar ke hon mujrim ke jaisey dunya ne to deeye hon bohat jeet ke mokey aur hum hi ne gunwai? apni tanhaiyon pe na main afsurda hun, na sharminda hun, haan main bohat zinda hoon ke is tanhai mein hai posheeda woh sakoot, woh aafeeyat ke jis pe meri zaat ka nishaa... Read More

    October 21 at 3:25pm
    October 20 at 10:05pm
    correction shouldn't it be :)
    ...jeet gai monkey air harry ham insaan*
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October 20 at 9:05pm
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October 20 at 8:27pm
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  • Hum unhen Woh hume bhalaa baithe

    Ham unheN, voh hameN bhulaa baiThe Do gunahgaar, zeher khaa baiThe aandhiyo! jaao ab karo aaraam! hum Khud apnaa diyaa bujhaa baiThe jabse bichhDe voh muskuraye na ham sab ne chheDaa to lab hilaa baiThe uTh ke ek bewafaa ne de dee jaan rah gaye saare baa-wafaa baiThe hashr ka din abhii hai duur Khumaar aap kyuuN zaahidoN meN jaa baiThe

    October 21 at 10:18pm
    I thought i wasn't worth a response lolzz :D

    If i was coming here to score with girls, do you think i'd be violating you the way i do? only losers come on sites to get girls...

    Fawad , the truth is you are obsessed with me, even if i were to block you, you'd come with a different ID just to see what i have written .. lolzzz

    whoz yo daddy?
    October 21 at 8:45pm
    Farhan I am just going to ignore you because you are like a mosquito and you are an orphan and I feel sorry for you ....you have no real friends and family ....and you need to prove your badass on a website where no girl has given you a chance in all years here.....sad really have a nice day
    October 21 at 7:24pm
    Fawad cus you are a Homo and can't respond cus if you do, then you will be violated beyond Repair.
    PS , How is Russian Jewish GF? LOL... did she discover that you are a shemale? lolzzzzzz
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October 20 at 7:43pm
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October 14 at 9:47pm
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  • SIR0701 , You are a FILTHY DISGUSTING MAN!!!!!

    OK, I got this random email and e flowers from this loser " Imran" SIR0701 , I ignored the email until i saw him and this another crazy guy Whoz Daddy was having altercation with each other . I usually stay out of fights and arguments, but when i read the whole conversation, i came to conclusion this Imran is a nasty low life cab driver. Although, Whoz daddy is foul mouth too, but he is no where near as nasty, cheap, trashy as Imran . Imran How dare you called me this name? Kind of language you use, even my s... Read More

    October 16 at 11:05am
    Alpha, don't you have a life? You should be ashamed of yourself... So the Jewish Russian girl friend has dumped you? LOL :P.. lemme guess she found a real man..
    October 11 at 5:51pm
    Also feel free to wrote paragraphs about me ...since you are a predictable one dimensional comedy character I can't say much about you...same ole tired jocks with same ole tired fantasy...
    October 11 at 3:20pm
    Get a life Farhan seriously...how many comments on here do you see ? Barely any..but as she mentioned you were there get a hobby or a mail order bride anything .....
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October 10 at 5:03pm
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October 6 at 6:22pm