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  • A sentence shared

    I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but the one thing people will never forget is how you made them feel. Every one of us have a role to play in this life, and are linked to somebody special, so think about the consequences of your actions

    Saturday at 10:36:am
    what you v learned is not necessary true :p
    August 27 at 4:22am
    The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget. So your actions will always have a consequence. We tend not to think ahead, and take decisions at spur of the moment... and find excuses to get out of the unfavorable consequences arising out our our hasty actions !!!
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August 27 at 3:07am
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  • saaz-e-dil

    saaz-e-dil ab kiya chheriye saaz-e-dil mein dard bhi tha dard ka darmaan bhi tha saaz-e-dil woh suntey! itna zarf kahaan tha bus huq-e-ziyaan hi tha kohi unkahi naa kahi bus puraani hi koi dastaan thi woh naa to husn-e-mukammal thi naa hi nafs-e-jaan thi saaz-e-dil main to kia bayaan hota saaz-e-dil mein sir bhi tha, sir-e-asraar bhi tha saaz-e-dil waheen jaa ke toota jahaan jaan ka pehla sawaal tha!

    Saturday at 10:38:am
    August 26 at 9:40pm
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August 26 at 9:01pm
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    The majority of the naseeb community is pleagued by a distorted sense of religion ,deeply embedded in their being's fostered by a false sense of puritanism.We are torn between reality and a fake sense of religion which stems from hypocracy that our mullah's have inculcated in our society.The most mind boggling phenomena i have seen here on naseeb is the consistant denial of the reality,junts can't have its cake and eat it too. Most of us left the benighted land by choice or because of the choice's our parents m... Read More

    Saturday at 10:41:am
    MeHoney you new?
    August 26 at 8:53pm
    I am not sure what is it that you did not like about Mullahs. In my humble opinion, the religion islam is very much alive in the world because of the mullahs. I think they are respectable people. Some may be bad, as in every group of people some are bad, but we know it is not good to paint the whole group of mullahs as bad. Do you agree?
    August 26 at 5:32pm
    I agree to a great extent. I uphold the morals, but as a new Muslimah, I find myself a little surprised at some of the things that people do (or fail to do). I don't think we need to be harsh, stoic or narrow minded, but I know that whatever people inherit from their parents, etc. they tend to take for granted. It is a worldwide phenomenon.
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August 26 at 11:01am
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  • following deen and doing hospitality

    Following your deen and doing hospitality There are many similarities between following your deen or doing hospitality, imagine if you had to two relatives, one of them were poor, and the other was wealthy, and you had to visit the homes of both the relatives. Since your duty was to visit the homes of both, you somehow prioritize visiting the wealthier relative's home, and once you attend the wealthy relative, you notice that despite being present in their home for around four hours, the relative served nothi... Read More

    Saturday at 10:41:am
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August 26 at 9:46am
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August 25 at 6:50pm
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August 24 at 1:47pm
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  • Hot girls in Dharna

    I see some really hot girls in Ik's Dharna.... when will i get one of those?

    August 24 at 12:11am
    Twix, i don't live in Pak, but if i did, i would have gone to IK "Dharna" ( i never knew this word until recently) cus i beleive in him and love him. Well, i don't see any harm in liking someone :D if i happen to come across there. I was discussing with my friend an hour ago as to how pakistani girls in pakistan are a lot hotter than paki girls here... But i am sure lot of em are snotty there... They think every guy is " cheap" or third class... I have slef respect if a girl gives me any attitude, she wont get a second look from me.

    Xcsluve, I agree with you :) infact i saw a post on FB as to " naya pakistan banay ya na banay liken joray ( couple) zaroor bun jaygay " i laughed out cus that's true... Well, not a bad idea atleast you are not hooking up with someone who supports PMLN, the chor party... lol
    August 23 at 7:28pm
    LOL that is the sole reason as to why so many people are constantly sitting there...in hopes of getting lucky :P loll and obv. attending a free abrar-ul haq concert lol
    August 23 at 4:34pm
    dream on :P
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August 22 at 1:28pm
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August 19 at 3:58pm
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  • Absolutely love this guy!!

    Imran khan is gifted, no doubt. He gives people hope, he strategise everything like a chess player, I love his confidence. A man can disrupt gov't peacefully is quality of a great leader. I am pretty sure he has thought of each and every move that he is going to be taking in the future. I know he is fond of reading about all the great leaders as he once said in an interview. It's like cherry picking all the good qualities of great leaders and then give IK's touch. He is Gandhi, Martin luther king and Nelson ... Read More

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August 19 at 10:02am
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  • Ladies what characteristics are you looking for. In a man

    Just curious

    Sunday at 12:25:pm
    i hope you dint pay for this site..
    Sunday at 12:13:pm
    He seems sober to me. I totally see the picture. BOL. There is a saying for folks like WYD, "Me thinks he doth protest too much." It means ya' not coming clean with your real desires. After all you could do this on Facebook. This is for people like me hoping to meet Mr. Right. I'll be gone soon, I signed up for one month and see no need to return. Brown skin here is taboo. Take care all. Good bye.
    Sunday at 10:50:am
    Alpha, you seem to be drunk cus u aint makin no sense..
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August 18 at 5:57pm
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  • Maulana fazlur rahman is the BIGGEST munafiq

    I never understood this filth, he hides behind religion , make tons of false accusations towards others, especially Imran Khan by slandering his association with jews and what not, However, this man has no shame, He is worse of the worst. "RELIGIOUS" People like him are a lot worse than a average Joe. No wonder i dislike those religious people.. I rather take a PM who may have shady past or had character flaws but as long as heis honest, sincere and working for the prosperity of the country, my vote is for him. ... Read More

    August 22 at 11:19am
    "cute in a way" Hahahaha!

    I don't take anything serious on naseeb. It's my way of having enjoyment from a daily routine of life. As i said many times, my naseeb persona doesn't define me as to how i am in real life.

    I don't get hurt either anything anyone says online. Sometimes i find it a blessing cus people tend to be more truthful online then if they were in real life.

    Also, if you observe me, I don't bother anyone who don't bother me. those two women you are bringing, with one i just asked her for her if she had green card. Guess what after my research, my instinct was right, she didn't have a green card and that's why she was looking for marriage. Don't ask me how i found out..

    secondly , that lahori girl , she had an attitude problem and thought she was some god's gift to humanity... i shoot down such people regardless of their gender. I am true to myself and when i do something wrong, my conscience tells me and i say sorry right away... I have found many women in pakistan are more F*cked up then these brown hoes here...

    anyways, you don't have to apologize, it's all fun n games... I don't mind anything you say to me ;)
    August 22 at 7:42am
    Farhan i am sorry for last night,i might have crossed the line but it was not intensional.I sincerely apologise for that.Budd,the problem is when ever i stay away from you,you start inciting and provoking me,what to do?

    God knows may be deep down you are a very good man,cause its only the Almighty knows ,what's in a heart.May be you are wonderful guy in real life,but respectfully i disagree with your personna on naseeb,you need not act as such an angry man who treats everyone like garbage and on top of it you dont even spare young girls who are new to the place.

    Disregard my smack talk which just come's out in the heat of the moment,you are quite a guy with a unique sense of humour .You are an indomitable fighter who doesn't give in,and you are cute in a way.

    Hurting anyone is a sin,and i have also started doing it,when you start doing it with me ,i lose control.If you stop hurting innocent newbies on naseeb,i would never come after you,besides almighty stops us from attacking the weaker sex.I am sure you also have pricks of conscience whenever you do it,little brother please stop doing it,i beseach you.

    Naseeb has become a world of make belief but we are taking it too far,may be both of us should put on the brake's.

    Men or women both could be good or bad,we have all been there and done that,but still we should never lose hope,everyone can not be our reflection,people will always be different to us ,no matter what or where.
    August 22 at 12:06am
    Same old threats different day. You are not an "average joe" , you are FAR BELOW.. Oh you do get pissed, it is common to get grouchy in old age, i guess old age and losing testosterone creating havoc on you.
    You will move heaven and earth? Really? with your skinny legs, boney behind, empty alcoholic body, it would be a miracle if you can move brick from one block to next.

    Oh i do wanna try you.. don't worry about it , i wont be disappointed.

    my game is over? you have been saying this for atleast 6 months and i don't see in any foreseeable future that my game is over....

    Billu Butt, atleast say something good, everything comes from your mouth is either racist cr*p or empty threats.
    You used to be 220 pounds? LOL.... was all that weight on your belly? maybe you should post your full picture so we can see how handsome you are .. Lmfao

    nauroz, aka billu butt, who you are kidding? U are just a weak loser.. I think even a 15 year old boy can take you down.. lolzzzz
    let me ask you , why such a handsome guy like yourself manage to chase two wmen whom u were married to away ? write something good about me , i will come and check tommorow... think all night long :P
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August 17 at 10:59am
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  • Proof... Sir Nauroz is obsessed with me

    Nauroz jee, aap ky pass koi aur kaam nahi hai jo saray waqt aap meri profile mai ghussay rahtay hain? aap mashallah grandfather ki umar kai hain, please app mujay gandi nazro say na dekha karain What do you care about my profile info, anyways? LOL! why are you requesting me to update pics, and stats on my profile?.kahi apni beti kaa rishta to nahi karana hai? mai ready hooo shadi kay liyay , beti piyari hai? bus allah karay apni ammi per gaye ho .. Sir jii, ab aap ki umar nikal gaye hai... muj per nazr na lag... Read More

    August 20 at 9:36pm
    I performed Umrah cus i wanted to experience spirituality. However, i am who i am. Whatever i do on naseeb has nothing to do in terms of who i am in real life. I must say I didn't like staying saudia, i am totally against their gov't and their system. REgular person on the street is fraudster in saudia, they consider paki as trash. I feel bad for pakistanis who live and work there. I suppose to write a blog about my experience. I will when someone shows interest.
    August 17 at 12:00am
    phattu, Chup kar kay baith... machar hai or muj say pangalaita hain..waisay tujay dekh kar mujay waisay hi taras ajata hai,.... look at that face, bhooka , nanga , miskeen homeless bum .. lmfao :)P let me guess in that you have a big bag full of empty beer cans that you collected from the streets , and will redeem them for whole $1 Buhahahaha,
    and then you will buy a can of Budweiser,,,, sala beowra...

    Waisay its kinda cool that you think you can do anything to me lolzz.... i rule you , you are my bych and will always be... you hang out at my profile , make all kinda requests as it evidenced by the photo i posted here...

    naurz, you are KHASSI , hahaha.. keep pretending that you ahve a game and you can bring me down...
    August 16 at 11:06pm
    WYD,please have a grip on yourself,hold your horses,you are making a fool out of yourself by attacking everyone here irrespective of their gender.Why do you consider yourself superior,if you have any qualities people would know it by itself.Your language with the new arrivals is abhorrent and uncouth,and it tells a lot about your class and the place you have come from{machar colony

    You have just come back from umrah recently,you had made some commitments with yourself to become a better man.Why have your brains short circuited again?
    For the sake of GOD stop using profane language with everyone,whenever you see that you can not win an argument you start hurling abuses,but even in this there should be some limits.OK ,you have your issues with me ,cut me to sized ,write whatever bakwaas your dirty mind comes to.But recently i witnessed you attacking a 19 year old girl,come on man,have you totally fucked up your brains with crack?

    I know you are pissed off with me for exposing your mellow drama on naseeb,i know alienation is getting to your sick head,because without the help of your shemale accomplice you are nothing.Bro you have serious psychological issues that need immediate treatment.I have started feeling sorry for you,i know you are otherwise a harmless insignificant half of a man,who would give a damn about a 4 foot 9 midget in real life?

    You were lucky that you were able to pull off a nautanki for such a long time with the able help of your accomplice known as god.But dear,she has come back to senses,please dont try to bring her back to your stupid mentality

    You think a man who attacks a 19n year old girl will be taken to be a strong man,you must be crazy if you think like that and then attacking a 27 old from pakistan was again a very ghatia thing to do.You think you have the licence to abuse people?

    WYD,god is very worried about you and has recently put quite a lot of request's for your poor soul,i can fix you within a heart beat but still i am giving you a lot of rope.Make no mistake ,i can set you right whenever i want to.I am trying to do someone a favour and i am a punjabi ,a man of my word.

    Stop carrying out suicidal cavalry attacks on innocent young women,if you are man enough fight with a man but please try to pick someone of your own size.
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August 15 at 12:38pm
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August 15 at 7:25am
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August 14 at 12:15pm
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  • I wonder if any girl loves me?

    Is any girl on naseeb in love with me? i am curious. I appreciate all the feedback.. Thank you !

    August 14 at 5:36am
    btw, i am plan on gettin earrings.... can u tell me the guy's address who put that ring on your azz cheeks to bind it together since you had a disease of discharging shyt randomly
    August 14 at 5:33am
    Thank you fake profile of pax :D
    August 13 at 11:41pm
    Yo since you look virtually black can you put a do rag get toe earrings baggy jeans and timz that would be hilarious
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August 10 at 9:13pm
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