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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get an official Naseeb Logo?
Getting the logo off the web can deteriorate its pixel quality if you want to change its size. All logo requests can be made via pr@naseeb.com. Do specify the logo size you desire.

How can I contact Naseeb Members to interview them for my story?
Since we cannot disclose our member's personal contact information, we encourage you to email them through Naseeb, by becoming a member, and you will be just as likely to get effective responses. If you have any difficulties, please contact us for assistance at pr@naseeb.com.

How can I republish an article about Naseeb in my publication?
Please contact the original publishers and follow their reprinting guidelines. You can find a list of publications that have covered Naseeb in our Press Coverage section to help you link to their sites.

Where can I get site statistics, and member demographics?
We have disclosed updated member demographics in the Media Kit; additional information can be received by emailing the PR department at pr@nasseb.com

How can I contact top management for an interview?
Interview requests can be made directly to pr@nasseb.com. Your requests will be forwarded immediately to the concerned person.