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Press Coverage
I saw the woman of my dreams, writes Pedro, a Muslim man from Fresno, Calif., who joined Naseeb to meet a future wife who shared his religious values. Without Naseeb, we would never have found each other. Social Networking for the Faithful Such sites have become particularly important for some Muslims whose beliefs bar dating around.

Social Networking for the Faithful

Such sites have become particularly important for some Muslims whose beliefs bar dating around.

Now, thanks to a website called Naseeb.com, Muslim-Americans have a way to look for a life partner—without violating religious prohibitions against dating. Muniba Mahoney, 21, of Briarcliff Manor, NY, “met” her husband Ryan, a recent convert to Islam on Naseeb.com last March.

Finding Islamic Soulmate Online

Meeting online is an "an electronic extension of traditional practices"

The couple, Aisha, 25, and Imran, 32, who would give only their first names, met on Naseeb.com, a Muslim social networking site. Six months’ worth of e-mail messages later — Aisha from Montreal, Imran from London — they made plans to meet for the first time in New York.

On the Observation Deck

Now, a top the Empire State Building, Imran whispers the proposal in Aisha’s ear.

Specialized sites gain popularity

Naseeb.com is an increasingly popular site for Muslims.

Nearly 40 years ago, Time Magazine asked the question, “Is God Dead?” In 2005, the answer is: clearly not. Today religion affects every area of your life. More than 145,000 Muslims in America have signed up since Naseeb went online.

More people use the Internet for religious activities

Naseeb is the result of a need to organize, basically for the support system.

Date with Destiny

If you ever needed proof that Muslim youth is progressive, spirited, idealistic, and adventurous, then just spend an afternoon looking through Naseeb profiles.

The Internet system gives single adults more independence and control in the courtship process, although parents still play an important role in approving an engagement. Sara Siddiqui's says, "For someone in my situation, it hasn't been easy to meet someone," she says.

For Muslims, Courtship Enabled by the Internet

Naseeb.com is another popular site, which was launched last year. Naseeb means "fulfilling one's destiny" in Arabic.

Saara Sheikh looks to her fiance, Ahmar Masood, during the ring ceremony of their engagement party at Saara's parents house in Franklin Lakes, N.J. Sheikh, who lives in New Jersey, and Masood, of Reston, Va., connected online at the Muslim Website Naseeb. They plan to marry this summer.

Searching for A Soul Mate

In Naseeb, they have found a culturally sensitive middle ground that lies somewhere between dating, which experts say is discouraged by Islamic law, and the old-fashioned practice of marriages brokered by parents.

Finding Soulmate Online, The Arab Way

Naseeb.com (is amongst) just a handful of the sites catering to Arab Americans.

Internet Üzerinden "Selam"
Interview of Naseeb Networks CEO & Founder, Monis Rahman

As a Muslim social networking site, Naseeb.com has several features that are natural fits for its demography. Naseeb is for anyone who identifies herself or himself as a Muslim.

Connected to Monis Rahman, CEO & Founder, Naseeb Networks

Given that Muslim Internet users are growing at five times the rate as the overall Internet population, starting a social networking site for Muslims became very appealing to me. The void of quality players in this space presented a compelling opportunity to create value for Muslim Internet users.

Single & Searching

North American Muslims are spread across the continent and the Internet is particularly good at aggregating fragmented communities. Naseeb.com fills this void by providing a great non-threatening, halal and fun way to meet people with similar backgrounds.