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Alternative Health - Lower Your High Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels to Prevent Complications!

By Clintonlegend

There is little doubt that diabetes is one of the Nutonen Review most common lifestyle diseases especially in the Western World. Many people mistakenly believe Type 2 Diabetes is the result of eating too much sugar but this is simply not true. Type 2 Diabetes occurs because the pancreas (the organ in the body responsible for producing insulin) either cannot meet your body's insulin needs or because your body is not able to use the insulin that it is producing properly.

Are you at risk of Type 2 Diabetes?Although anyone to develop Type 2 Diabetes at any time like many lifestyle diseases or conditions certain types of people are at a greater risk of developing this condition. People with a greater risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes include

Overweight and/or inactive adults and children - the main factor that contributes to diabetes.Anyone with a family history of diabetes - the more people in your family with diabetes the greater your chance of developing diabetes.Women who have had Gestational Diabetes - this is a major risk especially if you have had Gestational Diabetes for more than one pregnancy.Other risk factors for the development of diabetes include high blood pressure high cholesterol impaired glucose tolerance pre-diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Even if you are at a high risk of developing diabetes the good news is that there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of developing Type 2 Diabetes. The main steps you can take are to increase the amount of exercise and physical activity that you do start following a healthy diet (including eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables) and reducing your weight even by just 10 percent.


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