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Chicago & Hyderabadis!

By Najamuddin

My dad told me they had Chicago sayings/jokes back in his days since so many Hyderabadis were moving there. This was because back in the days there was not much employment opportunities for the upcoming and coming yound and educated generation.

They would say only Mr. Khan's cows are left and they need to go to Chicago.

He was owner of a very large dairy farm and it seemed everyone else from his area had moved to Chicago.

A sad grandmother is saying her goodbyes to her grandson at the ariport and says: if you had gone into medical school or something really good you wouldn't have to go to Chicago!

They named Chicago: Chicago Shareef

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Najamuddin (August 21, 2004 at 1:41am)

Wa alaikum salaam,

You are the one and only at this journal entry accept for myself so far! :)

Glad to hear you are going to be at ISNA Conference and at LL's breakfast/brunch meet up.
Humanitarian (August 19, 2004 at 7:24am)
salaamz. first one