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Confessions of a Indian born Adult star Sahara Knite



“I am better than girls who pretend to be sweet and docile and live secret lives of sin. Being a porn star doesn’t mean I sleep around in my personal life,” Sahara Knite, Indian girl and current shining star of British adult industry, tells Nona Walia in an exclusive interview from London

"I know, you’ve already made up your mind about me even before you begin reading what I have to say. I’m a porn star. That itself stereotypes me as a bad girl. Does having sex in front of the camera for professional reasons mean I can’t be a nice human being and lead a normal personal life? True. Being a porn star brings imbalances in your life and relationships, especially with your family.

I’m an Indian Muslim girl from Gujarat. My parents moved to London in the ‘60s. My family is very conservative, but I grew up as a rebel. But, l et me tell you, what I do for a living doesn’t dictate who I am. I get hate mails by the dozen, everyday people call me to say: they want to kill me or they’ll shoot me. But I’m not ashamed of myself. I’ve been working in the adult industry for two years now and I love what I do. I don’t hide under false pretences.

If you think porn stars are exploited, you’re wrong. We’re here by our free will. We’re paid extremely well. I have to work extremely hard for the money I earn. I speak my mind freely, I’ve done an article for Sun and a documentary for Channel 4 on my life. I’ve just finished an interview with Men’s Vogue and a photo shoot for Mayfair magazine. Everybody wants an interview with me. They want to know the darker side of my life.
I’m getting invited to top talk shows on television and radio. I can say that in the cult of global celebrities, porn stars are the latest addition. We’re suddenly in the spotlight, writing books and advising people on how to make love like a porn star. Suddenly, there’s unexpected acceptance about our work.

No, I never had a moralistic debate about whether I should be a porn star or not. I needed the extra money, so I went ahead and did the movies. So far, I’ve done about 70 porn movies.

Just before joining the adult entertainment industry, I was a model and worked for French Connection. I’ve had a very conservative upbringing. I couldn’t even meet boys or talk to them when I was growing up. I wasn’t allowed to go for parties either. During my teenage years, I was crazy about fashion. I dreamt of wearing the sexiest outfits by world-famous designers.

Now, I think working for porn movies is exciting. I’m an actress, there’s somebody who does my make-up, hair and I’m ready for action. While shooting, I often think of shopping, fixing my tap at home or what I’ll have for dinner… Most porn actresses are educated, intelligent women, and you can’t abuse us just because of what we do.
I don’t drink or smoke, and I don’t harm anyone. I don’t do drugs and I didn’t get abused when I was growing up. I’m a normal girl. I’m not a hypocrite. When I was working for French Connection, I was wearing hijab… I tried to be religious. I accept that I’m a Muslim. There aren’t many Asian Indian women like me, but I’m not an object, I have feelings. I believe sex isn’t bad, it can’t be suppressed. Looking the other way doesn’t mean people won’t have sex or will stop watching porn.

In London, Asian men typically will watch porn at home, but won’t accept a porn star for a girlfriend! An Indian being a porn star gets extreme reactions. That’s the reason I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m an open and different girl, and that’s something men don’t like. Being a porn star doesn’t mean I’m a prostitute, I don’t sleep around in my personal life. I’m better than other girls like me, who pretend to be sweet and docile and live secret lives of sin. But most men can’t believe that. I’d rather date someone who sees me as a person and not just a body. That’s the reason I’m always honest about my profession with men I meet.

Do I want to get married? Of course! Let’s say, if a guy falls in love with me and wants marriage, I won’t resist it. I’m not consciously trying to bring disgrace to my family. Initially, I didn’t tell my parents about my work. One day, my cousin was watching Babestation, the soft porn channel in the UK, and happened to see me. His wife informed my parents. Today, my mother and brother don’t talk to me. My father calls up once a month to find out if I’m okay. Anyway, I’ve stopped caring about what anyone will say or think. If parents could accept the choices their kids made, there would be fewer cases of depression, suicides and honour killings in Britain.

I’m 31 now, I want to make money for four years and then direct some porn movies. At the end of the day, being a porn star isn’t glamorous, it’s just a job done. Initially, I would think, ‘Gawd! I can’t do this’. But that’s the initial hiccup. After that, you don’t think too much. Sometimes I have to work with men I don’t like. Then, I just concentrate on their feet or hands and mentally switch off.

I can understand why people would want to kill me. Asians would have certain expectations from me. But I want to assure them that I’m proud to be an Indian. I’m religious, and I love going home to India every two years. Being a porn star doesn’t make me less of a human being, daughter or friend. These are some of my honest confessions. I’m not hurting anyone. Is it fair to target me just because I’m a porn star?”

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The opinions expressed in this journal are of the author and not necessarily of Naseeb.

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  Comments on this journal

dqm (November 29, 2016 at 3:17pm)
How exactly are you different than the women Muhammad ordered stoned to death? The claim you make about your parents being religious, not to mention your own association with Islam, is rather dubious, because it is in stark contrast to the clearest dictates of the Koran and teachings of Muhammad. You sound like a very confused person who is trying to do something different for publicity but you don't have the protection of Salman Rushdie or Ayaan Hirsi Ali and you're even more offensive. Just based on a probability assessment, the chances of you being alive that much longer aren't that good. I'm pretty sure any money you made in the porn industry won't be worth it in the end. What they did to Theo Van Gogh wasn't pretty.
Amitsingh (July 1, 2013 at 2:30pm)
It was very nice whatever your views are, I neer thought about the life and person behind the body we see in video.
Really proud of you as you are following what you wanted to...
Hydrofoild (July 13, 2009 at 4:47pm)
of course JJ is a homo....

you didn't know, Got5?
G0T50NIT (July 13, 2009 at 2:19pm)
the fact is your the preacher not me. so let's look at you first. how interesting your getting mad and defensive when we do. maybe your the real homosexual here. i mean most wahabis fanatics like you are.
Hydrochicali (July 10, 2009 at 12:10pm)
*Stop Alert*

G0T50NIT (July 9, 2009 at 8:58pm)
liberated from what? us 'evil' muslim men? you know im starting to wonder if you even have anything between your legs LOL.
JazzyJaan (July 9, 2009 at 8:43pm)
Oooh, I didnt know this:

>> I’m an Indian Muslim girl from Gujarat.

Alright, sorry - I didnt read the thing completely, but that line alone needs to be highlighted. I thought she was a hindu cause it was Indian. They're more liberated.

damn, she says she's a Muslim, lol. Thats really something.
G0T50NIT (July 9, 2009 at 8:10pm)
what does it matter where i mentioned it?
JazzyJaan (July 9, 2009 at 8:08pm)
>> she is a real hottie and i just enjoy her work mmmmmmmmm

Great to know that you appreciate her work. You should have mentioned that in the journal on the top.
G0T50NIT (July 9, 2009 at 4:25pm)
"If you want to condemn Indian born porn stars, you have to condem stuff in your own world too. Muslim porn stars also exist."

i am not comdeming anyone. you are simply reading her own writing in her own words. its upto you to decide on what judgement you want to pass on her. she states it clearly herself at the top that you all have already made up your mind about her. i just thought i would post this to see what others thought. she is a real hottie and i just enjoy her work mmmmmmmmm

and btw she happens to hail from an indian muslim family, so 'muslim countries' doesnt really matter, since more muslims live in india than in pakistan anyways.
G0T50NIT (July 9, 2009 at 4:19pm)
every desi girl claims to be a virgin man LOL. this reminds me of the adult star angela devi, who later ended up committing suicide. that fact i find an irony. how can this girl here do this? simple, she is probably getting paid five grand per video she does. she already says she has appeared in over 70. multiply that by five grand to have sex on cam for a few hours thats a ton of cash. plus there is nothing intimate about it. you have a director there, telling them exactly how to perform along with plenty of camera men, lighting etc. plus another reason why desi girls like this work in this industry, is it to rebel, ya true, but also this is the ultimate attention whore's dream to have millions of guy's basically getting off on her lol. combing all that and i can see why so many women enter this business. and yes i do watch her lol she is my fav mmm.

porn is becoming so mainstream you have jenna jameson writing best selling books like 'how to make love like a porn star', howard stern does radio interviews of these chics.

even this 'sahara knite' is even getting interviewed on bbc south asia believe it or not.

former british desi porn star nadia nyce does billboard ad's for beds lol.

but i am amazed at the amount of desi porn stars especially coming out of england.

I had to see what she looked like so I did a Google search with safe search off "

want me to email you some of links to her videos?? LOL
JazzyJaan (July 9, 2009 at 3:46pm)
Yea now thats funny, of her thinking that sleeping around is oooh, a lot worse than being in porn movies, which are totalllly fine. She does sleep around in those movies, so I dont know what she was talking about
Hydrochicali (July 9, 2009 at 2:53pm)
I'm sorry - I know everyone has the right to make his or her own choices, but in my eyes.. this is sick..
It's one thing to be a prostitute and make a living that way.. yet quite another to tape yourself in lewd and vulgar ways to be viewed by thousands...

I really cannot wrap my mind around this. *:

And why is she saying she is not a hypocrite?
JazzyJaan (July 9, 2009 at 10:03am)
>> I just can't understand how she could freely decide to pursue such a career.

Different people make different choices. David Blaine made different choices too, to stay inside freezing blocks of ice and what not. you need a different set of beliefs and opinions if you are going to be ok with entering the adult indusry. yes there arent MANY people who meet those conditions but they do exist. Here's just some:
- not caring about what society thinks
- giving a damn about opposition from family members
- wanting to earn money
- not having a perfect past
- not caring about what society will think of her
and so on.

Also my post was in response to the guy who made the journal.
JazzyJaan (July 9, 2009 at 8:45am)
Nothing wrong with being a porn star as long as there are only a few and only adults can watch them. Its their choice to do what they want to do with their lives. There's always a few pornstars in every civilized 'free' society (comparing their population to the general population) and they cater to the adult business. Its not like they're showing the films in schools to little kids or something.

FYI, mujras, belly dances and even a lot of suggestive/lusty movies/songs made in Pakistan and Muslim countries are ALSO not exactly stuff that kids should be seeing --- right? If you want to condemn Indian born porn stars, you have to condem stuff in your own world too. Muslim porn stars also exist.
allvilsmile (July 9, 2009 at 3:43am)
Dedicated to SARAH nite = SARAH KNIGHT

Ajj kahayn gayn Dil ka Fasana.....
Chahay Jan bhi lailay Zamana.....

Pardah Nahi jub apne he Apse.....
To auron Se Pardah Karna Kia....

Hydrofoild (July 9, 2009 at 1:38am)
I had to see what she looked like so I did a Google search with safe search off :P
G0T50NIT (July 9, 2009 at 1:05am)
ya that is interesting, a 'daddys girl' LOL. i was laughing at the part i read where she says her cousin found out by looking at an adult site hahahahaha.

btw i will attest she is veryyyyy veryyy goood at her work! mmmmmmmmm