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duniya kee sab se haseen larki..


duniya kee sab se khubsurat larki ke naam..

An Ode to the most beautiful Girl in the world

Nearly a decade ago, in 1995 (either in the city of munich, wurzburg or gene'va, dont remember now) i saw and bought the print of a painting, called "mademoiselle irene cahen d'anvers" by a famous french artist pierre-auguste renoir.. its innocence, purity and beauty really fascinated me and always does.. i want to pen down a few words abt that painting, the beauty and the girl in it, to dedicate it to the most beautiful girl in this world..

An Ode to the most beautiful Girl in the world..

They ask thee what beauty, sire, is,

And I look at the earth and the skies,

A number of so many times, till I,

Close my eyes and my eyes see a vision,

I see the most beautiful girl of the world,

walking forlorn on a long thorny road.

hmm.. the poem is not complete and doesn't sound euphonious..

maybe after a short break..

(the poem i wrote sum while ago, trying to justify that face.

after a decade tonight i gave the true face to the painting,

angel face of a pretty girl, the most beautiful in the world..)

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  Comments on this journal

horizon753 (December 21, 2004 at 4:55pm)
hmmmm "the most beautiful girl in the world"??? from the writer's point of view? or from the painter's point of view?
najaah (December 19, 2004 at 2:38am)
hmm nice :)