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By loveydovey786

Brothers and sisters

As salamu alaikum,

This is the first time in my life when EID came and I wasn't happy due to a religious purpose. It seems as though the creator was close to mankind and now distanced Himself. One doesn't really know whether to celebrate the end of fasting or celebrate this distance.

This journal could only be understood by someone who knows the meaning behind fasting, for it was never just a tradition. The month gone was a month to sense hunger for hours without food, thus hunger of the poor could be understood, and I am not just talking about the hunger of the stomach, but also desire related. For example when one fasts during ramadan, hunger could cause one to think of their luxuries where they have perhaps more than what they need like a extra car, if it's an extra car then they could compare the extra car with someone who doesn't have a bike or are in need of a wheel chair, so basically it's not just hunger of the stomach but understanding basic needs of the poor. Then comes in the second sort of charity and that is kindness , a woman asked our beloved prophet if one has nothing to give then what is the option our beloved prophet said be kind with others. Honestly speaking politely with others is the basics of what you or anyone could provide. After this comes in forgiveness not just in asking from Allah but knowing how to do it yourself too, if you are not in communication with someone for a small reason make amends as Allah likes to forgive those who like to forgive others. If you have broken up with a friend then make up with them, create positive terms with everyone and overall realise your past mistakes and be a better person. The first ten days of Ramadan are for the creator to shower his mercy, then (11-20) are for forgiveness and then the last ten days are to seek refuge from hellfire. www.missionislam.com

Today I feel deeply for those people who either were not born in such a beautiful religion or those who just didn't take this month seriously enough. I have seen people celebrate news years resolution , willing to get rid of bad habits and turn them into a good one. The Muslims had a month to consider these , the Muslims were not suppose to be weak, but strong and much, much better than any other nation in this planet. After writing this much I am sensing those areas where I could have done better, prayed more or may have worshipped more, or perhaps it's just natural that no matter how much one has prayed it always seem less. It was not a day of the year that could have been left ignored, it was a whole entire month.

It is known or unknown to some that the devils are chained throughout the said month, for mankind it's a prominent trial. The Almighty sees how man behaves and acts when the shaitaan is not amongst us. It surprises me how certain people continue with there ways despite the barriers. Our beloved prophet PBUH explained that although the shaitaan is chained doesn't mean it could not deter you from the righteous path, but rather it could not go much further in distancing you for GOD. Therefore the barrier of the shaitaan is not of much significance either, the shaitaan makes man so accustomed to sinning that the sin becomes habitual to this extent the need to whispering of evil is not recommend either. The celebration that marks the end of fasting, seems to be like a mark to celebrates the shaitaan's freedom, and continuation of human ignorance.

In the eastern part of the world , the month of Ramadan means to some to dose off during day time and waking up during Iftar, they are those who are not sleeping just to avoid hunger , but these are those who are sleeping during the peak time of GODs mercy, and of his forgiveness.

Fasting being the fifth pillar of Islam is about changing, the Almighty deem it perfect to ask man to consider the fifth pillar to request man to change, because the Almighty wanted to bring forward a situation for this to occur, and this was through the means of fasting. I just hope and ask man to consider the least minimum to work on ourselves to being closer to the Almighty that gave us such a beautiful month.

My Allah guide us all


   Comments: 11     Raters: 1     July 6, 2016 at 1:53pm         


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  Comments on this journal

stupudpaki (August 8, 2016 at 3:42pm)
@WYD - do you consider yourself a muslim?
whoz-yo-daddy (July 9, 2016 at 10:53pm)
There is nothing wrong in questioning or asking anything about religion. Those who don't ask are the ones like sheeps in a herd. Any person with a free will , will ask questions. The difference between you and I, i speak up and you mold yourself with your surroundings. You can't be "secular muslim", its either you are muslim or not. if you are muslim then follow all it's tenets and don't do kinda things that you do. I wont spell out what you do cus it's not my place to judge.
naurozkhayal (July 9, 2016 at 8:05pm)
WYD,please stop commenting upon the prophet PBUH or islam its beyond our limits.You can abuse me or say anything to me and i will give you a long leash but darling dont try to be an exhibitionist when you spout falsehoods against the prophet.

I dont think i have to remind you that you are the one who went for an umra some time back.I am a secular humanist who respects other peoples rights to follow any faith or denomination.I never comment upon islam and the prophet ,yes i hate the mullahs role in politics and media.
whoz-yo-daddy (July 9, 2016 at 7:11pm)
As usual nauroz is busy gossiping and turning people against me. nauroz , sorry but you are two faced slime ball. You talk about islam but break very basic of tenets. People like you are plenty in a muslim world.

Sorry, lovey but prophet was not as extraordinary as people made out him to be. How can any religion allow muslims to have sex with slave/captive girls without nikkah? Islam permits that, this is against all reasoning and human dignity. Humans , even if they are slaves are not a commodity where anyone can come and rape them. This is one of the few mind boggling doctrines you would find in ISLAM that would make a person think twice bout its legitimacy. Main one is ofcourse how can a man in his 50's marry a 6 year old kid and then consummate marriage when she was 9... This is all written in Shahih bukhari... Sorry, but prophets should be above all that and there is no justification for such behavior...
naurozkhayal (July 8, 2016 at 11:27pm)
Please check your journal "Allahs curse" see the comments of the same gentlemen .I dont say that you mocked the prophet or religion but i think it would not have happened if you had not posted that journal.Please dont provide an opportunity for people to ridicule Islam.
loveydovey786 (July 8, 2016 at 2:52pm)
And regarding your remark on MULLAS ... All I will say is if you want to see religion or muslim see the beloved prophet who perfected his faith not these MULLAS , they have not perfected faith, and I don't consider myself perfect either.
loveydovey786 (July 8, 2016 at 2:48pm)
@ nauro I don't think I ever mocked about PBUH to anyone especially not WYD....Because I know who my daddy is ... :-) although he may too... Know who he is ....
naurozkhayal (July 8, 2016 at 10:16am)
loveydovie ji no offense intended towards anybody or you,i know you are a very passionate muslim driven by a strong faith and i will always honour you,but dear i dont think this is the right place for islamic discourse.Your intellectual powers can be very easily noticed even by a novice ,but in the past i have noticed you having a discussion with MR WYD which seemd mocking and insulting the prophet and islam,whats the point here?
naurozkhayal (July 8, 2016 at 10:08am)
WYD ,did i use the term " moderate islam" Speaking from our perspectives of what we saw happen in pakistan ,empowering the mullah only helped the mullah.Pakistan was wonderful society before zia made the choice of entering the global jihaad for continuing his illegitimate rule in pakistan,the result was drugs,weapons and mass murders in the name of islam.

Did you ever hear about muslims killing muslims over sectarian lines,did you ever hear about suicide bombings,Musharaf did the same but he took the other way round.Keep religion separate from politics the way the founding fathers had percieved pakistan .

There is no radical islam and there is no moderate islam,but religion is an individual issue.Most of the misery that you see in the islamic world today is created by created by the powers that be....All religions are neither good nor bad ,but all religions are tools of exploitation.You cant pinpoint one halfway decent country in the islamic world with social rights,equality before the law and so on and so forth.Just keep the mullah in the mousque and the army in the barracks ,if you want a peaceful country...
whoz-yo-daddy (July 8, 2016 at 1:31am)
There is no such thing as "moderate islam", whatever you are saying is something you learn on media. To be a muslim, you follow Quran and Sunnah, No if, ands or buts. Nauroz in your case, you just like running mouth , forget about any religion , your religion is kissing up to women :D
naurozkhayal (July 7, 2016 at 8:46am)
loveydovey jee,the problem is not lack of religion it is rather excess of it.The best cure for the muslims is to banish the mullah"s during ramadan.We are sick of the talk of radical islam on the media already but unfortunately decent religious sous like you are making it rather more difficult for muslims all over the world..

The biggest problem is the mulla,priest and rabbi,get rid of these gentlemen and this world will become a better place for all.Please dont mind my views,i sincerely respect you as a bonafied naseeber.