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Free Workout Plans-Free Tips To Help You Enhance Your Athletic Ability Now

By Clintonlegend

Create a goal and accountability journal. Write down Ketozol Review on day one of your week what your intentions are for diet and exercise. As an example you plan to run for 30 minutes on Monday at lunch take an exercise class Wednesday night at the gym after work and do a sixty minute cardio session on Friday. Follow up with yourself at the end of the week - review if you were successful at reaching your goal pinpoint things that prevented you from reaching your goal and create a new plan for the next week considering your summarization.

Create a workout notebook. Use your notebook to record the exercises performed during a strength training session. Outline the body parts that were trained the exercises performed the weight selection for each exercise the number of sets performed and the number of repetitions per set. This type of log is common in some dedicated weightlifters bodybuilders and athletes that are not just intent on staying fit but are looking to build strength.

Create a supplement or medication log. This type of journal is appropriate for somebody that is incorporating something new into their diet and would like to closely follow any side effects whether negative or positive on a daily basis. Some doctors also recommend this type of journal for those that are diabetic and must maintain proper blood sugar through the use of insulin or other oral medications.

For those that prefer not to keep a physical journal there are many online tools some free that will not only allow you to input the foods that you ate during the day but provide a breakdown on the nutritional content and provide guidelines to assist in your weight loss goal.

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