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gay fag male dating profiles for faggots

By desigrl77

hi im seeking a 'woman' bsically anythign with a vagina at this point because ive been rejected by women so much im 'just' about to turn to the local pool guy who's abs are starting to drive me crazy because i haven't seen a real live vagina in about 10 months...women reject me because im snooty pathetic arrogant and just flat out obnoxious....i prefer 'height/weight proportioned' but honestly...i'll take a big one or a bbw so long as she puts out and she's the only one that will with me im sure....
im lonely single adn desperate i live alone with my dog and spend time with my other lame a** immature faggot friends who i hang out with at local bars or restaurants....
im just tired of being 'single' and need a woman, any woman....i may be up for trannies if you look liek a REAL woman... im about to get soo desperate im not sure what to do at this point....i'll buy you dinner, entertainment, and hope that in turn you'll go home with me....again...just please have a vagina and semi decent hygiene...even if your hygiene is bad i can work with that...help me out here because i really don't want to end up hitting on the mailman...

   Comments: 0     Raters: 2     June 17, 2008 at 4:51am         


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