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Glycemic Index List: A Must-Have For People With Diabetes

By Clintonlegend

Basic recommended diet for people who have Nutonen Review Diabetes Mellitus are low sugar intake since they may have high level of blood sugar. As such among the list of food that should be avoided by any diabetics are chocolates cookies cakes and other sweet desserts. Considering their welfare artificial and sugar-free sweeteners are now introduced in the market and are already available for their indulgence.

Noncompliance to this will of course result to a dramatic increase in blood glucose level. Thus unlikely answering of the question "What does high blood sugar feel like?" will not be so hard anymore.

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is defined as a specific type of metabolic disorder a chronic case of hyperglycemia which is characterized by elevated blood glucose level. There are three general classifications of DM namely type 1 - complete insulin insufficiency type 2 - lack of glucose absorption with varying degrees of insulin secretory defects and lastly gestational diabetes which just occurs during pregnancy.

The main modifiable factor contributing to DM is the environment which includes viral or bacterial infection diet toxins and stress. Listed among the non-modifiable factors are genetic susceptibility are pregnancy. Referring to the DM types as mentioned earlier it appears that insulin is the sole link of the occurrence of diabetes.


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