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How Not to Lose Weight

By Clintonlegend

Without a doubt, anyone with a concern of how his Ketozol Review or her body looks would be desperate to lose the gut fat. It is an area that is the hardest to lose and certainly most people would cover it up due to the embarrassment. As a personal trainer, I have seen many people making the same common mistakes of doing excessive sit-ups or starving themselves in the hope that the tummy fat will melt away. Unfortunately, that would not work. To lose the tummy fat, it requires more than just sit-ups and crunches. And I am going to lay out the plan for you in this articles.

Sure, it would not hurt to do some sit-ups and crunches. But you should never depend just solely on them to get the toned abs even though you can get a lot of "burning" sensation in the gut region. It does not mean you are burning fat in that area. You are just training the muscles in that area and the "burn" comes from the muscles.

As a matter of fact, "spot reduction" has not been scientifically proven to work if you insist that doing plenty of crunches to trim the fat in the gut. The truth is, you could thicken your the girth in your waist. At best, sit-ups and crunches can tone and sculpt the abs muscles only when the fat over the stomach is removed. That means the fat is going to stay no matter how many crunches or sit-ups you do. And excessive sit-ups and crunches could potentially ruin your back as they do not develop the true function of the core muscles.The best thing to do is do variations of planks to teach train the core muscles (composing the rectus abdominals, transverse abdominals, obliques and the lower back muscles) to function the way it is intended to.

The truth of the matter is, most people who carries extra fat in the stomach actually overeat. And if that's the root of the problem, then you should eat less by cutting back on food portion by 30%. Over the long haul, it is going to add up and you will find that your waistline will certainly shrink.And if you are drinking too much of those useless calories from alcohol and soft drinks, then be sure to cut back on those too. Very often, it is the easiest to consume way too much calories from high calorie content liquid beverages as you will not feel full as easily with those drinks than with solid food.


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