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In the Time of Need - Alopecia Foundation

By Clintonlegend

A unique combination of a topical solution and dietary FollicleRx Review supplement can also help hair growth during menopause. The Provillus Hair Growth System offers an effective remedy for hair loss during menopause by providing a two-way approach to regrowing your hair. The topical solution with Minoxidil applied to the affected parts stimulates hair follicles from outside. Gently massaged into the scalp it goes in where it is needed. The Provillus dietary supplement provides essential vitamins minerals and non-estrogenic herbs that nourish your hair follicles within to give you back your lost hair.

It would appear that Rapunzel was just so lucky to have a head full of gloriously luxuriant hair. However many women these days aren't just as lucky as she because their hair is thinning and they fear that they would end up being bald for the rest of their lives. And while Rapunzel only had to deal with the mean witch women today have to take care of a whole zoo of personalities that are the cause her many illness and stress known contributing factors to hair loss.

So what is the modern day Rapunzel has to do to stop her hair from thinning? She gets up in the morning and sees hair on her pillow. She brushes her hair only to end up pulling more hair from her head. Thinning hair has always been traditionally associated with men so most treatments were for them. Unfortunately many of those treatments do not address the particular needs of women. Although hair loss affects both men and women there is a lot of difference between hair loss patterns in males and females so it is important to consider treatments specifically formulated for women only.

Many women try to style their hair differently in order to hide the affected parts. They try to tease it use shampoo that's supposed to add volume to their hair but nothing seems to work. It seems that they are on their inevitable way to baldness. But now we know that this is not true. There are treatments that can now stop thinning hair in women.


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