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Industrial Waves

By photofish

Another by Allen Ginsberg, this one pretty long, and awkwardly worded at times. Sad how protest poems/song lyrics still relate over the decades. This one slays me. It's a sick world we live in.

*I'm sure some who read this will disagree with or be offended by some of the things Ginsberg addresses. I just ask that if you read the whole thing, keep in mind the greater political themes, as they very much apply to our society right now.*

Industrial Waves

Tune: Capitol Air

The New Right's a creepy pre-Fascist fad
Salute the flag & call on Mom & Dad
Shit on the n****rs it's their fault they were slaves
In a free market you can get rich filling graves.

Freedom for the rich to suck off the Work of the Poor
Freedom for Monopoly to corner the market in horse manure
Freedom for the secret police and guys with guns
Freedom for bully buys! Death to the Radical Nuns!

Freedom to buy Judges! Freedom for organized crime!
Freedom for the Military! "I got mine."
Hundred millions free to starve, isn't that great?
Freedom for the Neutron bomb to radiate!

Freedom for War! Fight for Peace! Whoopee!
"Government off our backs" --except the Military!
Freedom for Narcs to put junkies in jail!
Freedom to punish sick addicts, all hail!

Freedom to bust you for grass if you please
Freedom to beat you up when you're down on your knees
Freedom for Capital Punishment, without fail!
Freedom to wiretap your phone and open your mail.

Freedom for Cosa Nostra's pornography
Freedom to ban your verse in the high school library
Freedom to stop deaf widows' food stamps
Freedom to draft-register everyone wearing pants.

Free computerized National Police!
Everybody got identity cards? At Ease!
Freedom for Big Business to eat up the sea
Freedom for Exxon to examine your pee!

Freedom of the air for William Buckley
Freedom for Mobil to buy up TV
Freedom to influence Network News
Freedom for money to make you wear shoes.

Freedom to fink out Nicaraguan liberty
Freedom to shove them into Soviet economy!
Freedom for Costa Rica to eat our military scenes
Freedom in Honduras for Contras & Marines!

Freedom for Indonesia to murder half million
Freedom for South Africa to stabilize the Bullion
Freedom for South Africa to slave her Blacks
Freedom for Korea's corrupt party hacks.

Freedom for America to kick plenty Ass
Allende Lumumba yass yass yass!
Freedom for Martin Luther King it's a gas
Freedom to forget our bloody Indochinese past!

Freedom to be Macho to be Number One
Freedom to boast the heaviest nuclear gun!
Freedom to kill for KKK
If you got a White Jury you might get away.

Freedom to work if you don't Unionize
Freedom to listen to Presidential lies
Freedom to have your name Secret Service file
Freedom to run with the Mob for a while.

Freedom from government regulation!
Freedom to not be allowed an abortion!
Freedom for old folks to enjoy inflation
Freedom to destabilize the Chilean Nation!

Freedom to abandon Latin Human Rights
To deport John Lennon for his Political delights
Freedom to ban Genius entering the Land
& slap the Nobel Prize novelists on the hand.

Freedom for overt Covert War sleaze
Freedom for Death Squads to chop off your knees
Freedom to put pederasts in Prison
Freedom to stop Fairies from eating Gyzym.

Freedom to assemble & get gassed or shot
Freedom to not be allowed to smoke pot
Freedom to drink till you got the DT's
Freedom to never take LSD.

Freedom to smoke & have your Utah Cancer
Freedom to shake down a bottomless Dancer
Freedom to be forbidden Peyote Vision
Freedom to censor 'Howl' on Television.

Freedom to farm if you're a big bank
Freedom to go bankrupt or land in the tank
If you're a small farmer who grows a little grass
Freedom to be arrested & kicked in the a**.

Freedom to cut down world's oldest trees
Freedom to make Indians get down on their knees
And pray to your God and obey your FBI
And freedom to protest if you're not too scared to die.

Freedom to persecute the Underground Press
& Murder Malcom X if that's what you think's best
Freedom to Assasinate, & you never go to jail
If the CIA Protects you, and they hardly ever fail.

Freedom to squirt Mace in a little boy's face
If you're on the TAC Squad & you don't like his race
Freedom to shoot him if he makes you nervous
And he's 12 years old and you've just joined the service.

Freedom to bribe Japan if you're Lockheed
You won't go to jail unless you're smoking weed
Freedom to buy Iran if you want
At least we used to, right now we can't.

Freedom to foment a Strike in Chile
And lie to Congress if you're Pres. of ITT
Freedom to kill and elected President
If you're a CIA stringer, that's how it went.

Freedom to commit a little perjury--
If your name is Richard Helms, you pay a little fee
Then get yourself appointed Ambassador to Iran
They keep calling you Ambassador as long as they can.

Freedom to sell dope if you're CIA
Or a Narc on the Street you can do it anyway
Or the sister of the Shah or informer for the law--
If your name is Abbie Hoffman you might take a fall.

Freedom to announce what you want to the Press
They print what they hear, it's anybody's guess
The public is free not to hear what you meant
But there's freedom for full-page advertisement

If you're Mobil, if you're Dow, or a millionaire Jerk
Buy a column on th Op Ed page for your work
If you're rich as Rockefeller you can die without your pants
Sniffing poppers and the papers won't give yr corpse another glance.

If you're AT& T you have plenty Liberty
To wave your flag all over the land of the free
You can take the back page of The New in Review
To say what's good for America's nothing else but you.

If you get a million from a Texas millionaire
You can buy television time, get yrself on the air
Freedom to shut up if you're Powerful Poor
Freedom to wait outside the Police Station door.

You're free to denounce any Pinko that you please!
You can ask for Moral Money, give your God's heart ease!
Free to attack the producers in rage
Free to land in jail, get beat up on the back page.

Freedom to be one of the few that count
Freedom to be "Serious," that freedom'll amount
To the fact that your free to agree to more Cold War--
Flakes & Losers are free to go 'way sore.

March 1981

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