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By loveydovey786

📌Ibn al-Qayyim said: “Jihaad is of four stages:
1⃣• jihaad al-nafs (striving against the self), 2⃣• jihaad al-shayaateen (striving against the shayaateen or devils), 3⃣• jihaad al-kuffaar (striving against the disbelievers) and
4⃣• jihaad al-munaafiqeen (striving against the hypocrites). #Jihaad al-nafs means striving to make oneself learn true guidance, and to follow it after coming to know it, calling others to it, and bearing with patience the difficulties of calling others to Allah.
#Jihaad al-Shaytaan means striving against him and warding off the doubts and desires that he throws at a person, and the doubts that undermine faith, and striving against the corrupt desires that he tries to inspire in a person.
#Jihaad against the kuffaar and munaafiqeen is done in the heart and on the tongue, with one’s wealth and oneself. Jihaad against the kuffaar mostly takes the form of physical action, and jihaad against the munaafiqeen mostly takes the form of words… 🎖The most perfect of people are those who have completed all the stages of jihaad. People vary in their status before Allaah according to their status in jihaad.”

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Ahmedmulla1 (January 24, 2018 at 5:41pm)
Ahmedmulla1 (January 24, 2018 at 5:41pm)