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Manzil Dua


Just want to share this knowledge with my borthers and sisters in Islam:

The reading of the "Manzil" has been confirmed to be extremely effective for protection against the evil influence of Jinn, Sihr (witchcraft, sorcery etc.) and other evils. These ayaat of the Qur'an have also been mentioned with a slight variation in the number of
ayaat, in the book "Al Qawlul Jameel", wherein it has also been mentioned that there are these thirty three ayah which ward off the effects of Sihr (witch-craft), and that they are a protection against the Shayatin (devils), thieves and harmful wild beasts.

Link to the dua where its downloadable in pdf format: www.scribd.com
(This link contains dua in Arabic, Roman Arabic and its english translation.)

Link to dua qirat part 1: www.youtube.com

Link to dua qirat part 2: www.youtube.com

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Sophisty (March 28, 2010 at 7:51pm)
Wow, this discussion seems to be getting better and better...I am glued!

Babak, excellent points! Seems you are quite well-versed on the theology of Islam.

I think regardless of how much we beat to death points of conflict within the teachings of Islam--more specifically within the hadiths--which is the point of discussion here, the fact remains that they are to be respected. Clearly, those hadiths that came directly from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) hold more validity than those that came from his companions, which in turn hold more validity than those that came from imams and other devout followers of Islam after our Prophet's passing.

With that in mind, hadiths are not to be taken with a grain of salt as they must be respected given their sincere intent in mind. The purest guidance (which is free of any and all corruption alhamdulillah) is the holy Koran. Why? Because it is God speaking Himself to us humans, His creations. It is the word of Allah swt that is pure and eternal (and certainly not to be questioned).

However, the hadiths are quite powerful as well.
The way I see it, the holy Koran conveys a broad, "big picture" message to humankind while the hadiths, being the words of "Man" (who is imperfect and not without corruption except for Prophet Muhammad pbuh) as opposed to the words of "God" give us guidance and direction from a "micro" perspective. Alhamdulillah for ALL of the guidance! We should be grateful for it. It is all for a great purpose, which is to offer direction on how to lead this temporary, illusionary life in the best way possible in order to attain jannat/heaven in the Hereafter (which shall last for eternity).

Also, we can have endless discussions on the rights and wrongs of (or various views pertaining to) the various hadiths and whether we should take the word of Allah swt (the holy Koran) at its face value or question parts of it (and there are so many who question it astagfarullah, believe it or not) the fact remains this and it's a poignant fact:

Allah swt will show light to those whom He wishes to and will (continue to) leave those in the dark whom He wishes to during this earthly/material existence. Pure, virtuous guidance (light) can never be shown to anyone despite any amount of discussion, unless and until Allah swt wills it. That is the simple fact/truth that it comes down to. Anyone can preach as preaching is easy--and we all do it.

I have much conviction in my Sunni faith alhamdulillah, and even I am guilty of "preaching" ("you will suffer in the grave if you are bad in life" or "you must be righteous and good in this life else God will have left you"...these types of blanket statements)--hehehe yeah I can be pretty terrible sometimes--but I always know my sincere and pure intent which is to try to convey the strength of the message with my passion. Having said that, though perhaps my passionate tone may not be the most ideal as such, ultimately it is not how or what I convey regarding Islam and how to lead one's life that is key but that it is ultimately up to Allah swt to lead (or not lead) that person (whom I am conveying some form of guidance to as Allah's vessel) towards light or away from it.
CharlieBrown (March 28, 2010 at 12:57am)
They don't fit BabaK...the way I see it is similar but from a different perspective.

The Quran, benefitting from the protection of Allah, was a worry for Iblees. He couldn't change it ! But he could convince some people that they should produce another book and then convince the followers that they couldn't understand the Quran without this book. Different people, different sects, in-fighting, power struggles, politics and murder followed....as would be expected.
Babak (March 27, 2010 at 8:58am)
Not so much glum as realistic CB - I guess In the end , we are only responsible for our own beliefs ... despite the external sources of knowledge, the teachings of imams and scholars the influence of our parent and community, the stories from our elders and traditions from our culture - we remain responsible for our own beliefs - here is the Quran and it instructs me to think and to ponder, it does not tell me to follow any scholars and mimic the thinking of others - it does not tell me to follow the majority opinion or embrace the established standard of belief or the most popular school of thought - It tells me to think and ponder and then believe.

In any case - help me understand this from a different perspective - cause this is what messes with my mind the most -

Accepted by every Muslim is that: The Quran is the message from God - Its delivery delayed until the arrival of the worthy messenger, the only worthy messenger that was hand selected by God - Only and only through this divinely ordaned vessel was the message delivered, meticulously and line by line as uttered of Rasul'Allah - recorded in ink and preserved word for word. I think we are all on the same page up to this point. So now,knowing this, am i suppose to accept that this was only half of the deen - the other half was meant by God to be communicated via a recall and repeat method - piece together from the utterance of 1000 average men that were interviewed from across the Islamic nation - With its final compilation and hence the completion of our dean pending the arrival of a worthy survayer 200 years after the prophet of Islam !? Help me through this - how can this two pieces fit !?
CharlieBrown (March 27, 2010 at 4:56am)
Why so glum BabaK ,my brother from another mother???

Theres always hope that as Muslims who daily beg to by "Guided on the Straight Path", we will try to remain faithful to the Purity of the teachings of the Quran and take with a pinch or two of salt, all the additions and innovations that have crept into the deen.

I always find hope when I speak to learned Muslims who also keep and open mind and know how to interact intelligently rather than emotively.

Peace. :)
Babak (March 26, 2010 at 10:19pm)
Uptown ? Your thorough yet lucid response was appreciated ? I respect your obvious sincerity of intent and I highly regard the restraint you show in responding to an opposing perspective despite the highly provocative topic. You are firm on your Hadeeth-based Islamic identity and practice and I don?t expect any compromise from you regardless of the strength and validity of the counter argument, even if every single one of the points you brought up in defense of Hadeeth is addressed.

As you said it is your fundamental aqeeda and there is no debating its validity. This is an arbitrary devotion that we Muslims label as corruption of the Faith when we observe it in Christians and Jews and yet we are blind to it within ourselves. I have come to understand, respect and coexist with this condition. When I addressed you in my previous comment I was only responding to the question that you had posed to me earlier ?

You see, when you try to, rationally justify an existing conviction ? without suspending your attachment to the premise temporarily ? you will always find just cause, whether one exists or not. This is why the same, identical set of un-compelling and flimsy evidence is offered time and time again by otherwise intelligent and reasonable believers to defend the Hadeeth-based version of Islam. The evidence of type that would crumble under its own weight if only briefly exposed to sincere academic Or Islamic evaluation, yet it finds unquestionable validity with the predisposed. I stand on very firm grounds and not a word I say is driven by my ?self serving? motives ? It is only because I realize the sincerity of my own intent that I can recognize the same in you ?

In consideration of your expressed distaste in perusing this Interface that you find frivolous, I will not re-initiate the technical debate on the validity of Hadeeth in general and the items that you raised in particular. I just wanted to re-assure you that the deen will continue to stay qa?im and da?im and that you have absolutely nothing to worry about from ?innovators and self serving agents? like me .. If you are skeptical about that I could reference the text on numerous anthropological studies of cultures and societies past and present or even the recent published studies in cognitive psychology to show how strongly human preconception resist new conflicting data and embrace complementary ones, irrespective of evidence.

Maybe that would re-assure you that No quantity and quality of information, argument or evidence provided can turn the tide of pre-established belief of the masses ? but why over-complicate things! - perhaps the example of our Christian brethren that for 1700 years have held fast with unflinching conviction to a belief manual pieced together from the most popular innovation that were in open circulation 300 years after Christ, might better serve as a relevant example.

I have repeatedly witnessed the uncompromising passion by which Christians defend and justify their belief in the doctrine of the original Roman church over the teaching of Jesus Christ by drawing absurd parallels and connection between the two without ever questioning the established protocol as set forth by the institution of their religion. In just the same way ? you can rest assured that a fundamental tenet of Islam will continue to be the survey conducted by Imam Bukhari over 200 years after passing of the prophet ? Imam Bukhari succeeded in completing what the Prophet of Islam had left incomplete when he only left us a single book - and finally our deen was completed for us 200 years after the passing of our beloved prophet. ?

Have no doubt that in much the same way as our Christian brethren well-meaning intention in maintaining staunch belief in Nicean doctrines of salvation by grace and Trinity, we will also, through no ill-intent of our own, preserve for ever the innovations and augmentations that were introduced into the deen early enough to precede the institutionalization of our religion, and form the foundation of our fundamental aqeeda. Our unflinching faith in validity of Hadeeth, regardless of the online nay-sayers will most certainly stay qa?im and da?im, as with any other concept that remains beyond question and critical thought - in that you I have no doubt.
Sophisty (March 25, 2010 at 6:14pm)
I would say, thanks for a wonderfully insightful and intellectually stimulating discussion there, Uptowntalibjaan and Charliebrown. Great to hear both perspectives.

May Allah swt guide all of us on the pure path of Islam and towards true Islamic teachings, and may Islam always and forever stay unharmed, evergreen/flourishing, complete and the truest guidance it is. Ameen.

CharlieBrown (March 24, 2010 at 1:16pm)
UpTown: Ameeen :)
UptownTalibJaan (March 24, 2010 at 11:35am)
cool..fair enough..

May ALLAH guide us all in our pursuit to please him inshallah.
CharlieBrown (March 24, 2010 at 11:27am)
UpTown, no i am not. I spent most of my life believing in hadeeth and following the advice of Alims.

I have since discovered that it is an ADDITIONAL layer on top of Islam and I have reverted back to the pure teachings of Islam without the "add-ons and optional extras" like sects and hadith compilations etc...

I am not a rejector of Hadith....I believe they are not part of Islam but a part of the story of Islam. :)
UptownTalibJaan (March 24, 2010 at 11:11am)

im curious are u a pervaizi? i hate using labels and i know it is wrong but it may put alot of things into perspective for me.

if u are a rejector of hadith, there is no use in pursuing this interface cuz it is frivolous for me. One cant even begin to have a discussion or muzakira on islam when fundamental aqeeda is different. To each his own.
CharlieBrown (March 24, 2010 at 11:01am)
nearest meaning ?

according to predisposition or biased approach.

it clearly means that the Holy Prophet was to convey nothing but the message of Allah.

that means no Hadith. There is actually a Hadith which reports that the Holy Prophet asked that nothing be recorded from him other than the Quran. So if you believe in Hadith, I suggest you start with that one. :)
UptownTalibJaan (March 24, 2010 at 10:59am)
UptownTalibJaan (March 24, 2010 at 10:59am)
The deen discourages trivial and frivolous pursuits. If going to space and the depths of the sea can give benefit to mankind than it is encouraged. Islam encourages to look and ponder the signs of Allah swt greatness.
This dunya is a dunya of saba or asbab or means...we need to invest our brains in science to get from the treasure of ALLAH swt. Science is the study of the universe and whoever makes effort in it will get benefit...so i dont think that is foolish at all.
UptownTalibJaan (March 24, 2010 at 10:56am)
1. The Sahifa Of Hammam bin Munabbih, student of the Sahabi Abu Huraira (ra) - 98 out of 138 Hadith are found in Bukhari and Muslim
2. The Musannaf of `Abd al-Razzaq al-San`ani - A first century AH Hadith compilation
3. The Muwatta' of Malik bin Anas (mid-second century AH)
4. Musannaf of Ibn Jurayj
5. Musannaf of Ma`mar bin Rashid

a few hadith compilations of sahabis...

many more..

in fact, Abdullah bin masood aka rais-ul-mufasireen aka the king of jurists used to write down everything the prophet (saw) used to say and one day he wasnt writing and the Prophet asked him why he wasn't writing, and Abdullah binmasood replied that sometimes you are mad or sad or happy or in anger and you might say something in mistake.

This is when the previous ayah i mentioned was revealed where it says to the nearaset meaning " nothing you say is of your own volition but a command of ALLAH
CharlieBrown (March 24, 2010 at 10:39am)
Ishraq prayers ??? umm, dunno...but I wouldn't call anyone a fool for spending time worshipping Allah.

Also, nowhere in the Quran does it say that man should go into space, or into the depths of the seas or that they should try and invent ways to make their lives easier....does that make them fools?

There are many hadith that are irrelevant to the teachings of the Quran, as I'm sure you are well aware. Your statement that Hadith compilations existed during the time of the Holy Prophet is unfounded and erroneaous.
UptownTalibJaan (March 24, 2010 at 10:33am)
"what they have discovered does not ADD or TAKE away anything from the clear guidance in the Quran on how to "WORSHIP" correctly"

No where in the Quran does it state to read Ishraq prayer...so does that not count? Are those people who pray this salah fools? is it made up over the ages? Where in the Quran does it say to do this...

It is impossible for the hadith to contradict the Quran..When the ulema study this and find a narration that is in direct contradiction to the Quran, it is is discarded..Very few hadith are found like this and they are infact mowdoo or made up by people with self serving aims.
This is why it is so difficult to make up a hadith..You will be caught by so many layers of quality control..IM talkign about now, 1400 years later...
hadith compilations themselves started even during the life of the NABI...people calim bukhari was 300 yeras later but Abu HuRAYRAH and Abdullah ibn masood had compilations during the life of the NABi saw.
UptownTalibJaan (March 24, 2010 at 10:25am)

if you read any of the preeminent tafseer books of the Quran, they all take the ahadith and seerah as the backbone to their exegis.

Look at tafseer jalalain, mareful quran, Ibn Kathir, etc..all of the works of classical scholars expound on the Quran by using the prophetic traditions.


to truly understand the Quran without looking at the life, tradtions, and riwayah of the NABI saw is impossible. This rejection business is a new phenomenon that started in the 20th century but inshallah the deen will stay qa'im and da'im regardless of innovators and self serving agents.
CharlieBrown (March 24, 2010 at 10:25am)
UpTown: Of course, everything that you said is correct :)

When studying the Quran and trying to understand exactly how and when exactly and in response to what challenge a particular ayah was revealed, it is necessary to also study the history of the life of the Holy Prophet.
Not only that, but also to study whatever history we can find about previous prophets and happenings to give us an even better understanding.

The Quran gives us stories about things that happened that otherwise we would have no knowledge of.

In terms of Islam, the Quran lays out everything that we need in order to follow the straight path, so for those that are simply interested in "doing right by Islam", it is sufficient.

For those who want to make it their lifes work to understand every aspect of every ayat of the Quran and the life and times and actions and sayings of the Holy Prophet, it is necessary for them to study it .... forever ... since the Quran also tells us that there are things within it that will NEVER be known until the Day of Reckoning.

It is necessary for those people (lets call them Alims) to exercise extreme caution when they disseminate such information that they have gleaned and make it CLEAR to everyone that what they have discovered does not ADD or TAKE away anything from the clear guidance in the Quran on how to "WORSHIP" correctly and only adds to our knowledge of the life and times and actions of the Holy Prophet, thereby increasing us in piety and resolve and love for the Holy Prophet.

I hope you understand that when I have previously taken an alternative method of conveying the above, it is because it becomes difficult to continuously repeat oneself, in defence of oneself against ridiculous allegations and assumptions made by those that misunderstand ones extreme love for the Purity of Islam.

UptownTalibJaan (March 24, 2010 at 10:19am)

where do we draw the line? we follow the prophet or the predecessors in rituals but for everything else we discard?

You claim that alot of the ahadith are heresay..what about history...isn't that heresay as well? Have you even studied the science of hadith collection? There is so much intricacies to filter out rubbish that its astounding..there are more than 12 different types of classification of hadith...not only do they verify the chain, the narrator, the time, the reputation of the narrator, supporting narrations, etc etc..People have spent their lives studying this and famous muhaditheen have spent years and years to verify and rate the authenticity of such narrations. Who am I or for anyone to negate their scholarship? Do i tell a brain surgeon how to operate on me? There is not one alim or mufti or people of knowledge who ascribe to the rejection of hadith..its just ridiculous.

This notion of munkar-e-hadith, rejection of prophetic tradition and sunnah is a scourge that i only see online and only on naseeb. People like rashid khalafa, Pervaizis and ahmadis of the subcontinent, and orientalists are big into rejection of hadith and it only takes a simple google search to see how the ulema have shot down their foolish notions.
UptownTalibJaan (March 24, 2010 at 10:08am)
and for that matter CB,

What is your thought on prophethood? what is your stance on the risalah of the Nabi (saw)? Who was the Quran revealed to? does the way and tradition of the person the Quran was revealed to have any merit or was that person just a temporary fleeting person who's words, and ideals are just for a specific time and space?

Babak, you are incorrect in that in countless areas of the Quran, time and time again, ALLAH swt exhorts the believers to follow the Prophet.

"ati ullah wa ati ur rasul"
obey ALLAH and His rasool

"illa wahiy yooha"

Nothing you do is out of your own volition.but is a direct commandment from ALLAH.

There are hundreds of AYATS that talk about obeying and following the raoosl..

Inni arsalana kim shaihdum mubashiram wa nazeera.

I Have sent you as a witness as a giver of glad tidings and as a warner

Quran is the path, and the way of the Prophet is the light to guide one on that path. We cant take the quran alone. This is in fact negating the quran when we negate the prophetic sunnah. If the quran was sufficient, there would be no need for nabuuwah...right? why did we not all get the quran in one whole lump in our inbox one morning?

why was the quran revealed in bits n peices and different junctures? We cant even begin to understand the Quran if we don't look at the seerah and sunnah of the Prophet. Its impossible. How do we know what ALLAH swt is asking form us in a certain area of the quran? How can we even study the tafseer of the QUran if we don't study the seerah and sunnah?

I'll give you an example...

in the surah in juz 'ama,

it starts

"HE turned away"


If we take Quran only, we wont know...so what? is it just jibber jabber to throw to the side?