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By new_infidel


Judging from comments of the naseebers on my JE, out of the hundreds who commented , it appeared to me that only one (Moniker) appeared familiar with real muslim history.

Others have no clue about how muslim jihadis perpetrated brutal jihad over humanity, killing millions and millions of non muslims from Spain to India or they pretend not to know it or are in denial.. Although every country muslim jihadi invaders conquered has a separate history of blood bath, plundering and rapes,, but judging from the muslim historians themselves the number of hindus killed by muslim invaders from 8th century to 18th century in India, exceeds all the massacres carried out all over the world, put together.

An estimate is that in 1000 years 90 million hindus were killed by muslim invaders and kings to carry out the quranic order of ?slay the pagans weherever you find them?(9.5). This was accompanied by plundering (quranic tenet of ?booty is halal?) and rape of hindu women (quranic tenet of ?sex with captured women is halal?) and islam was imposed on the pagan inhabitants by offering islam or death (in accordance with quranic tenet of ?death or islam? for idolators)



SHAKIR: So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

Since most of naseebers are of Indian and Pakistani origin, they should know how islam was spread in India. Little do they know that their forefathers were converted from Hinduism by sword. Needless to say that the original jihadi warriors who came to India from abroad did not bring their women.

They captured hindu women, some were kept as sex slaves and raped , some were converted and taken as wives. Conversion by peaceful means, if at all , was insignicant .

All who converted, were done by terror and threat of beheading ( if you want to see how a muslim beheads an infidel with shouts of Allah u Akbar under the banner of quranic ayas, please go to michaelsavage .com and see beheading of Eugene Armstrong).

When you see a muslim beheading your hindu neighbour and raping his wife and daughters, then knocks on your door, you tend to convert to islam in a hurry and shout Allah u Akbar with the jihadis louder them them. That is the most effective, fastest and proven way of conversion. Islam spread from Spain to India in a short period of 100 years.

Read on the following selected historical episodes:

(Following historical facts are collected from muslim sources. Many of the accounts were written by the invader?s historians or the muslim king?s themselves. They loved to brag about killing the infidels for islam. Readers are more than welcome to check the authenticity of my writings, as always).


(Trifkovic ?Islam,History, Theology, Impact on the World)

Muslim invaders began entering India in the early 8th century. Starting in 712 the jihadi raiders, commanded by Mohammed Bin Qasim, an arab muslim, ordered by Hajjaj Bin Yousuf, governer of Iraq, demolished temples, shattered sculptures, plundered palaces, killed vast number of men. It took them three days to slaughter the ihabitants of the port city of Dubal (near present Karachi) and carried off their women and children to slavery (islam allows looting of infidels and rape of captured women, a great incentive for jihadi men).

After initial wave of violence, Qasim tried to establish law and order in the newly conquered lands, and to that end he even allowed a degree of religious tolerance.

On hearing this, Hajjaj wrote him from Iraq:

?The great God n the quran said (47.4) ?O true believers, when you encounter the unbelievers, strike off their heads?. This command of the great God is a great command and must be respected and followed. You should not be so fond of mercy . It is reiterated that all able bodied men are to be killed and their women and children are to be enslaved . Qasim obeyed and on his attack of Brahminabad massacred over 10,000 men and enslaved their women and children?.

MAHMUD OF GHAZNI (Ghazni is in current Afghanistan)

In year 1000 Mahood Gaznavi passed through India like a whirlwind, destroying, pillaging, and massacring,zealously following the quranic injunctions to kill idolators, whom he had vowed to chastise every year of his life.

His personal historian Alberuni Yamini writes ?Mahmud utterly ruined the prosperity of the country and performed there wonderful exploits, by which hidus became like atoms of the dust.? He described the attack on the following cities as follows:


? At Thaneshwar.

"The blood of the infidels flowed so copiously at Thanesar that the stream was discolored, not withstanding its purity, and people were unable to drink it. The Sultan returned with plunder which is impossible to count. Praise be to Allah for the honor he bestows on Islam and Muslims."

? At Somnath

"The Muslims paid no regard to the booty till they had satiated themselves with the slaughter of the infidels and worshipers of sun and fire.... The number of infidels killed exceeded 50,000"

? At Mathura

"The infidels...deserted the fort and tried to cross the foaming river...but many of them were slain, taken or drowned... Nearly fifty thousand men were killed."

At Varnasi, Ujjan, Maheshwar,Jwalamukihi, and Dwarka

?Infidels were slaughtered and not one temple survived whole and in tact?

Will Durant, in his ?The History of Civilization? called it ?probably the bloodiest story in history. The muslim invaders broke and burned everything beautiful they came across in Hindustan?


(from Hasan Nizami's Taj-ul-Maasir)

? Kol (Modern Aligarh)

"those of the horizon who were wise and acute were converted to Islam, but those who stood by their ancestoral faith were slain with the sword"

? Kol (Modern Aligarh)

20,000 prisoners were taken and made slaves

'Three bastions were raised as high as heaven with their heads and their carcases became food for the beasts of prey

? Kalinjar

50,000 prisoners were taken as slaves

? Varnasi or Kasi (Benaras) :Kamil-ut-Tawarikh of Ibn Asir records,

"The slaughter of Hindus (at Varanasi) was immense; none were spared except women and children,(who were taken into slavery) and the carnage of men went on until the earth was weary."


? Destroyed Nalanda

? Massacred Buddhist monks


(from Insha-i-Mahry by Ahmed Din Abdullah bin Mahru)

? Delhi : (after Hindus paid the toleration tax (zar-i zimmiya) and poll-tax(jizya) they were foolish enough to build their temples.So...)

"...Under divine guidance I (Sultan) destroyed these temples and I killed the leaders of these infedility and others I subjected to stripes and chastisement "

? Delhi: -a punishment in detail-(From Tarikh-i-Firuz Shahi)

"A report was brought to the Sultan than there was in Delhi an old Brahman who persisted in publicly performing the worship of idols in his house and that people of the city, both Muslims and Hindus used to resort to his house to worship the idol. The Brahman had constructed a wooden tablet which was covered within and without with paintings of demons and other objects. An order was accordingly given to the Brahman and was brought before Sultan.The true faith was declared to the Brahman and the right course pointed out. but he refused to accept it.

A pile was risen on which the Kaffir with his hands and legs tied was thrown into and the wooden tablet on the top. The pile was lit at two places his head and his feet. The fire first reached him in the feet and drew from him a cry and then fire completley enveloped him. Behold Sultan for his strict adherence to law and rectitude."

? Gohana (Haryana):

"Some Hindus had erected a new idol-temple in the village of Kohana and the idolaters used to assemble there and perform their idolatrous rites. These people were seized and brought before me.

I ordered that the perverse conduct of these leaders of this wickedness be punished by publicly abd that they should be put to death before the gate of the palace."

? Jajnagar:(Expedition objectives as stated by Sultan)(Source:Ainn-ul-Mulk)

o massacring the unbelievers

o demolishing their temples

o hunting the elephants

o getting a glimpse of their enchanting country

? Orissa:'Sirat-i-Firoz Shahi' records his expedition with the following words:

"nearly 100,000 men of Jajnagar had taken refuge with their women, children, kinsmen and relations The swordsmen of Islam turned the island into a basin of blood by the massacre of the unbelievers.

Women with babies and pregnant ladies were haltered, manacled, fettered and enchained, and pressed as slaves into service in the house of every soldier."


? Kashmir:

"He decreed that no kaffir should wear a mark on his forehead and no woman should burn the corpse of her husband....Many of the Hindus rather than abandon their religion poisoned themselves."


? Rohilkhand:Badauni reports in his 'Muntakhab-ut-Tawarikh'

"In two days after leaving Delhi, he arrived in the midst of the territory of Katihar and put to death every male, even those of eight years of age, and bound the women"



? Kambayat:Abdulla Wassaf writes in his Tazjiyat-ul-Amsar wa Tajriyat

he killed the adult male Hindu inhabitants for the glory of Islam, set flowing rivers of blood, sent the women of the country with all their gold, silver, and jewels, to his own home, and made about twenty thousand maidens his private sex-slaves as the great God in quran has prermitted the reward of enemy woman for the victorious jihadis.

Chitoor: More than 20,000 Hindu women including Rani Padmini self-immolated themselves to escape sex-slavery in the hands of Muslim rulers.

? Muslim priests Qazi adviced Khilji on how to conduct his non-Muslim subjects. Here is such a recorded advice:

Hindus are like the mud; if silver is demanded from them, they must with the greatest humility offer gold. If a Mohammadan desire to spit into a Hindu's mouth, the Hindu should open it wide for the purpose. God created the Hindus to be slaves of the Mohammadans. The Prophet hath ordained that, if the Hindus do not accept Islam, they should be imprisoned, tortured, finally put to death, and their property confiscated.



? His invasion of Hindustan: His Tuzk-i-Taimuri records:

"In a short space of time all the people in the fort were put to the sword, and in the course of one hour the heads of 10,000 infidels were cut off. The sword of Islam was washed in the blood of the infidels, and all the goods and effects, the treasure and the grain which for many a long year had been stored in the fort became the spoil of my soldiers.

They set fire to the houses and reduced them to ashes, and they razed the buildings and the fort to the ground.... All these infidel Hindus were slain, their women and children ,and their property and goods became the spoil of the victors ?

..?.I proclaimed throughout the camp that every man who had infidel prisoners should put them to death, and whoever neglected to do so should himself be executed and his property given to the informer. When this order became known to the ghazis of Islam, they drew their swords and put their prisoners to death.

One hundred thousand infidels, impious idolators, were on that day slain. Maulana Nasiruddin Umar, a counselor and man of learning, who, in all his life, had never killed a sparrow, now, in execution of my order, slew with his sword fifteen idolatrous Hindus, who were his captives."

te of Hindu women captured alive by Muslims was worse than death. Even as their fathers, husbands and children lay killed they had to dance and sing before Muslims and would then be given in slavery to the Muslim kings, generals, soldiers and of course Maulvis. Here is a gleeful Muslim recording of this inhuman barbaric events:

"First of all daughters of Hindu kings captured during the course of the year come and sing and dance. Thereafter they are bestowed upon Amirs and important foreigners. After this daughters of other Hindus dance and sing...Sultan then distributes s them to brothers, sons of high officials ,generals and his relatives."

So Hindu women preferred death to dishonour. Most of the time the Muslim invaders found only charred remains of women when they entered the Hindu cities. For example, when Allaud-din Khilji attacked Rajputs from behind (before which Rajouts had >magnanimoulsy spared his life showing mercy to the undeserved), butchered them and entered Chitoor Rani Padmini and more than 20,000 maidens had self-immolated. To this day Hindus remember the great queen with pride.

Massacre of Hindus in the South India


Muslims pillaged Vijayanagar for six months and killed every Hindu man , woman and children including pregnanat women. Vijaya Nagar recorded by European travellers as the most beautiful city in the world is today a haunted, destroyed deserted ground unfit to live. To this day the ruins show the amount of barbarism that went into its destruction and even the ruins are testimony to the Hindu genius of architecture.

Whenever the number of slain reached 20,000 he (Sultan Ahemed Shah I Wali) halted for three days and celebrated the killings of infidels (in such a large numbers).

o Chidambaram

Malik dug up the foundations with the greatest care and the heads of Brahmins and idolaters danced from their necks and fell to the ground and their feet and blood flowed in torrents.

o Sri Rangam

Finding no valuable information at the Sri Rangam temple (about the hidden bronze statutes) ill tempered Ulugh Khan killed 12,000 Brahmins in a day.



Source: Babur Nama( written byMoghul Emperor Babar himself)

Place:Chanderi (Madhya Pradesh)

In AH 934 (CE 1528) I attacked Chanderi and by the grace of Allah captured it in a few hours...We got the infidels slaughtered and the place which had been daru'l - harb for years was made into a daru'l-islam.

Babur's poem on killing Hindus

For the sake of Islam I became a wanderer;

I battled infidels and Hindus.

I determined to become a martyr.

Thank God I became a Ghazi(killer of non-Muslims)

Since the establishment of Moghul rule ...officers and religious leaders spread Islam vigorously destroying Hindu faith. We cleared of the filth of Hinduism from Faizabad and Avadh.

AKBAR (1542-1605)

Is remembered as the most tolerant. Only onemajor massacre is recorded in his rule, when he ordered that about 30000 captured Rajput Hindus be slain on Feb 24, 1568 after the battle of Cittid.

JAHANGIR (1605-1658)

Source: Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri

Though in the beginning of his rule Jahangir followed the humanistic rule of his father Akbar the great -the policy of sulehkul even issued a proclamation against the forcible conversion of Hindus to Islam, he revoked Akbar's orders that those who have been forcibly converted from Islam could return to Hinduism.

He severely punished Kaukab, Sharif and Abdul Latif for showing inclination to Hinduism. He also prohibited the free inter-marriage customs between Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir. Hindus marrying Muslim girls and those who had already married were given a choice between Islam and death. Many were killed.

Jahangir's torture of Guru Arjun Dev ji: Guru was imprisoned at Lahore fort. He was chained to a post in an open place exposed to the sun from morning to evening in the summer months of May to June. Below his feet a heap of sand was put which burnt like a furnace. Boiling water was poured on his naked body at intervals. His body was covered with blisters all over. In this agony Guru used to utter.

Tera Kiya Metha lage, naam padarath Nanak mange(whatever you ordain appears sweet. I supplicate for the gift of name)

The Guru was ordercd to be executed. In addition a fine of Rupees two lakhs was imposed on him. Some historians say that, as a measure of clemency at the intervention of Mian Mir, this fine was imposed in lieu of the sentence of death. The Sikhs offered to pay the fine themselves but the Guru forbade them to do so. He replied to the Emperor,

"Whatever money I have is for the poor, the friendless and the stranger. If thou ask for money thou mayest take what I have; but if thou ask for it by way of fine, I shall not give thee even a Kaurz (penny)." The Guru accepted death by torture

SHAH JAHAN (1658-1707)

In 1632 Shah jahan ordered that all Hindu temples recently erected or in the course of construction should be razed to the ground. In Benares alone seventy six temples were destroyed. Christian churches at Agra and Lahore were demolished. In a manner befitting the Prophet he had ten thousand inhabitants executed by being "blown up with powder, drowned in water or burnt by fire".

Four thousand were taken captive to Agra where they were tortured to try to convert them to Islam. Only a few apostacised, the remainder were trampled to death by elephants, except for the younger women who went to harems.

Shahjahan put enormous eonomic pressure on Hindus particularly peasents to become Muslims. The criminals too were forced to become Muslims.

Source: Badshah Nama, Qazinivi & Badshah Nama , Lahori

When Shuja was appointed as governor of Kabul he carried on a ruthless war in the Hindu territory beyond Indus...The sword of Islam yielded a rich crop of converts....Most of the women (to save their honour) burnt themselves to death. Those captured were distributed among Muslim Mansabdars.

Source: Manucci, Storia do Mogor vol-II p.451 & Travels of Frey Sebastian Manrique

Under Shahjahan peasents were compelled to sell their women and children to meet their revenue requirements....

The peasents were carried off to various Markets and fairs to be sold with their poor unhappy wives carrying their small children crying and lamenting. According to Qaznivi Shahjagan had decreed they should be sold to Muslim lords.

AURANGZEB (1658-1707)

Aurangzeb considered himself "The Scourge Of The Kafirs" (non-believers) and closed Hindu schools and libraries. In his lifetime he destroyed more than 10,000 Hindu, Buddhist and Jain temples and often erected mosques in their place In 1669 in Agra he had hacked off the limbs of the recalcitrant Hindu King Gokla and in 1672 several thousand revolting Hindus were slaughtered in Mewat.

Source: Maasi-i-Alamgiri

? Issued general order to destroy all centers of Hindu learnings including Varnasi and destroyed the temple at Mathura and renamed it as Islamabad

? In Khandela (rajastan) he killed 300 Hindus in one day for they resisted the destruction of their temple.

? In Udaipur all Hindus of the town were killed as they vowed to defend the temple of Udaipur from destruction.

? 172 temples were destroyed in Udaipur.

? 66 temples were pulled down in Amber. All Hindu clerks were dismissed from the office of the Imperial empire.

? In Pandhpur , Maharashtra, the Emperor ordered and executed the destruction of temple and butchering of cows within the temple.

Aurangazeb also tortured to death the disciples of Guru Tegh bahadur before his death and also killed Guru.. Aurangazeb also killed Guru Gobind singh's two children aged less than ten by walling them alive for not accepting the choice of Islam. Any Muslim bringing the head of a dead Sikh was also awarded money.

In 1674 CE Aurangzeb ordered that the Hindus of J&K be converted to Islam or face death.

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