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Needing Nothing But God

By Clintonlegend

Death ends nothing except the corporal physical Feng Shui For Life Review body. Not one iota of memory, knowledge and emotional development is lost in the process. In a way you could say that nothing that is important is lost in the transition process. Physical bodies never were important beyond the convenience of the entity to gain experience in the physical system. There are other systems that do not require a physical form, but for Earth it is a necessity.

It's all about fulfilling the wishes of the Entity/Soul to satisfy its interests in developing its abilities in a system of physical materializations, and the only way this can be effectively done is to adopt a physical body, fragment a portion of its own consciousness, thereby creating a new independent personality, endow it with all of its own characteristics, then giving it total independence in the physical system and observe what happens.

This new personality, must, at least temporarily forget its heritage and latent "Entity Relationship" while it navigates in the physical system, otherwise nothing new would be learned. Starting from scratch must then happen again and again within the reincarnational framework, but within each succeeding reincarnation, learned knowledge from one life to the next is not lost, but faithfully coded within the genetic structure of the future personality, but will remain latent, to be drawn upon as the personality evolves intellectually, intuitionally and emotionally.

The Entity does not limit itself to one such materialization in one system, but repeats the process in a variety of other systems, some physical and some not physical. These other entity/soul selves are your other aspects that are always in the background of your conscious awareness. They are you, busy in other realities, so busy that you are intently focused in each of these reality systems, to the point that you are all unaware of the other aspects.


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