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Never Forget How to Deal Properly With Your Diabetes

By Clintonlegend

There are diabetes natural cure and remedies that Nutonen can aid those who suffer from the disease. You can add these remedies to your healthy diet to aid in controlling the blood glucose levels. A healthy diet with the addition of vitamin supplements will be quite helpful. However using nature's own methods for producing insulin or controlling blood sugar will give type 2 diabetics better results.

There are several programs and treatments that will help by creating a diet along with a new life style as well. For those with other diseases natural cures exercise programs and vitamin supplements will need to be approved by a doctor.

People diagnosed with diabetes have difficulty producing insulin which is the natural hormone made by the pancreas. The cure for diabetes needs the insulin levels in the body. People with type 1 get the illness before age 30 and are dependent on insulin on a daily basis. Type 2 affects people over 30 and in their case the pancreas has a reduction in insulin. They can sometimes control their condition with a healthy diet and medications.

Both types of diabetics have similar side effects such as weight loss fatigue hunger thirst and an increase in urination. Both types sometimes have yellowish colored eyes and they can bruise quite easily. They are always at risk for damage to their eyes nerves in the feet and hands and because of high blood sugar levels their kidneys can be damaged.

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