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New Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

By Clintonlegend

Women who are postmenopausal will find that fat is Ketozol Review stored up in the body. This fat loves to hide in the tummy.Bodies will develop one of two shapes, either the shape of an apple or the shape of a pear. Apple shaped people store fat in the stomach region. Fat stored in the lower part of the body, particularly around the buttocks are pear shaped. These two shapes are determined genetically. For this reason genes are a factor with fat stored in tummy region.

When we are stressed, our bodies will release cortisol. The action of this release triggers excess sugar that is produced by the liver. When this happens you become hungrier and naturally eat more. The tummy is the target of these additional calories.Poor digestion is also a result of stress. This presents itself by way of bloating and gas. People who have fat in their stomach area are often also dealing with bloating and gas problems.

Probably the most responsible factor or cause of fat in a persons tummy area is a sluggish metabolism. The older we get the slower the metabolism becomes. The burning of calories becomes increasingly difficult. People with fat in the stomach area will usually have a slow metabolism.Watch your posture. A slouching posture can give the impression of a potbelly. Stand in the mirror and check your posture. If you slouch, then straighten up, and see how you appear less fat than is actually the case. Posture is important in terms of your confidence and appearance.

Retiring to bed on a full stomach is also not a good idea. It is said to be a very unhealthy habit. Food should be given three hours minimum to digest. Eating food within three hours of going to bed will result in an accumulation of fat around the tummy. If you need to ingest something then take a glass of milk or have a banana. Nuts and raisins are also good snacks to snack on at this time. The calcium from the milk will aid your night's sleep as well.


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