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Proven Fast Weight Loss - Diet Secrets From Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson

By Clintonlegend

People have this belief that drinking too Cindrella Solution Review much water and fluids causes bloating. They also generalize that this leads to weight gain and thus never drink more water when they try to lose weight. But you might be dead wrong with this lose weight trick. Find out why.

Although this may seem true at first look, you need to reconsider your beliefs. It is indeed true that water is one of the agents of weight gain. In fact, the muscles are mostly water like the rest of the body's organs. The bloating part however is just temporary. Weight gain and drinking too much water should never be linked.

Water has no calories. Water also is the carrier of most of our nutrition. And its best feature is that it helps increase the metabolism process inside our bodies. This is due to the fact that burning calories requires water. Not getting enough water to avoid the temporary bloating will only slow down the metabolism in the long run. This will really help your lose weight program. In contrary, it has other negative consequences too.

The other negative consequences of not getting enough water are: water retention, which results to cellulite, sagging skin in arms and thighs, and belly fats; dry skin; hair fall; and dehydration. Not getting enough water to avoid bloating is indeed not a good move to lose weight.

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