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By loveydovey786


Today I have decided to write about people in the occult... But before I do that
I will like to say alhumdullilahi rabil ala meen, may Allah keep me guided and not make me like those who went astray .. May Allah keep me contented with what I have...

The concept of being in the occult begins first by being in a state of discontentment a general ungrateful approach to life , which may first begin by a basic general desire in life, later when one uses the occult to fulfill the basic desire, then the occult makes this desire grow in the form of greed, making man believe that , the particular desire is what will fulfill his or her need for getting happy, or contented
This false desire only makes own turn away from islam, to this extent that he no linger knows the main motive in life.

I ask May Allah give me the true sense of alhumdulillah , and of course rabil ala meen...the one of knowledge , we must understand Allah knows best and what is good of us and what isn't .

May Allah not take away my understanding of HIM, his high knowledge, May Allah not and never make me endeavor to go after those who harmed me , in a false desire for some revenge, rather may Allah give me sabar, a dua ilaal la am sabareen , Allah is with those who are patient.

I cannot stress how much importance it is to understand the importance of
Allahu Akbar

Today I have understood why this tasbeeh of Fatima which was disclosed when our beloved prophets Muhammed's may pbuh daughter Fatima was in distress .

Black magic is considered black due to two reasons , first of all what is black is I the dark, and what is in the dark is hidden, yet we must understand that black signifies darkeness and gloom, this is for the person who gets it done , and The who does the deed of doing . Magic, there people who do magic , do magic in the dark , these people will have no share in the hereafter.
Patience is our first way to jannah , May Allah give pus the patience to stay in this path.

May Allah guide us Ameen.

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