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The End of Japanese Women (1993) by Ohta Ryu

By Magnate4u

January 31, 2005

This article by Ohta, commenting on Sakurazawa's life and his thoughts, was written for the monthly health magazine "Health and Nutrition" Dated Jan. 12th 1993

"Japanese women have perished... The type of women that Lafcadia Hearn took as his consort, no longer exists."

The type of women who has these following qualities within their femininity, such as:

Yasashisa- tenderness, compassion, consideration of other beings

Shitoyakasa- a mode of behaviour that is not rude, noisy, tactless, vulgar , inconsiderate, imposing---all expressed with beauty and naturalness.

Sunaosa -pliability, flexibility, an open-mindedness of the heart, receptiveness. The woman who at the cost of her life, would resist violence and imposition in order to protect and adhere to her sense of justice.

With his each return to his homeland, Sakurazaw is consistently shocked and appalled at the speed in which Japan is embracing Westernization. Or to put it precisely, the defects of the Western world. He had to be the witness in the "decline and fall of the Japanese civilization."

He noticed this especially in the rapid process for the extermination of the Japanese women.

It occurred subtly as a process of "change", or "progress" i.e. Westernization.

The start of that process occurred according to Sakurazawa when:

"The U.S Allied Forces over two hundred thousand Japanese women by force in the form of rape (discarded), as mistresses (so called "Only's" i.e. only temporary ), or by marriage ( a la Madame "Butterfly" or some were taken back to the States but from the data available most of the marriages did not have a happy ending) and their lives terminated like flowering branches cut-off before their prime."

Post WWII, Japan under Occupation was rigorously censored and any criticism, even indirect and subtle ones were forbidden and erased out. (So much for equality and democracy!)

Hence the rape of Japanese women by the Allies was completely unknown except to the perpetuators themselves. With the passage of time, it has almost completely been erased out people�s memories and never even made it to much "documentation."

(The rape of the Japanese women by the invading Soviet Army, yes that documentation can be found but even that is not in the history text books, and we never hear them being rattled for "compensation".)

But these Acts have produced an indelible and unbearable schism between the hearts of Japanese men and women. These wounds have never been medicated or healed and still fester in their sub-conscious.

Japanese men, in front of the Americans (or the Soviets) behaved like and hence became castrated sheep, and the Japanese women would forever develop an inferiority complex towards Western women (and for some reason towards the French women).

This sub-conscious conditioning has created a vision of the West as an ideal to be mimicked and incorporated and has made this direction of the flow as irresistible, unilateral and not to be resisted.

A process so ingrained and assumed to be absolute and beyond doubt or debate.

Sakurazawa spent quite a long time residing in the West.

This is his observation regarding Western women:

"The skin of the Western women seems to be rough and tough like a grater. Their skin texture is very much like that of a shark, and their legs are hairy. Some even have hair growing from their fingers."

A rather unflattering and biting comment, needless to say.

He then goes on to eulogize the beauty of the Japanese women�s skin texture.

He applauds the porelessness, the softness, the moistness and so forth, a perfect specimen for the tactile sensation.

Western women appears to have a hormonal defect and in reality is a masculinized version of womanhood and has psychological defects as females. They are no longer women and must be expressed and understood as females in process of becoming masculine.

This was his concluding observation.

"I was deeply surprised and bothered that if five men got together in America, four out of the five would have terrible wives and often were psychologically �beaten� by their wives. This is from my own personal observations. I have often witnessed such a process."

Japanese women are taking such American womanhood (or European) as their ideal to be reached. This is called the "Progress of (Western) civilization".


Reader Response:

Dear Henry,

I can speak from the experience of living in Japan for nearly six of the past eight years, and I have married a wonderful Japanese woman who displays goods doses of the three qualities -- yasashisa, shitoyakasa, and sunaosa -- to which Ohta refers.

Japanese society has been rather corrupted by Western society through feminism, the media, etc., but it also features a lot of home-grown negative traits, such as rampant official corruption, a very complicit mainstream media, and the need to maintain harmony at all costs, regardless of the consequences.

There is still a large number of great Japanese women in the country, but they are steadily losing ground to ones with no direction except the pursuit of material goods. And it is eating this country alive. Life now revolves around the mobile phone, Internet dating sites, sex, and screwing the man for everything he has. Not that a lot of the guys are much different.

Japan has an enormous porn industry that caters to the needs of the men for young (often underaged) girls, and many of these girls get into the industry to pay for their addiction to brand-name goods. They may also be lured into it as a means of escaping debt incurred by the same addiction. This is also linked to the enormous hostess club industry. The result, however, is horrible: bitter, washed up people who live for the next thrill, which rarely meets expectations.

Divorce rates are skyrocketing, as are the numbers of single-parent families; abortion is rife, and debt to credit card companies and loan sharks is out of control. These are factors often ignored by foreign Japanophiles, but some of these and others were covered by long-term Kyoto resident Alex Kerr in "Dogs and Demons" - an excellent read for people who want to know some ugly truths about the "real Japan".

I think the core of the problem lies in the fact that Japan is sorely lacking a solid foundation of morals like the 10 Commandments (which I acknowledge are regularly ignored in the West). While the famed samurai tradition held society together by force in the past, and the desire to escape poverty helped the country surge forward after WW2.

But now, the current generation of post-Baby Boomers is facing a terrible crisis from which it is difficult to escape because its members can't see the forest for the trees. Instead, they are slaves to consumerism and technology, and are unaware of the hope that the love of God and Christ provides.

The beautiful skin texture that Sakurazawa loved is still there, but it matters none if there's no soul under it.




Well... It should be noted that the start of this so called 'trend', didn't start after World War II, but instead it's much earlier. While some would argue it started at the Meiji era (when what happened back then in Japan is much similiar to what happened after World War II, and of course now in Iraq), I think that it happened much earlier (the Tokugawa government that was displaced by the Meiji government were also once served the same master, the same goes for the previous government before the Tokugawa government, and so on). As you know, our common 'enemy' hide in many different faces and used a lots of 'pawns', 'they' have been around for thousands of years, and already exist long before we even existed on this planet.

Personally, for either men or women, I adopted the philosophy of 'wagamama'

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The opinions expressed in this journal are of the author and not necessarily of Naseeb.

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Magnate4u (February 8, 2005 at 8:43pm)
you have a wonderful week! :)
Magnate4u (February 6, 2005 at 12:23pm)
may Allah bless you too kas, a rich man is not he how has worlds wealth but rather he who has good friends :)
Magnate4u (February 6, 2005 at 12:22pm)
sounds like a fun day, hope you have a great time :)
Magnate4u (February 6, 2005 at 12:20pm)
hey we carry only friends that are like us, you love your friend than thank yourself for the see in you what you see in them :)
Magnate4u (February 6, 2005 at 12:18pm)
oh health stuff, yea thats not quite my field. So what's the plans for the day? :)
Magnate4u (February 6, 2005 at 11:55am)
what kind of assignment is it, maybe i can help :)
Magnate4u (February 6, 2005 at 11:41am)
care to share your dream :)
Magnate4u (February 6, 2005 at 11:39am)
i slept good to thanks. hmm you must not be on msn :)
Magnate4u (February 6, 2005 at 11:05am)
thanks :), had good night sleep?
Magnate4u (February 6, 2005 at 9:26am)
It's a reader's comment and they didn't say what it means, so i don't know. I too wonder but only thing i could find on yahoo about it was that there's a japanese resturant in london with that name.
Magnate4u (February 5, 2005 at 3:13pm)
not sure what wagamama is, where you hear it from?
Magnate4u (February 5, 2005 at 3:12pm)
hey kas, how are you ? all is well here, thanks :)