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By loveydovey786

This morning when I woke up, I began thinking about what the creator first created , in earlier parts of his creation I tried to visualise the initial time the Almighty said "KUN FAYA KUN " (be and it is) and what comes to surface is the Allah who created only two things before giving life to any being, he said KUN FAYA KUN to first his throne , water , and pen. A. Pen being quite a simple object does not cause any amusement to mankind as it's achievable by any being of any status in this world. However what mankind doesn't take in to consideration is the big question of "what if I was given the power to say KUN FAYA KUN , and it occurred, what would I ask first. It is more than likely that man would ask something that would make their life more comfortable or perhaps even more pleasurable. All would ask for something thing much bigger in size and value than just a small pen. A luxurious car, a palace, diamond necklace, or perhaps even paradise on earth or hereafter, are just some of the things man could ask for , as the Quran suggest that man is impatient. However for the Almighty it wasn't the matter of technology advancement , where man first used to write with a pen, then a type writer, then personal computer, later laptop, PDA , Ipad, iPod or smart phone etc... The creator is and was never was like a human scientist who began to experiment or make use of the pen for sketches, ideas or experimental guess work. Allah's imagination is strong enough to create, and plan everything from scratch, nor did Allah require a memo pad where he needed to jot down a to do list.

Allah knows all and remembers all, so let's look over into the purpose behind Allah's first ever creation, and this was not Adam, angels, demons, jinn's rather it was a time when Allah had no other existence other than himself, the pen and what Allah had to write was most probably Allah's only company.
Allah creation of the pen reminds us the very basics, and I mean getting the very basics accurate first , there was absolutely no point in creating a throne for himself and then jumping into one. We humans too would do nothing much if we had a luxurious car and had no where to go to, nor a luxurious palace would be of much entertainment either. The basics of getting things right is only looked into the book of guidance which we know as the Holy Quran.

The first surah of the Holy Quran is the surah Fatiha , and the first three lines are Audhu billahi minash shaytaanir Raheem, ( I seek refuge in the cursed shaitaan- although shaitan then was not created yet). Then bismilah ir Rahman ir Raheem... The Second line is the one which complements him ...I begin in the name of Allah who is most merciful and beneficent.. The third line then asking man to be grateful allhumdulilah...Notice how Allah , our king who created man didn't create nor pen down what his actually worth was, in creation Allah could have began with his throne as even the throne itself is minimal of what Allah deserves in his life, and beginning the Quran with self complimentary words were where the basics of where Allah could have began...first we are to seek refuge in the shaitan because evil is what comes in between the creator and man.

Prophet Adam being the first human created by Allah is the first iconic figure of disobedience to Allah. It's is interesting to realise that Allah who didn't create the shaitan before the pen, penned down the shaitan as a a first priority to be mentioned for refuge before need to compliment him, rather Allah has mentioned the shaitaan as barrier , or let us say let's a self created existence against himself . When in fact humans would never want any obstacles coming there way of achievement, creating a barrier or needing one is far from human desire , as Allah says, "verily , man was created very impatient."

Humans today are very much in control of what they want to see, almost everyone owns a television , man changes his viewing with a touch of a button, owners of a smart tv are accessed to youtube where not only could one choose what they want to see but could be more specific , the functions of the television cater specifically to what man wants to see. Recently when I uploaded "write SMS by voice" application I noticed that I could get what I want written by just word of mouth. We humans are not as powerful as Allah, but we have power to change how things are in our life. The shaitaan is not bigger than Allah due to which his name is mentioned before Allah's complimentary description, but rather the word shaitaan is another name for Allah's trial which is why Allah mention the word shaitaan before introducing himself as Rehman or Raheem . Allah's true sympathy is with those who have passed Allah's test and his trials. The prophets were those whom had direct interaction with the creator and sacrificed their personal joys for the sake of Islam, which is why surah baqarah comes absolutely second in the line. It was Allah who first sacrificed and delayed his pleasure of seeing paradise , his beautiful scenery of jannah and penned down to inform you of righteousness.

The Allah who had the vision of all his creations, could have planned to make man in a similar manner to the angels, without a free will, humans are not like an updated version of the jinn, or angels, but rather a completely different creation of Allah. We understand humans can't be same level as the creator, rather Allah wanted to be loved by a creation ,that loves Allah from their own will and desire. Allah didn't prioritise jannah , his position as king , rather Allah wanted to achieve this love through his own patience too, so perhaps the Almighty too could appreciate what he had himself, and his power behind saying KUN FAYA KUN be and it is.

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