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By loveydovey786


It was nothing other than a tree where the first act of mans disobedience began, yes you have guessed it right, I am talking about the tree of Adam, not really Adam but rather the tree of Allah. The tree on it's own was no mistake , for it was no more than God's creation. A tree on it's own is considered the iconic symbol of growth, so therefore it's not a tree of disobedience , but rather a land mark.
Adam , the first human creation of Allah, and the first prophet could never be compared with the last prophet , the most prefect creation of Allah, the symbols or icons of disobedience could never compared with those who perfected their deen.
Adam pbuh though was given guidances to not listen to the devil , who is an open enemy of man, actually listened to his wife Huwa, (Eve) , it was a lady whom turned man away from Allah , the result of the act of disobedience was as such that Adam came close to Eve (Huwa) in a way he hadn't before. The act was of this kind that could closely relate to the way in which many people commit zina today.

It is no other than women corrupting society, if a woman dresses moderately, doesn't allow to have a relationship with man outside the rule of marriage ,then a man would marry , and never delay his deen, or turn away from his religion.

The apple or the unlawful / prohibited fruit was symbol of what we should and should not bite into, be it haram earning or haram relationship. Many people who study the Quran don't understand these symbols, the logic behind such and such object. I recently discovered that prophet Adam tried to take a bite of a particular fruit before his soul was fully created , and he collapsed a few seconds after coming close to the fruit , or haven taken a bite of a fruit which was near him, to this Allah remarked " man is of impatient nature." It was when the complete concept of the chapters of Adam and his wife occurred. I also learned that when Allah swt , threw the couple in this planet earth, that they were not thrown In the same place , Adam landed somewhere near a mountain near Madina , and Huwa in Hind , the two took plenty of time , Allah knows best how much time it took for the two to re-encounter with one another.

The way in which Adam and & Eve , reunited seems somewhat miraculous, as it was like finding a pin perhaps in the desert. It was no other than Allah who reunited the two, despite the fact it was no other than huwa who had earlier turned her man away from God, and made him one of those considered as disobedient. The two didn't just have to find one another , but rather they had to search for food, arrange their own sustenance which was much easier for them in a place like Jannah. We have to look at the way in which we look for one another, and where we get our sustenance from, the effort we put into our lives. In all of this, we must not forget the two things how Allah enables man to find himself /herself in this world, we must remember the one who plan our fate, as suggested in Islam Allah is best of planners, so we must not forget our motive, to appreciate what the creator has given us, it is very simple to forget those things which are easily obtained, be it sustenance , or a partner as these things are a gift for the creator. We must serve Allah with remembrance, not forgetfulness as forgetfulness only brings destruction , the type of destruction which the first creation of Allah faced. We must learn from what happened first and be like the perfect product which came at last and that is prophet MUHAMMED as it was the last prophet which perfected his faith.

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misslove123 (December 21, 2016 at 6:24pm)
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aatifkhan (September 8, 2016 at 9:44pm)
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Jaahanzaib2 (August 12, 2016 at 10:51am)
i think the tree and the apple is a metaphor...
cissr (August 10, 2016 at 12:41pm)
Nice job
naurozkhayal (August 4, 2016 at 4:55am)
Good job loveyd.