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This Summer Season Is All About Wearing Matching Masks

By IrumSohale

Since we all accomplish the fact that the virus is going to last long in the world among all of us. In such circumstances, the one industry that is in high loss is the fashion industry. This is because people are not going out for shopping and many are depressed and under anxiety as to consider shopping. Pakistani fashion deemasfashion.com) industry all over the world is going through a significant shift. But the one thing that keeps fashion going in all kinds of conditions is that it can adapt itself in every environment. It faces ups and downs but never loses its power. Our contemporary world exemplifies this. Under the harsh conditions that the world is facing right now, the fashion industry has decided to take it into use. Hence, the fashion of wearing matching masks has become inadvertently popular among all sorts of masses. Since many of us are not allowed to go out and we find this desire for everything to get back normal again. We all need some motivation and self-love, and fashion is the best way to do it. Look for the emerging style in your environment and try to adapt yourself to it. It shall give you a reason to find your personality and yourself meaningful and exercise some self-loathing love.

When this pandemic started, everyone secretly denied it and hoped it would end soon, but when it all came close to us, we realized we had to take all the safety measures and make it the new normal for us all. This was also when many of the fashion brands started getting interested in infusing their ideas into making different and attention-seeking fancy matching face masks. First of all, this was introduced by individuals at their places because the prices of masks had increased and there was also a lot of shortage for the. This is how the Pakistani fashion designers and international fashion industry observed that they could use this idea to play their cards and guess what? It worked out so well. Many fashion designers have been making efforts at making face masks with a cloth. This has the advantage that they are more comfortable to wear, so people prefer to use them. Secondly, they are more attractive than the usual every day surgical masks. Women usually get bored staying home and cooking, cleaning all day for their families. So, they desire to get something fancy and unique in this that they can wear and show off in the pictures on their social accounts.

This is not happening alone in the western part of the world but equally in the eastern one since all of us desire to make ourselves look good even if we are at home. Many fashion designers from all over the world are taking a turn towards changing the fashion techniques this summer and making use of the current conditions to make something useful and worthy out of it for all the ladies out there. The social media handles of many celebrities have introduced face masks even with Pakistani bridal wear (" deemasfashion.com " )

Usually, designers use the same clothing material that the dress has to make the mask. So this gives it a perfect colour combination look and to make a mask even more attractive, there are many more creative ideas getting involved in it. There are different bow styles attached at the end of the mask that goes back at your head and also gives your hairstyle a whole new look. Then on others, there is also embroidery done at the outer and the frontal side of the mask. The embroidery may be done at the sides (border) of the mask. It depends on how fancy and colourful you are trying to make it. Then some others come with beads and laces attached to them to give them a very trendy and stylish look with the dress to be worn. This is not something archaic or confusing. This is what fashion does. This is like the functions of fashion-to infuse new creative ideas in all sorts of conditions for its lovers and prevent their lives from drying out. We all have to believe that wearing masks is going to stay in our lives for much longer. So we have to adapt ourselves to all these new trends. We cannot ignore or hate them, and neither is there any need to ignore them. Amidst all the chaos going on the world and all the tension and anxiety prevailing over us, we can make use of little things around us to affect our lives in better ways.

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Starnight (July 19, 2020 at 9:20am)
Despite being fashionable, I hope it still meets the standards WHO recommends. The mask should have three layers: an inner layer that absorbs, a middle layer that acts as a filter, and an outer layer made from a non-absorbent material like polyester. Apparently the layers in that order can "provide a mechanistic barrier". I guess time will tell how effective the masks are.