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Top Weight Loss Products - What Are the Top Weight Loss Products That Help You to Lose Weight

By Clintonlegend

If you're not much of a beer person but are Ultra Apex Diet more of a hard liquor person drinking top shelf alcohol of any kind straight on the rocks or with water is not a bad way to go. Why the recommendation of top shelf alcohol which may seem more expensive is recommended is because usually the cheap stuff leaves many kinds of impurities and bad tastes which lend it to being blended and mixed with sodas or juices. Top shelf alcohol is made not to be combined with anything else but usually to be enjoyed by itself therefore limiting the caloric impact it can have on your body.

If you're the kind of person that loves liquor over beer or wine but feel that you may need just a little something splashed in to your drink besides water or just simply on the rocks your best bet is a vodka soda. A vodka soda should not to be confused with a vodka tonic as tonic water is not really good because it's high in sugar and calories. Why soda over tonic, is because soda water is basically water that's been carbonated with no additional calories or sugars of any kind. Mixing together a little vodka, soda water, and a touch of lime juice creates a light and refreshing simple cocktail that's easy to make and easy on your body.

Last but not least is really for those that love beer and love different types of beer. For those that are not too keen on Guinness, microbrews offer a great alternative. You might find yourself scratching your head as to why a micro brewed beer is better than a mass-produced beer and the answer to this question is actually quite simple.


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