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Understanding the Various Rays From the Sun

By Clintonlegend

Once you have removed the foreign object PMF Advanced Proof Review causing the abrasion treat the eye with dry eye drops. It is important to keep the eye moist. If you experience pain when moving your eye you can keep the eye closed by placing a pad of gauze over it and tapping it in place using surgical adhesive tape. Do not keep the eye closed for more than 4 hours. If the abrasion was caused by a piece of metal the pain continues or you experience blurred vision seek immediate medical attention.

If you suspect an infection get an appointment with your GP as soon as possible so that he/she can refer you to an eye specialist to diagnose the infection. Usually infections are caused by transfer from your finger to you eye. Sometimes they are also caused by allergies.

The presence of a particle which you are allergic to causes the body to create an immune response resulting in itchy red eyes with tearing but no pussy discharge. Dry eye drops can alleviate the symptoms by flushing out the particle from your eye. Alternatively use a cool compress to relieve itching and redness. Infections can also be caused by bacteria which are usually characterised by a yellow to green pussy discharge sometimes redness and dryness.

The best and quickest way to treat this type of infection is to seek the advice of your GP or eye specialist who will prescribe you antibacterial eye drops. Complete the course of antibiotics following your doctor's instructions for the best chances of successful treatment.


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