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Unsolvable Illusions

By Clintonlegend

Now, there are other ways in which we can be Duality Review unfaithful to our partners, apart from adultery. When we are never available to listen to their needs, when we invalidate their emotions and write it off as meaningless nonsense, when we verbally or physically abuse or disrespect them in any way, we are also being unfaithful to the marriage covenant made before God. A person, who breaks down their partner in the sight of their children, is doing more harm to the children than to the person against whom the attack is launched. The aim may be to hurt the partner, but more damage is being done to those whom they should be protecting.

This second chapter of Proverbs ends by saying that the unfaithful will be torn from the land. I see this as having two meanings. For one, they will never really get to enjoy life here on this earth and neither will they see the Eternal City and be in the presence of their Lord. Their loss is double. The book of the Bible ends with a stern warning that among others, the sexually immoral will not be with God. Instead they will be in that place where there is a fiery lake of burning sulphur (Revelation 21:8).

The Hebrew word which is translated as unfaithful in the NIV in Proverbs 2:22, is the word baƬgad, which means to act treacherously, deceitfully and to offend others. Hence, God's problem with the unfaithful in the land. They don't love the truth and they consider cheating their way through life an acceptable way to live.

Please don't take this to mean that everyone who has ever committed adultery or have been unfaithful in any way, shape or form will never enter God's kingdom. This cannot be so, for David committed adultery with Bathsheba and God forgave him when he showed great remorse for what he has done. There is forgiveness if we repent of our sins. (See John 8 for a great example of how God forgives and shows mercy). Only God can see if our repentance is genuine, and therefore, only God can forgive us. None of us are perfect anyway, since all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). There is forgiveness and mercy with our God. That is why He is greatly revered.

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