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What is luckier or who is luckier ?

By loveydovey786

What is luckier? A man to find a righteous man, or if a woman finds a righteous man?

If your thinking it's equally lucky , then you are somewhere WRONG, or perhaps even highly wrong. It solely depends on where you are and who you are in the world , East or West, poor or rich.

let's start with the west , because I am firstly a westerner. In the west if a woman wants a relationship and is either average or above average looking then she could get a relationship whenever she wants , and some women even earn from relationships, I have even known some ridiculously wrong women looking and even managing to find wealthy enough men. In a situation like this a guy good only wish fir marriage material , a pious woman , is like a gem.

In the East let's say India /Pakistan men are the choosers, there is a saying "beggers can't be choosers " literally fits in. Women just wait for good proposal, almost as A poor person waits for a good coin.

Status too is a factor, men get married when they are financially stable , and in a remote part of India (Village) then many peoples daughters don't get married because parents don't have enough dowry. Women regardless where , could be quite matrerialiatic. The man has to keep the wifey contented . If the circumstances aren't too good then a loving and caring wife is a gift.

It is therefore clear location and circumstances are the biggest factor, in who is luckier man or the woman.

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romanove (November 20, 2016 at 2:48am)
righteous men ? where are you from uranous ? we only have assholes o this planet.Stop living in the fools world ,they see you as a commodity ,nothing more.There is no such thing as mr right.
Estherkiss (September 12, 2016 at 9:40pm)
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