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Why are dogs haram .?

By loveydovey786

Why is dog haram in Islam?

The answer to this long awaited question was something I learned a couple of years back. It was when IBLEES spat on Adam, the creation of Allah the spit formed into a dog, since then the DOG has been considered haram.

It is told in Islam that if you have a dog in the house the angels will not enter your house, iblees made this animal in the top list for the best favorite pet.

The interesting fact lies on the fact that humans today actually keep this as a pet, and not only this, it's the most kept, popular, and successful in the pet market. The popularity , it's preference is given by the satan. The dog is not a dog it's a satanic symbol, an icon of Satan's rebellion. When the satan spat on Adam , he didn't just spit on Allah creation, remember when you spit on an artists painting you are dissecting the one who created it.

In a similar manner hot dogs, bacon, ham , sausages were all popularized by satanic intent.

We need to accept another fact about dogs , their existence somewhere has a motive, nothing in this world , even a single leaf, come into existence without the will of GOD. Most people most have heard two things about Dogs, one is this their loyalty, the other is a Dog is a mans best friend. I have seen that IBLESS has lowered mankind so much, that you may not be able to trust just anyone , perhaps you may trust a dog for friendship, or to save your life , but a human today can not be relied on.

We must not live by what was spat, but by the intent of Allah to make us superior than any other creation of God.

IBLESS has since creation of man, has struggled and endeavored to show Allah that the human is not above him, but rather like any other creation. Allah knew what he was creating , and could never be wronged. We humans have created and invented many things with minimal knowledge. We humans that were created much later than the jinns, demons, and angels have achieved and invented so much more than what these other creations ever imagined. We need not, should not underestimate ourselves by buying into false trends of what people keep in their homes, as either pets or fashion trends. Keeping dogs as pet, and petting them, Ibless wanted to show that the human lived with what was spat on man.

We are superior creations of Allah , and if we happen to be a Muslim, thrn may Allah help us to understand our superiority. Ameen.

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  Comments on this journal

naurozkhayal (September 15, 2016 at 11:20am)
Why don't you enjoy a light joke love-d ji ?sorry for the last comment ,I wish I could make you feel light and relaxed. :)
aatifkhan (September 8, 2016 at 9:43pm)
Learn about real Islam

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aatifkhan (September 8, 2016 at 9:39pm)
Dog is haram to eat but can be kept in a safe and comfortable place within the boundary wall of house but not insid
Zahi_Reda (August 18, 2016 at 2:50pm)
Lovey , I get an itch between my toes on my left foot every time is see Trump's photo , what do you think it means ?
whoz-yo-daddy (August 15, 2016 at 5:49pm)
Angels are so insecure that they get offended by Dog, which is also a creature by GOD? LOL... Why GOD and Angels so insecure that they get offended by smallest thing? why would GOD wanna create god and pigs, if they were so disgusting? YOu create shit and then tell ppl, they are napak, stay away from it... how messed up this logic is.
whoz-yo-daddy (August 15, 2016 at 5:47pm)
Another reason why islam is such a cult, and the muslims are moronic brainwashed, robotics sheeps in a herd. Dog is the most loyal animal, who wouldn't think twice saving it's owner or coming in harm's way to save it's owner. Dogs protects us weather it be a sniffer dog at the airport or service dog to humans, it give eyes to a blind in a form of service dog, give companionship to those who have no one , it will not judge you based on your race, ugliness , or whatever, it gives unconditional love, studies after study shows, it alleviates depression among people when they ae around those loving dogs. Yet, ISlam despise it, those fairy tales on which islam builts on, will always defy logic and reasoning. Islam is a cult , which is based on fear and it's teaching nothing but moronic.