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AsSalaamu Alaikum,
This group is for Muslims with various health problems and are enduring difficulties ranging from finding a mate due to such issues, or learning and sharing the various experiences that one may have endured or learned about. This is a private group and everything mentioned or shared (regardless of what the issue might be, aggressive Arthritis, STD's, Diabetes, Cancer, etc. etc. - WHATEVER!!! It )is done strictly and according to 'ahmanna - trust' and confidence. So I welcome those whom are in need of sharing, and those seeking to learn. ALLAHu tala is the Judge - So no one will be allowed to send judgment or blame that ALLAHu tala hasn't legislated in the Shari ah.
Furthermore -
This group is intended to be close (as the Ummah of Rasullah S.A.W. should be) and like a part of your family, so your participation is required. No lurking allowed! Be prepared to give the following before being approved.

1) first name
2) state and country
3) your diagnois
4) your birthdate

5) what you hope to gain by joining?
Category: Health & WellnessType: Approval of moderator
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