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Sound off your own ideas and others' on current affairs, international relations and how history repeats itself in the least expected manner. Links are also welcomed.

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How you can get what you want using your voice

'Communication in any situation is divided into three things; 55% is how we look when we say it, 38% how we sound and just seven % is the content itself.'

Research has shown we sound sexiest first in the morning because our vocal tract is relaxed.

And without knowing it, we often make judgments based on voices.

If you meet me and see me wearing jeans you may think I look too casual. Either way, you consciously notice yourself thinking this. At the same time you'll be judging my personality based on my voice. You probably won't know you're doing it, making the voice an even more powerful tool.'

Most men like women to have breathy tones and women like deep, powerful ones.

Sometimes, men try too hard to have a deep voice but end up sounding monotone, which is boring. Humans like tunes and tones because they convey feelings.

Even in the womb, we pick them up through our mother's voice and music. Instead, concentrate on variation: 'Always change your pitch, pace and volume. It will make you seem more interesting.'

Another tip is to pay attention to the person you're trying to impress. 'Take note of the rate they speak at. If they speak slowly and you talk quickly, they may find the speed hard to process and will quickly lose interest.

If you really want to notch up your prowess, you just need to relax. Research has shown we sound sexiest first thing in the morning because our vocal tract is relaxed. If your voice is stuck in your throat or nose, it will turn people off. Instead, let it come from your stomach. 'State and mood are contagious and however you feel comes out in your voice.'

March 29, 2008 at 8:01am


Anyways, its not enough to just have money to eat food.
May 3, 2011 at 10:41pm


I agree.

Some muslim scholar in the 7th century said: your appearance elevate you before you sit and your word elevate you after you sit. I guess it depends on who is listening.
June 6, 2008 at 3:01pm

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E-mail could be extinct within a decade as younger peeps switch to texting, instant messaging and websites like Twitter and FB.

E-mail is dying out because it is slow, inconvenient and unfashionable some experts say.

Many of you might have heard this Q before:

Is txt ruining the English language?

Exam markers have expressed concerns over the use of text messaging language in exam answers. The proof of its increased usage came when a 13-year-old Scottish schoolgirl handed in an essay written completely in text message shorthand, much to the bemusement of her teacher.
One extract said: "My smmr hols wr CWOT. B4, we used 2go2 NY 2C my bro, his GF & thr 3 : - kids FTF. ILNY, it's a gr8 plc."

~ Can you translate the above passage?

~ R U a txt addict?

~ Do you think txting is killing off the English language?

R is it jst gr8 4 tkn 2 m8s?
The following source of info is '' How an exam paper littered with grammatical errors scored HIGHER than literate paper?''

* Child A wrote: ''If he wasent doing enthing els heel help his uncle Herry at the funfair during the day. And had stoody at nigh''.

*Child B wrote: ''Quickly, it became apparent that Pip was a fantastic rider: a complete natural. But it was his love of horses that led to a tragic accident. An accident that would change his life forever''.

Source: :* Scandal of the Sats www.dailymail.co.uk

December 12, 2009 at 10:31am

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by Jalaluddin Rumi,
translated by Coleman Barks

To be beautiful is to express joyful gratitude for all that we receive.

He who can quicken the feeling of another to joy or to gratitude, by that much he adds to his own life.

Shak?r (In Arabic, one of the 99 beautiful names of God) denotes appreciation, gratitude or praise for some particular favor.

Respect, gratitude, sincerity, faithfulness, patience, endurance, all these qualities begin to show in the character of that man.

If you do not yet feel that wondrous Divine Presence deep within, then (for the time being) simply strive to allow your life to be centered around great ideals such as loving-kindness, generosity, compassion, gratitude, and joyfulness. Whenever anything else arises, calmly observe whatever has arisen without undue reaction, and return as quickly as possible to embodying those great ideals such as loving-kindness, generosity, compassion, gratitude and joyfulness.

In this simple manner, one can gradually begin to reprogram the sub-conscious mind, and thereby more fully live in harmony with the Divine Presence.

In the face of all the changes which are inevitable, we should take time to notice, and be thankful for, everything in our life which is pleasing and comforting.

Oh, such splendid gifts we are given, and so often we take them for granted, taking little or no notice. To have eyesight, to have arms or legs, to have a friend...
These too shall pass, so take time to rejoice for all that we are privileged to enjoy in the present moment. In some other moment, all of this will be gone. Celebrate, sing your song, dance your dance, and take time in each present moment to offer sincere thoughts of reverence, awe, and gratefulness.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

November 29, 2009 at 7:47am

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British Politician, Author and Talkshow Host noted for his socialist views, confrontational style and rhetorical skill.

He has been a Member of Parliament (MP) and currently represents Respect for the Bethnal Green and Bow constituency which is an area where reside a large South Asian community.

From the following link find all his topics www.guardian.co.uk

January 24, 2009 at 7:37am

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Article written by Mukhtar A. Khan, Islam Online Correspondent

January 21, 2009 at 4:03am

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