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CARER'S Corner 

R U carer/support person of eldery, young - who are physically/mentally ailing OR been/in a trying illness beit physical/psychological ..? Do u really care about people Then read on.... The Carer is the Unsung hero or heroine.....and in most cases unrecognised or acknowledged . Carers come in all shapes, sizes, ages etc,..who care for one or many, addressing physical and/or mental issues ......caring for the young, elderly, the handicapped, etc etc
Carers are also those without whom the pressure on care homes/services would be increased phenomenally, never mind the monetary /budgetary impact on governments etc..
This vilage is aimed as a respite corner /a sanctuary / 'time out' area...to provide opportunity to share or just chill and relax, unwind , learn /gather hints and tips, a support network , privacy and anonymity is respected ....
it can also be where the Carer has a Voice...beit stress relief, beit voicing frustrations against the environment (internal or external), or just needing a bit diversion
many carer's have gathered a wealth of information, which can help others who find themselves caught up in the minefield of what is out there , is there anyone else, what can i do, how do i deal with x, y , z....what now...
Bottom line...know this...You are not alone...we all need a corner, there is no right or wrong as each case/scenario is different/unique...but this village is support for the CARER(S) - it is up to each individual to shape/develop this village...NOTE, disrespect, any abuse or insult will not be tolerated.
If interest is not shown in this village i will remove it......
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