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Last Names Indicating Descent

Indication of descent

Sayyids are Arabs, and Sayyids in Asia are of Arab origin. The Sayyids are a branch of the tribe of Banu Hashim, a clan from the tribe of Quraish, which traces its lineage to Adnan, whose lineage traces back to the Prophet Ismael the son of the Prophet Ibrahim or Abraham.

Some Muslims also use the term Sayyid for the descendants of Abu Talib, uncle of Muhammad, by his other sons: Jafar, , Aqeel and Talib. Sayyids often include the following titles in their names to indicate the figure from whom they trace their descent. If they are descended from more than one notable ancestor or Shi'a Imam, they will use the title of the ancestor from whom they are most directly descended.

Ancestor Arabic Title Arabic Last Name Persian Last Name Urdu Last Name
Ali ibn Abu Talib Alawi Alawi Alavi علوى Alavi علوی
Hasan ibn Ali al-Hashimi or al-Hassani al-Hashimi or al-Hassani Hashemiحسنى Hassani or Hasani حسنی
Husayn ibn Ali al-Hussaini al-Hussaini1 Husseini حسینى Hussaini or Husaini حسینی
Zayn al Abidin al-Abidi al-Abidi Abedi عابدى Abidi or Abdi عابدی
Zayd ibn Ali ash-Shahid az-Zaidi al-Zaidi Zaidi زیدی Zaidi زیدی
Muhammad al-Baqir al-Baqiri al-Baqiri Baqeri باقرى Baqri باقری
Jafar as-Sadiq al-Ja'fari al-Ja'fari Jafari جعفرى Jafri, Jafry or Jaffery جعفری
Musa al-Kadhim al-Mousawi al-Mousawi or al-Kadhimi Moosavi or Kazemi موسوى / کاظمى Kazmi کاظمی
Ali ar-Rida ar-Radawi al-Ridawi or al-Radawi Razavi or Rezavi رضوى Rizvi or Rizavi رضوی
Muhammad at-Taqi at-Taqawi al-Taqawi Taqawi تقوى Taqvi تقوی
Ali al-Hadi an-Naqawi al-Naqawi Naqawi نقوى Naqvi نقوی or Bukhari بخاری
Jilani Al-Jilani Jilani or Kilani Gilani Gilani

Taken from wiki: en.wikipedia.org

Please mention any that are left off this list so they may be added

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Login to find out (January 26, 2018 at 7:29pm)
Some Sayyids also claim to be "Najeeb Al Tarfayn", meaning "Noble on both sides", which indicates that both of their parents are Sayyid. But in actuality this term is applied only to those Sayyids who have both Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain in their ancestry. These Sayyids, especially in the Arab world, would keep the prefix of Sayyid Alshareef or Shareefayn, or Sayyidayn or Sheikh Assayyid before their names, followed by their father's and grandfather's names and then the clan's and tribe's names followed by AlHasani bil Hussaini or Al Hussaini bil Hasani, depending on which Imam is patrilineal or matrilineal. Many feel proud to attach Al Hashmi bil Quraishi at the end as well. Many Sayyids, especially in South Asia and Shia Sayyids, think that only the progeny of both Sayyid parents are called Najeeb Al Tarfayn, but this idea may be attributed to a lack of knowledge in Arabic language and Genealogy. The importance of this concept of Najeeb AlTarfayn has its source in the Hadeeth of Muhammad wherein he stated that the Mahdi, or "The Hidden One", would be Najeeb AlTarfayn from his lineage. Hence, Shia and Sunni Sayyids have different interpretations of this concept. However, the descendants of many Sufi Saints such as Abdul-Qadir Gilani, Bande Nawaz, and Moinuddin Chishti claim themselves as Najeeb AlTarfayn although this fact is disputed. In the Arab world Najeeb AlTarfayn Saadah would keep two white-colored daggers as opposed to just one by other Sayyids to demarcate their superiority amongst them. Hence their International coat of arms also shows two daggers.
Login to find out (September 17, 2011 at 2:55am)
I was surprised to learn that the last name Hashmi refers to children from Hazrat Imam Hassan RA