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looks like pitchfork is trying to make up

i guess they feel bad about being stupid and trashing travis's record. after all the bad press THEY got for trashing it, they are realizing how uncool it was and are trying to make it up for us. heheheheeee. here's the news entry. from a few weeks ago (3/22), i missed it, since i don't pay attention to bitchfork, someone told me about it today:

Travis Morrison Plays the East Coast

Joel Ebner reports:
Ok, there's no easy way to get around the subject, so let's just hang all the dirty laundry out to dry, shall we? Late last year, Travis Morrison released his first solo album. An album that some might call disappointing. So disappointing, in fact, that Pitchfork gave Travistan a rating of 0.0. Zero-point-zero. The numerical distinction given to something devoid of value. A little harsh? Certainly, but even with the lowest score possible on his permanent record, he's still averaging just under a 7.0, meaning that he's got some great albums under his belt, as well.

Which brings us to the ass-kissing counterpoint: It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that Travis Morrison is kind of a genius, having fronted the Dismemberment Plan, one of the most spectacular and original bands of the past decade. And he's the ultimate in showmanship, inspiring manic, involuntary ass-shaking while waxing poetic on the pitfalls of urban twentysomething existentialism. So, naturally it's exciting to hear that he's got some shows lined up in 2005. For now, he's only doing East Coast spots, but according to his website, a wider tour is on the way. He's also writing some new songs, two of which he's described as, "R. Kelly crossed with the Thermals," and, "The Hold Steady meets Devo." In other words, it's probably going to sound a lot like Uncle T.

Finally, the bad business is behind us. Now we can, as Morrison puts it in Travistan's criminally overlooked secret song, "move on to better times." Now let's go see some shows, yeah:

03-25 Fredricksburg, VA - The Loft (w/ Pash & Bellafea)
03-26 Norfolk, VA - Relative Theory Records (w/ Morning Theft)
04-01 Harrisonburg, VA - MACRoCk 2005
04-02 Richmond, VA - Nanci Raygun (w/ Mercury Program & Now Sleepyhead)
04-07 Morgantown, WV - Rosewood Theatre
04-29 Baltimore, MD - Talking Head
05-05 Philadelphia, PA - The Khyber

* Pitchfork Review: Travis Morrison: Travistan
* Travis Morrison: www.travismorrison.com
* Barsuk: www.barsuk.com

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Login to find out (May 25, 2005 at 2:25pm)
here they go again, this time the rest of the band gets a mention, check it: pitchforkmedia.com
Login to find out (April 12, 2005 at 4:08pm)
well we fired kristen thats about it. everyone else is the same, we were thinking about a new keyboard girl/singer, but now don't feel it neccesary
Login to find out (April 12, 2005 at 8:22am)
oh yeah, that was a fun show, one of the best with the old line-up. but i must say, the new lineup is 10 times better, can't wait until people see us now. too bad we are having a tough time recovering from the press.
Login to find out (April 11, 2005 at 1:35pm)
saadat, i must say before i saw u guys place in manhattan i had read the pitchfork review of travistan. i was shocked at the low score, but also afraid of what awaited me at the live show. fortunately it ended up aszs-loads of fun and again confirmed whatever suspicion i had for pitchfork.