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Roseville Librarian

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

(Minneapolis, MN - March 20, 2006) A prominent national & Minnesota based Islamic civil rights and advocacy group today called upon Roseville Area High School and Roseville Area School District to repudiate recent Islamophibic remarks by school librarian Gregory Martinson, who claimed last Thursday that the Quran "encourages terrorism," and therefore belonged in the trash.

The Muslim American Society - Freedom Foundation (MAS-FF) was notified of an incident involving a 9th Grade Muslim student at Roseville Area High School.

The student reported to MAS-FF that a librarian was invited as a guest speaker to speak to an English class about censorship on Thursday, March 16th. During his presentation, the librarian explained to students that some books do not belong at home or in the school library and that these books "belonged in the trash". He brought a total of 13 publications to the class presentation. A ceremonial trash can was present in the classroom which had colored paper cut-outs of fire. He held up each book in turn, described what he thought was wrong with them and why they needed to be banned. Then he proceeded to throw each book into the trash can, saying "this book belongs in the trash" or "this book should be banned". One of the publications that the librarian decided belonged in the trash and should be burned and banned is the Qur'an, the Holy Book of the Muslim faith. The librarian continued to explain that the Qur'an is a book that encourages "terrorism," advocates "violence" and therefore belonged in the trash. During this entire presentation, a teacher was present in the room and made no efforts to intervene or discourage the disparaging remarks made by the librarian. As part of the presentation, students were given an assignment where they were asked to discuss why each book should be banned.

The Legal Department at MAS-FF has issued a letter formally requesting that all presentations of this nature to be immediately withdrawn from the curriculum. Further, MAS-FF has requested a written and public letter of apology from all responsible parties to be issued to students, parents and staff. MAS-FF will be arranging a conference with the Roseville Public School District to discuss any other actions that may need to be explored and how to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future.


For Further Information / Press Inquiries:
MAS Freedom Foundation
4100 East 66th Street
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
Hassan Mohamud (612) 242-3273
Murad Mohammad (651) 731-9277

MAS-FF asks that all concerned citizens to contact the principal Connie Nicholson at Roseville Area High School at 651-635-1663 connie.nicholson@isd623.org. RESPECTFULLY and PATIENTLY express your disappointment at the actions of the librarian and school teacher. Following is an example of what should be said. Please remember to speak CLEARLY, SLOWLY, and most importantly, RESPECTFULLY to the staff that takes your phone call.


Hello, my name is _______________ and I am calling in regards to the book trashing incident and offensive comments at Roseville Area High School involving the Muslim Holy Book, the Quran. I am calling as a concerned Muslim and community member to share the message of peace and tolerance found in Islam.

The actions of the librarian and teacher were highly offensive to all students and disrespectful of the beliefs of Muslim people in America. The purpose of this call is to let Roseville Area High School know that such actions are not appropriate and do not promote an atmosphere of tolerance and peace.

I wish to respectfully ask for a sincere apology from the school, librarian, and teacher to all students, parents and staff. It is my hope that we can all learn from this incident and create a respectful and tolerant learning atmosphere at Roseville Area High School. Thank You.

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