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schizoaffective disorder

I've been in and out of hospitals for the past ten years. Recently, my doctor, who is profound, has allowed me to change from lithium to depakote. The depakote was changed to 500mg at night and 1000mg in the morning. This was done after I was worried about the "pressure" I was experiencing in my head. Later, I found out this is more related to tension. I entered the hospital again for pain in my head. I believe this was what is termed "psychological pain." Yes or no, it feels sort of like phantom physical pain. This was depression, Although I still have depression here and there, the antidepressant, Effexor, helps. I can think clearer and feel more of my emotional self, to realize my potential within. Right now I am in a transitional house before going back to my apartment. I have been through a lot with schizoaffective disorder in the last few months of moving back to Missouri. Insha'Allah I will recouperate and be back on my feet in a couple of months.

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