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Lets Submit (national and International) news and then Talk about it.
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Not sure if you guys have heard of this yet, but felt the need to post it just in case. A UCLA student on Nov 14th was tasered atleast 4 times for not showing a student I.D. while he was at university library. Another kid there had a camera phone and taped the whole thing. You can hear the guy, after getting tasered the first time, screaming that he was sick, but the cops kept telling him to get up... and people around kept telling them to stop!! It will make you sooo mad!! Anyway here is the link if you are willing to watch

oh he is Iranian by the way...

November 17, 2006 at 9:40pm

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The Citizen! - Newsletter of the Helpline Trust - JUSTICE INJUSTICE

email: trust@super.net.pk -
web site: helplinetrust.org.pk HELP US CHANGE THE SCALE

Thursday 13 th April 06.

57 dead in Karachi 'suicide' bombing
* Top Sunni Tehreek leadership wiped out, funerals on Thursday
* Hundreds injured g Blast took place during Maghrib prayers
* Bomb stuffed with ball bearings to cause maximum casualties
* Police teargas protesters after cars, petrol station torched
* Three investigation teams formed
* One suicide bomber suspected, head found

Strike called by religious groups paralyses Karachi

Sunni Tehreek gives 48-hour ultimatum

Cry, beloved city ... By Sarfaraz Ahmed

The city, which was still reeling from the shock of the deaths of 29 women and children in the worst stampede in its history on Sunday, had to suffer yet another tragedy two days later, one far greater in magnitude and character than the former. A suspected bomb blast killed 57 people.

Dear Concerned Citizens:

Regarding the law and order situation in Pakistan, an on-line petition is now available to be signed addressed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Your e-mail address will remain confidential. It is being used for verification purpose only and to also make sure that the petition is not abused or misused. Once you sign the petition you will receive an automatic reply on your e-mail. Simply click on the URL you receive and that way your e-mail would be verified.
Kindly go to the following URL and sign the petition.

We thank you for your participation and support.
Please forward this e-mail to all your friends and people on your mailing list.

April 25, 2006 at 4:31am

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Since the Need is the Mother of all invention, and inspirations play alot of role in it, i thought about making this Village Entry where Villagers might share their favourite Link, Define what it is and maybe even THINK and discuss it if they want. Its like sharing Knowledge for the Ease of Comfort(homework we are stuck on maybe or the IDEA we might be Stuck on like idea of sense of humour etc) of the many :)
I am trying to Revive some dead Writing Related Villages, Indirectly Establishing Connections,One there is Life in them , people will start coming

( :) You can Visit The Given Websites Individually with Any Browser but for Plugins Need To Have FireFox Browser)

Rhyming Dictionary www.rhymezone.com (Firefox plugins Available at mycroft.mozdev.org submitform=Search )

Writing Tools owl.english.purdue.edu

Critical Thinking www.austhink.org

Psycology's Village's Contribution: The Humour Study www.tbshumorstudy.com

Contribution Of ChangetheWorld Village voo2do.com

Shows List of File Task Manager that are Useful or Useless and their purpose,so you can get rid of the useless file in whatever way you know www.neuber.com

Writers's Village Contribution: ONLINE Word-Processor www2.writely.com

English Dictionary with Audible American Pronunciation www.m-w.com (Firefox plugins Available at mycroft.mozdev.org submitform=Search )

English Dictionary with Audible British Pronunciation www.allwords.com (Firefox Plugin Available at mycroft.mozdev.org submitform=Search )

MetaSearch-Dictionary, The One Which Search the word in many online dictionary at the same time www.onelook.com (Firefox Plugins Available At mycroft.mozdev.org submitform=Search )

Mostly a two-way Bilingual Dictionary for many Latin based languages, like English, French, Portugese,Spanish & Italian www.wordreference.com (Firefox plugins Available mycroft.mozdev.org submitform=Search )
Contribution of Book's Village Free Encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org (Firefox plugins Available at mycroft.mozdev.org )

Thinkville's Contribution;The Guardian Newspaper's Blog Site commentisfree.guardian.co.uk

Books's Village's Contribution Website On Different Beliefs www.beliefnet.com

The_Beehive Contribution micro.magnet.fsu.edu

Thinkville's Contribution www.lindapaul.com Psychology Village's www.photoforum.ru

Psychology Village's Contribution: Personality Tests
1 www.mef.to 2 www.librarysupportstaff.com 3 www.humanmetrics.com

Firefox an open source Internet browser assumed to be faster than Microsoft Internet Explorer , the good part about it is that you dont have to Mess Up your computer byInstalling different toolbars from different Search Engines or waste your time typing the name of the website thinking whether the typed name is right or wrong,its has Integrated and Integrating plugins (Plugins mycroft.mozdev.org ) available for it www.mozilla.com , this browser is good for research work

MetaSearch Engine, The One which Brings Results From Many Popular Searh Engine At The Same Time, Saving you trouble of going to each Search Engine Individually www.dogpile.com (Firefox plugins Available at mycroft.mozdev.org/download.html?name=dogpile.com& submitform=Search )

Feel Free To Submit your Links Here, I Might Post It here In the Journal Entry

Regardless of Whoever you are Please make Dua for the person who made this journal for your convinience, for the Purity of Intentions,his humbleness(so he can relate to everybody),accuracy of focus,protection(of his deeds too) and his success
Knowledge Is Like Fire,Spread it Around So There Is More Than One(You) Intelectual in This World

Ok I think one Thing I would say,we should try our best not to post Links Related to Religion because its a Controvertial Issue; Sectarian stuff,Different "Brands" of Islam etc, not that i am pointing fingers at anybody but this just came up in my mind to avoid conflict among people in Villages Or Villagers

April 18, 2006 at 8:48pm

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