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Villages in Recreation & Sports help
Naseeb Villages are communities created by users that serve as platforms for like minded individuals to interact with each other. Create your own village and invite friends or join existing villages to make new connections.

Desi Tennis DMV

As the name says, Its all about tennis, I play league tennis and am brand new to the DMV area looking to meet local desi people and form friendships over this great sport.


All hail the greatest soccer team in the English Premier League


This group is for Enid Blyton lovers...who grew up reading her.... and basically wrote for kids of all ages, from 6 year olds all the way to just before one would read Hardy...


Well this village accepts people with big heart and pure entertainment lovers. No entry for people with attitudes and bad manners.


This a site for Michigan football fans to commiserate and celebrate during the Michigan football season


This is a private village. Please join this village to view content.


For fans and practitioners of Mixed Martial Arts. Finally a village for fans of UFC, ELite XC, Bodog, and other MMA organizations.


Due to the owner of Freebies village leaving Naseeb, we've lost 'Freebies' village. I've renamed this village with 'UK Freebies' as most of the ones posted pertained to...


This is a private village. Please join this village to view content.


This villiage is for those of you who have known what its like to jump out of a plain, and also for those of you who need some inspiration.


If you would like to share ideas and photos about biggest and most famous football (soccer) club in Turkey.Why are u waiting?Please come in.


It's a never ending autumn in this Village! This Village is for anyone who is fortunate to live in the part of the world where they can witness the natural beauty of the autumn...


This is a private village. Please join this village to view content.


For all who love Deeeeeeeeeetroit Basketball!!


I hate to lose more than most. I have the will to win EVERY time!" - Morten Frost (my role model in badminton)

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