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All humans are born with simply three God given instincts that lead to environmentally or socially acceptable actions in response to those instincts. Those are, 1) to protect ourselves, i.e. from danger or the environment; 2) hunger; and 3) sex drive. All other behavior, likes, dislikes, traditions, customs, taste buds development, appearance, etc. is taught to humans by the culture of the society/environment they are born into. As we mature, our exteranal and internal make-up is a strong reflection of the society that we identify ourselves with. At some point in that maturity process, we begin to express opinions of acceptance or unacceptance towards behavior and actions of humans that portray teachings of a society different than ours. We feel very comfortable in labeling actions of others, even of those within sub-societies of our own, as Right or Wrong. Who is really right? And who is really wrong?
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